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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Utah is who we thought they were...overrated. A tremendous amount of fortuitus bounces to get the job done. Should be 4 out of 5 and would be 5 out of 6 after next year.

west jordan, ut

What a thriller, yes the refs blew it but, that's all part of the game so get over it my fellow BYU fans. I said I would congrat the Utes if the won so, congrats on a well fought game. This will be one to be remembered. Ute fans have to believe that BYU is not the same team they were 10 weeks ago. Next year looks very promising, I am glad BYU stuck with the freshman, he gained valuable experience this year. Congrats to the Ute special teams for blocking the field goal. Enjoy the win. Next year will be another nail bitter.

Washington, UT

Brady Hoke has to be laughing himself silly after this one. What goes around comes around. BYU fans look like utter hypocrites by complaining about the officials and replay crew in this game.

Utah's offensive coordinators really need to do some soul searching after this one. With BYU dropping eight, they send Cain in and have him throw seven times? Just unbelieveable. Note to Utah: take what the defense gives you.

Heaps still hasn't demonstrated the greatness Mendenhall talks about, but he did earn my respect today by managing the game well under pressure and putting BYU in a position to win. Really nice job on his part.

the zamboni
Salt Lake City, UT

How can you say the fumble call decided the game? You don't know what would have happened after that point. Heaps could have thrown a pick-six on the very next play if BYU had kept the ball.

There were bad calls both ways. Blaming a games on the refs is just being a whiny poor-sport.

South Weber, UT

Boy the Yners are out in full force tonight.
It's all fine and good when they win through controversy.
Just call it a good game by both teams and let's win both post season bowl games.
Please quit Yning.
The Utah victory is in the books , a loss is in the kitty litter.
Bronco asked for good sportsmanship.. Cougars show some.

Charlotte, North Carolina

A couple of observations:

- complete robbery with the fumble call.
- anae's play calling is terrible - way too predictable - I called run vs. pass correctly before the play 95% of the time
- Jake Heaps is legit - not impressed with Wynn

Murrieta, CA

Way to go Utes. Good things happen when you live right.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I don't recall any BYU fans defending the SDSU call. And my mama always said two wronggs don't make a right!

Corona, CA

If anyone thought that BYU would be that close to winning (well minus a bad replay call they would have) early in the season, you would have called them crazy. BYU should be a good team next year. It's always tough to lose, especially at the hands of the officials and not really the Utes, but this feels like more of a win than a loss considering how far they've come. Everyone knows it wasn't really a fumble.

Also, true to form, Ute player goes up and shoves the kicker after the blocked kick. Nice. Maybe the Ute players can go find some lollipops to steal from little kids on their way home. Typical.

Wally West
Port of Spain, T & T

re: Cali Coug | 5:11 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010

Wow. This non-congratulations congratulations post reminds me of the non-apology apology we get from Limbaugh, G Beck, or a GOP politican when they whiff it.

To you Cali; I offer would like to remind you of what Nelson Muntz's (Simpsons) catch phrase is.

To the rest of the BYU fans, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe Anae's play calling? But, its still 1,000,000 times better than anything from Dan Henning.

Peter Lemon
Providence, UT

I wonder if any BYU who acted like the blown call vs San Diego was no big deal have learned any empathy.

Santa Monica, CA

The REFS took this one away from the Coogs.
No no--my friends. Brandon Burton took it away. Never forget that.

Phoenix, Arizona

The final score proves that BYU had to play the perfect game to win and Utah could play a horrible game and still win.

The rivalry will never be the same and that is sad but time for the Utes to move on to the PAC 12. Good luck to BYU as an independent in the coming years.

Also, it was about time Utah got a break in a close game against BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

BYU clearly outplayed Utah but mental mistakes (dropped passes, stupid turnovers) and poor playcalling (passing up on an easy field goal) cost them.

Anae seemed too content to put the game on the shoulders of his field goal kicker and the defense. With a good OC Heaps could really flourish.

Then there was the game deciding call by the replay officials. . . .
I can't help but think it was compensatory for the SDSU game.

San Francisco, CA

Utah played terribly. Hats off to Heaps for a good game. Bronco lost the game when he went for it on 4th and 1. Should have kicked a field goal. I agree that the refs made a terrible call. I hate to win like that.

Sad to see the MWC rivalry end, I hope BYU can keep the program strong while independent, as the Utes will be getting much better talent in the years to come...

Gotta love the original BCS busters.. Go Utes!

Provo, UT

The ironies:

Well, sort of a repeat of last year, the losing team's younger quarterback outplays the winning team's quarterback who is bailed out by some big and lucky plays and fortunate calls.

Great end to this rivalry (in league play). Now the game moves to warmer climes and insignificant in respect to the standings.

Utah moves on the Vegas Bowl, the very bowl their fans like to make fun of the Cougars for being regular guests at, perhaps they might get lucky and maybe Boise State or Nevada since the PAC-12 can't find enough bowl eligible teams. Or maybe they get Oregon State or Arizona (deep breath now to control the excitement).

The Cougs maybe get the Armed Services Bowl or perhaps they get to visit Albuquerque on last time on the grid iron in the festive New Mexico Bowl.

Salt Lake city, UT

obviously a questionable call on the fumble, but i disagree that byu outplayed the utes all game. offensively, utah didn't wake up until the 4th quarter, but the defense tightened up when they needed to and made great redzone stops that otherwise really would have let the cougars run wild.

as for the fumble: when the call went the other way earlier in the year for byu against sdsu i came to byu's defense against all the whining because sdsu had the chances to win and couldn't capitalize. a missed 4th down and 4 turnovers lost the game for the cougars not a blown call.

all season long i've hated on heaps but now i'll admit that he was the coolest guy on the field today. he played better than wynn/mccain and he deserved that final drive.

as much as i hate how often this game comes down to the wire it just really shows the nation how competitive this rivalry really is. you broke our hearts on the final play last year and this year we return the favor.

great game. (and an overall classy one too)


Santa Monica, CA

GREAT game! This rivalry will kill you if you have a weak heart. Even when it was looking sloppy, both teams gave it every bit of heart and nerve they had and treated us all to a classic. That's what this one was---a flat out CLASSIC. Every player on both side should be proud to have been a part of this one. Good luck to both in their bowl games and I'm betting it'll be just as nasty next September.

Go Utes!!!!

  • 5:36 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010
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Federal Way, WA

Utah was bound to win a game where the "breaks" finally went their way. Congratulations to them.
I am glad that the blown fumble call didnt directly lose the game for BYU. They played past it and had an excellent chance to win the game.

I was impressed with how BYU played and how Bronco has coached this team back from the brink. BYU really outplayed Utah all day long and Heaps brought them back to be in position to win the game. There are a lot of positives about this game. That is not as good as a win but its not like Hall getting picked off 5 times to get blown out.

It doenst change the bowl game arrangment so bragging rights were the only thing that was lost. Even Utah knows they were outplayed all day.

Kearns, UT

Personally, the real difference was the call for BYU to go for it on 4th down early in the first half. They should have gone for the field goal at that point and secured the win. Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

  • 5:36 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010
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