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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Surfers Paradise, AU

Good win Utes. For all the macho-talk, you had to have a blocked FG attempt to secure a 1pt win against a "cupcake". Not to mention a little help from the zebras today. Oh, by the way, the horse-collar was not reviewable...the fumble certainly was, and they blew it. Perhaps a U employee was in the booth.

Utes should be appalled by the lack of offense from Wynn and Cain. I counted only two passes for over 10 yards and they were on blown coverages.

Future certainly looks bright for the Y. The pac-12...i don't know for U.

Sandy, UT

Why do you take the ball out of the most talented guy on your team. End of half and end of game, why do you play for a FG and not give your start qb a chance to throw it down the field.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

My Observations

BYU was the better team.

Referees should be held accountable for affecting the outcome of games.

Jake Heaps IS the better QB.

Utesies will be a bottom dwellers in the Pac-12.

Sterling, VA

How amusing to hear BYU fans focus on the previously ranked #5 team in the country struggling to win at home by one point. I wonder where these insightful, objective Cougs were last year when the great senior Max Hall, going against a freshman Ute quarterback and an offense missing its strongest player (Asiata), needed overtime--at home--to squeak out a win. I don't seem to see any Cougar comments referring back to THAT whisker-thin escape.

Am so happy to see the Utes depart the conference with a win over BYU, but it's sad to see the rivalry as we have known it come to an end. Great wins and losses for both teams over the years. Great glaring gaps in objectivity by Utes and Cougars alike as well, but I guess that what makes fans who we are.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Aggies scored 31 against the y. What's up with that Utes?

Salt Lake City, UT

The all around refereeing was pretty bad. The MWC really needs to look into the quality of their officials. THere was a clear horse-collar that injured Wide that wasn´t called. There was an incomplete pass by Heaps that was called complete and there was a fumble that appeared the BYU player was already down. Overall though, the cougars have no gripe against the officiating in relation to any bias as there was clearly none.

So true! But the utes overcame bad calls and took advantage of calls their way. That's what good teams do. Utah made the plays when they had to. Tds didn't make the plays.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

Hey Chris B
You can have little Wynnie, I'll take St. Heaps any day of the week, month and year over him. Heaps will only get better, while we already know how good Wynnie is. Which is not good.

I guarantee the Utes will be a mediocre team in the Pac-12 and Wynnie will be benched for good when he throws 3 INT's at USC in their Pac-12 opener

Fort Worth, Texas

Zipster | 5:07 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010
Kaysville, UT
Wow. What is instant replay for?


Its for BYU fans to cry when cry when its goes against you but cheer when it goes for you (SDSU).

I guess Magic doesn't happen if you don't live right on and off the field.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Holy cats! Usually the better team wins but not today. Utah proved they are who we thought they were, a mediocre mid-level. BYU's defense is for real. Utah's defense is for real as always. Heaps is bonafide. Looks like there will be several job openings in the MWC next year for football officials, apparently no experience necessary.

Congratulations to Utah on this mark for their record book. Congratulations to BYU for perhaps the biggest midseason turnaround in the country. Hopefully they won't be rewarded with the New Mexico Bowl for being perhaps the 3rd best team in the conference behind TCU and Air Force regardless of what the records reflect.

I hope the fans of both schools showed better sportsmanship and respect than the two Utah players who were so disgraceful in victory today.

The Burton block was a great play. Way to hustle. Congrats to the Utes! Good luck in the PAC.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

To Wwookie: You need to read these posts without your RED colored glasses on. Most posts by BYU fans are complimentary to Utah. Some are complaining about the officials and a few are ridiculous. Please do not judge the ridiculous as the majority here.

Utah wins this one by blocking a 3 pt attempt to preserve their lead. Congrats to them. The game was a great one, a classic that will go down in Utah lore for ages. After all the playing, the best that 11 guys can do against 11 others trying to stop them, Utah wins by one. A great game.

Now, Utah gets to go to the Las Vegas bowl. What? The very bowl that many Ute fans made fun of BYU for going to for several years. Wow, some things that go around and then come back around.

Go Cougars.

Always something
Salt Lake City, Utah

Agree with just a fan. That one fumble, whether you thought it was or not, doesn't mean the Cougars were going to score and it was over for the Utes. As was posted, there were two questionable calls for BYU that they got away with and Utah could have done something with that as well. If it makes you sleep better at night, say it was that one missed call and Utah is horrible, but I'm smiling on the win. Am I impressed by Wynn, no. Something's wrong in that boy's head, but you can't just pick out one play and say that is why the Utes one. That is narrow minded and you didn't see the Utes great defense.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Please stop with the "officials stole the game" mantra. Yes, there were poor calls, but last I checked, it wasn't the officials that blocked the kick.
It wasn't the official who intercepted the ball, and they ran into a group of tacklers and not wrapping up the ball.
It wasn't the officials that dropped passes on critical 2nd downs (Ashworth, Mahina).
It wasn't the officials that went for it on 4th and 1 in the 1st half.

Utah made the plays they needed to make. BYU outplayed the Utes in all parts of the game, except the score. Sometimes that happens. Ie. Boise State last night. Their kicker cost BSU millions in BCS revenue...Payne's kick will cost BYU a trip to the NM bowl, or toilet bowl.

Escondido, CA

I'll re-post my comments made earlier:

Oh, the irony of having many furious BYU fans over the fumble non-call. You same BYU fans were the ones defending the BYU replay booth after the San Diego State fumble non-call that gave the ball back to BYU and allowed your team to hang on to win.

What goes around, comes around!


Utah = 10-2, BYU = 6-6.
Utah leads all-time 54-34.
And most importantly, Utah 17 BYU 16.

Scoreboard, baby!

Sugar City, ID

I didn't watch the game but just read the write-up of it. The even statistics indicate that it was a great game and it was too close to decisively say that one team is the superior team. I earned degrees from both universities so have split loyalty when they play each other. What I don't understand is the bitterness and mocking and griping that goes on from the fans, especially those that contribute their comments here. That's the trouble with sports; it brings out the worst in people.

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Harwich, MA

You all know I love Utah.
They stunk.
BYU imploded.
It was an awful game.
Utah won the game but BYU won 3.5 quarters of it.
I loved the win, but how how it happened.
All things being equal, Utes, Utes, Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Looks like we found out a lot about both teams today. BYU obviously has equal athletes to the Utes and a better QB. Robert Anae needs to go. What was he thinking those first two plays of the final drive? That was blatantly bad play calling. Epic game. Did not think BYU had a chance. They deserved to win. Everyone that watched the game knows an obvious dishonest call by the officials determined the outcome of the game. Oh well, W for the Utes, black eye for the officials.

Always something
Salt Lake City, Utah

So Utah didn't win when the BYU receiver couldn't get out of the way of the ball and it hit him, subsequently let the Utah player got the ball. Yeah, that couldn't be the play that won it for us at all either. No cougs remember those plays. Or the over thrown balls by Heaps, or the play calling by Anai...or...

Utesville, CA

4th-1, UTAH14 10:30 J. Heaps incomplete pass to the left

Bronco tried to deliver the knock-out punch. Instead, he lost 3 points that could have won the game for him.

On a day when Utah struggled badly, BYU still could not win.

A win is a win. Utah won.
A loss is still a loss. And BYU lost.

The good thing is that we don't have to wait 12 months for another game--only 10 months for Utah to kick BYU again.

Go Utes!!!

Mesa, AZ

Utes may have scoreboard, but...

..Bradley's knee is still down!

Tarheel Ute
Colorado Springs, CO

Utahs win left a bad taste in my mouth. Utahs 'Harline is Still Open moment left me flat as Utahs offense. Like Utah in the 2006 classic, BYU lead tonights game, but could not put Utah away. BYUs opportunities and momentum negated by Utahs solid defense. Similar to the 2007 and 2009 game, where BYU benefited from key penalties, tonight Utah was likewise fortunate.

Utah is fortunate to have won any of their last five games, beginning with uneven and unemotional play against Air Force, and ending similarly tonight with flat and unimaginative offense play, only offset by pretty good defensive play spotlighting two special teams breakdowns by BYU.

Since Mendenhall took charge of BYUs defense, BYU has taken a card from Utahs deck, their emotional cues coming from defensive. I did not see much of Utahs speed on either side of the ball, but both teams contained each others passing game and turned a few key turnovers.

Not quite ugly win but certainly forgettable. Lets hope they have a good bowling season; otherwise Utah/BYU in September could have an equally bad taste about it.

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