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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Ah what a satisfying victory. Nothing like snatching it from the jaws of defeat. Finally we get a close game. And for all of you cougar fans whining about the fumble call, take another look, the ball is clearly moving before his knee hits the ground. Boom. Is it too early to start the 2 out of 3 smack? Or the Burton is still coming? I figure we need something just as stupid to replace BYU's idiotic smack from last year. GO UTES!!!

Mesa, AZ

Kirk Herbstreit was right, BYU has exposed Utah as the fraud they are.

Enid, OK

Article quote: "Ultimately, the Utes capitalized on a pair of enormous breaks to win a game they trailed virtually from start to finish."

And that, my friends, sums it up nicely.

The Utes, that once mighty and vaunted team with a #6 ranking, had to have LUCK on it's side to beat a team that was once 1-4.

And ya'll think you're good?


You guys got lucky and you know it.

See you next year!


Folsom, CA

BYU 16
Utah 10
Refs 7
Great block to finish the game

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Agree, the Bradley fumble was a questionable call, but why don't Y fans mention the horse collar no call and bogus tartgeting call. Poor officiating goes both ways.

By the way, please explain how the Utes were outplayed when the gained more yard and forced more tunovers that BYU.

miracle max
Vernal, utah

The BYU offensive attack will never reach it's potential as long as Coach Anae is calling the shots. Anae has some good qualities as a coach but making pressure packed decisions form the sidelines in the heat of battle is not his strong suit.

I knew Coach Anae back when we attended BYU together. Great guy. Good player. When he came to BYU I was his biggest fan. But I think he has made some terrrible decisions in big games that have seriously damaged BYU's chances to win. He should be coaching the line, not coordinating the offense.

Sterling, VA

Remember last year when Utah's freshman quarterback and Asiataless offense (injured) pushed the great senior, Max Hall, to overtime in Cougartown? The blue finally beat the "rebuilding" Utes. In overtime. At home.

Heaps without question put on the best quarterback performance out there today. And I'm hoping he shows something Hall never did after games--class.

What a great way for Utah to depart the Mountain West--a fantastic win at home against BYU. But how sad that all of this must come to an end. Two great teams and such a marvelous rivalry. It won't generate the same energy and excitement with Red and Blue playing in different conferences.

The pigskin history: Utah wins = 53. BYU wins = 35. Ties--4.

Chicago, IL

Here I was, all ready to eat humble pie and congratulate the feral cats from Provo for outplaying my team.

A come from behind finish for the Utes with a brilliant blocked kick, a tough loss for the feral cats, but instead of outstanding sportsmanship from folks who think of themselves as morally above reproach, I see whining sour grapes about officiating!

Utah spoiled their own season by crumbling to TCU and then to ND, but it is sad to see such arrogance from a 6-6 team who lost in the end to the better team!

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Whew! I was so afraid BYU would have to accept an invitation to the VEGAS BOWL. This year the honor goes to the Utes. My condolences.

Fredericksburg, VA

I am a strong supporter of Bronco. I hope he stays around until he is as old as LaVell. He made a great move by dumping Jaime Hill earlier, and now he needs to make another great move and fire Anae. Anae has no creativity in his play design and play calling. The QB can't make a good fake with a split backfield in shotgun. The defense sees everything coming. Anae is horrible, and it's time for him to go. Are you listening, Bronco? Get an offensive coordinator who can create a good mix of plays that keeps the defense off balance. Design formations that keep the defense guessing. Want some inspiration? Check out Boise State or Oregon. Those teams excel with good, but not necessarily great players because the offense is so well designed and the execution is trained into the players.
Dump Anae!
Dump Anae!
Dump Anae!
Everybody sing along! Dump Anae!

South Jordan, UT

Let's give some thanks to Anae.

Thanks for letting John Beck and Max Hall call the plays when they were here.

Thanks for only almost screwing up Jake Heaps; somehow he got his confidence back during that bye-week.

And thank you in advance for resigning at the end of this season.

P.S. The defense know the down and distance too so you basing your play calling on such is not a good idea. So get back in the press box and call your plays based on the defense's line up. That's how Max and John did it.

One more thing. Fourth and inches with the biggest o-line in the conference and you go with a pass play and not a qb sneak?!!!

COME ON!!!!!!

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

What a bunch of Y-ners. One thing that I definitely won't miss when Utah moves on to the big leagues and BYU remains in the WCC or WAC....is the whiny Y fans that always have to blame a loss on the Refs. Was the fumble a bad call? I'm not so sure....and the majority of the refs obviously saw that it was a fumble...but the bottom line, the Y has the worst fans for overlooking bad calls when it benefits them and blaming a loss on the refs at every opportunity. Have a great future TDS....its been fun.

Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoy the Las Vegas Bowl U!!! It should be the first of many appearances.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


I guess between last week a SDSU, and this week, the Utes ARE living right on and off the field.

Congrats to the Utes for the win today.
A football teams job is not to understand the officiating, just play around it.

I saw a huge improvement in the BYU team between the USU game, and the game today. Kudos to the coaches.
I'm interested to hear if Mike Sorensen thinks Utah won the game, because if only....
Finally, there is not a player in red or blue that should not be proud of their performance today.

I felt it was classy of the Ute coach to keep his player away from Payne after the game. I feel it was classless to booo Wynn at home.

I'm proud of both teams tonight.

Thanks to both teams for a fun season.

I'm excited to see what Heaps, Quezada, Van Noy, Apo, and the rest bring in the next three years.

Thanks to Andrew Rich and the rest of the seniors for taking on the leadership rolls.

Good luck to both teams in their bowl games, and congrats again to the Utes for not giving up.

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Syracuse, UT

What a way to end the season and rivalry! Too bad it will have a big * by it due to the blown fumble call. Just like the SDSU game. The difference is that in this game it happened near the end of the game and really changed the momentum. Besides in the SDSU game there was a "no call" at the same time. I just hate to see such a fun game have so many bad calls and no-calls. This kind of thing just has to be brought up to the league, but it won't because both teams are leaving the conference. Good bye to the MWC for good! You will not be missed, but I will promise you that both Utah and BYU will be missed by the MWC. Thanks for a wonderful partnership to both teams.

Lone Peak High School Fan
Alpine, Utah

face it both teams played awful. And utah got lucky

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Y had calls go their way in the SDSU and WYO games that aided in those wins... didn't hear any complaining about the officiating after those games from Y fans. What gives?

Fort Worth, Texas

@yankee doodle

How was BYU the better team?

Scoreboard: 16 vs 17

Total Yards: 293 vs 296
Passing: 228 vs 207
Running: 65 vs 89

Turnovers: 4 vs 3

Possession: 32:32 vs 27:28

Congrats you really dominated the game by having Heaps run down the clock on every single play.

Worked against SDSU but not Utah. Irony!!

Aurora, CO

Here is the truth with no spin:

Utes 10-2
byu 6-6

Utes 17
byu 16

Utes 296 yards
byu 293

Utes 3 turnovers
byu 4 turnovers

Utes win
byu lose

Utes - Ranked
byu not ranked

Ute fans happy
byu fans whining about officiating...again... just like always

Utes - In PAC 12
byu - independent
good for both cause MWC stinks.

Last conference rivalry won by Utah...who never quit.

Always something
Salt Lake City, Utah

By the way, please explain how the Utes were outplayed when the gained more yard and forced more tunovers that BYU.

Yes, I'd like to know that too! Or how come BYU couldn't stop that incredible catch in the end zone that got us a touchdown. Wow, that couldn't have been the play either that helped the Utes win. Nope, just one ref call that may/may not have been a bad one. Boo hoo.

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