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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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vancouver, wa

Bye-bye Bronco.

Welcome to the big leagues. If you can't finish the game you are toast!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU's play calling, lack of running backs with speed and better judgement when they do run and midget DB's put BYU in a hole. Heaps did well and will be a good QB in the future. He needs help and a new coach who understands what is needed. Anae's has to be the the easiset coach to read that I have seen in my 60 years of watching football. Even the announcers were commenting on his play calling. Over-all the BYU players did well but need a few players to compliment the QB. The line was in my opinion up to the task both offense and defense. Utah won on BYU's mistakes not by better playing.
I am neutral and watch the game because I enjoy football. I thought Utah would have been up for the game but the offense sub-par. I wish both schools sucess in the future, will be interesting watching them.

Owasso, OK

No comment about officiating, just a comment that Utah is not #20 and no better than BYU - their quarterbacks are horrible.

Layton, Utah

Calls were a little interesting tonight. I was baffled when that bobbled ball caught out of bounds by a BYU receiver was actually ALLOWED after replay. I was positive it would be overturned. Then the fumble was confirmed by review and I was positive THAT would be overturned. Just weird.

But classic game.


Payson, UT

Utah D line was great. THere was very little production from the BYU RBs. That was the positive point for the utes. (QB play was the biggest negative)

A BYU fan complaining about the refereeing that was in their favor all game long and blew only one call that should have gone their way? Noooo, that would never happen!

And calling for Bronco´s firing is in really bad taste. I´m pretty ashamed of the byu fan base. It´s pretty consistent across all the cougar posts on this article.

Again, proof that the Utah fans are the best in the west.

Time to work on Wynn and prep for another bowl victory.

Go Utes! Keep the bowl streak alive!

South Jordan, UT

Two tainted touchdowns by the Utes. Both gifts of the refs. BYU had a couple of calls go their way as well but none we game-changing - just the two that went the Utes way.

Anyway, Peter Lemon, I wonder if any Ute fans who acted like the blown call vs San Diego was the proof of hypocrisy have learned anything about their own hypocrisy tonight. (I'll bet ... no!!)

Anyway, I'm glad BYU's run in the MWC is over. As a conference, they have absolutely the worst officials in the nation in both football and basketball. It will be good to try to hook up with some competent officials who actually know what they're doing.

Santa Monica, CA

Incredibly proud of the Utah players and coaches showing class and sportsmanship following the game. Selinga giving great credit to a great looking frosh qb and no one uttering words of "hate" and talking about having won because they "live the right way." You Utah Seniors are all class and you have represented your school with great pride and a love of your school. Have a GREAT bowl game!!!!

Go Utes!

Cedar Hills, UT

The best team won. BYU had better stats than the U but the U simply hung around and let BYU self destruct. Very undisciplined football from the Y and that is why they are 6-6 and the U is 10-2. Good teams cause fumbles and bad teams stand around clueless and let a punt hit them allowing the other team to recover. Good teams look to slap the ball away and bad teams hold the ball with one hand after an interception. Good teams win with special teams when their offense stalls and bad teams lose games with special teams. All these dumb mistakes pretty much tell the tale of BYU's season in 2010. Does a 6-6 team deserve to go to a bowl game with zero quality wins?? Why reward mediocrity? I say send a message to Bronco and let him watch the bowl season ...maybe then he will see the need to re-evaluate his program.

Unbiased Viewpoint
Draper, UT

Sitting back here I have to laugh at the bad calls go both ways comments. Tonight that was not the case. Look inwardly if you cheer for Utah and you will know that this game was decided with one extremely big call for which Utah scored two plays later. I enjoyed a good football game with two teams that really played conservatively.

Saratoga Springs, UT

coming from a ute fan Byu out played us today. we were lucky. But i will take it. Same, same. defense can't stop the pass. Offense does not know how to do anything. Now we know it's not the QB it's the offense. period.We will get it handed to us in the pac 12 if something does'nt change, And athlete for athlete not much different as far as i could see. Bronko out coached Wit in this one.

Ogden, UT

There are always those few fans that ruin it for everyone. As a BYU fan, I felt it was an awesome game. Both played hard. Just remember, there had to be indisputable evidence on the fumble. You never see an angle where the ball and the knee down in the same shot. That's why it wasn't overturned. Props to the Utes for the win. Good luck in the bowl game. See ya in September in Provo.

Bountiful, UT

Huge BYU fan. Congrats to the Utes....hated to see you get us but what a game it was. No complaints on the fumble either. One play or call does not make a game. This is such a great rivalry. Good Luck to Utes in their bowl and hopefully we'll sneak into one. I will say this, I am excited at the prospect of watching Jake Heaps for the next three years.

Cedar Hills, UT

The fumble that wasn't? I am guessing that the refs saw the ball come out BEFORE the knee was down. Remember, the league office gets film too. The real question was why in the world didn't the Y d-back cover the ball with BOTH hands after intercepting AND smart play on Utah for slapping the ball away. Also, the punt that was recovered by the U was the same thing.. bone headed play by BYU special teams. Standing around not even knowing where the ball is .. is ... well really bone headed. Utah was out played by the Y stats wise but the U played smarter and won the game. The Y is simply an undisciplined team and that all starts and ends with the head coach...and that is why they are 6-6.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

6-6 for both teams next year, book it

Chad S
Derby, KS

The Bradley fumble was a blown call by the replay officials, and BYU should have a legitimate complaint here. Just like SDSU had a legitimate complaint early in the year. It won't change the outcome of the game, but it needs to be addressed.

I would have like to see a play action toward the end, instead of three runs into the middle.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

the yewts didn't win this one.. the officials stole it for them!

Bend, OR

This game showed why Utah is so over-rated. BYU played better in most aspects of the game. Utah might have won, but they did nothing to show they were a good team deserving of a Top 25 ranking or a place in the PAC 12 more than BYU.

Provo, UT

One last comment before I sit back and read the comments.

Bronco did a great job coaching these boys. Can you not see the improvement? The defense was actually pretty good this year in retrospect.

Keep Anae but get a new offensive coordinator. I'll go for that one. But he's a good coach in other ways. BYU fans: get off of Heaps back. He's going to be a very good one, if not a great one! I hope he stays with the Y after all the stupid abuse he's taken from the fans this year. And by the way LaVell had some 6-6 seasons early and late in his career. If BYU fans can't see the improvement and progress they need to get a life.

Let's be honest who would have thought after the Y/Utah State game, this game would be close? Y or U fans alike.

It was a dramatic (not a well played) game, but the breaks went against BYU this year. It's how the ball rolls. Take it in stride Y fans and get off of Bronco's back--he's a good coach.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar fans complaining about a replay. How ironic.

Don't make too many conclusions about that - there was much going on that the on-field ref could see that the replay could not see. Personally, I thought the ball was on its way out when the knee was down (it wasn't completely in his control), leaving me to think that something had happened that you cannot see just previous to that.

But, in the end, I just have one thing to say:


Sylmar, CA

What a way to send of the conference rivalry. I can't gripe about the officiating, there will always be blown calls. I as pleased by the improvement by the cougars over the course of the season. Here's an idea. How about a rematch in the LV Bowl? It looks like the PAC 10 won't have enough bowl eligible teams to fill the other spot. Congrats to the Utes.

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