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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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North Ogden, Utah

@Kyle loves BYU/Jazz - It's never a good idea to judge a group based on the actions of an individual because you will find that there are individuals on both sides that are equally as ridiculous.

Escondido, CA

Oh, the irony of having many furious BYU fans over the fumble non-call. You same BYU fans were the ones defending the BYU replay booth after the San Diego State fumble non-call that gave the ball back to BYU and allowed your team to hang on to win.

What goes around, comes around!

Fort Worth, Texas

NOW we know. Utah is 1 point better than BYU this year.


Not really.

As of today:

#20 Utah 10-2
BYU 6-6

I see a major difference. BYU still hasn't beat a team with 4+ wins on the road this year.

Sherwood, OR

The game was NOT won by the officials. The game was LOST when Bronco went for 4th and 1 instead of kicking a field goal earlier in the game. That decision came back to be the deciding play of the game. Bad call.

Watch during the next ten years--Bronco will never make that call again. Coaches have to do a couple of Croughtons before they truly know how to make all the calls.

Congrats UTAH from a BYU fan. You did everything right.

salt lake city, UT

I love how we all think we saw the game but our comments show we really didn't....lol. It was a good, not great, game and an awesome show by both defenses. Congrats to both Utah and BYU.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Bummer...at the hospital all day, ran out to check the score and saw we lost by 1 on the last play of the game. Congratulations to the Yewts.

It is still great to be a Cougar and it is always better to be dead than red.

Michael Drew
Austin, TX

@RobSing, Right of course you wouldn't have jumped on the badwagon against BYU during the San Deigo issue right? Yeah, the Utes special team blocked the field goal, good for them. It shouldn't have had to come to that except for the terrible call of the officials.


North Salt Lake, UT

That was a great game. I hope the best for both teams in the future. The call over the interception and resulting fumble was very suspect but there was another call that went to replay on a catch by BYU that was suspect too.
This won't be the last of the bad calls either.
The game is over, congrats to both teams for a great game and season.

Herriman, UT

Congrats to my Ute friends. This is on Y fan that won't whine about refs. BYU just had to not screw up and let the D win it...but after 4-5 terrible mistakes by players and coaches, they left it to chance. And this time, fate smiled on Utah.

Felt like the Crowton choke job against Boise a few heras back. Thought we learned our lesson....sigh.

john h
Orem, UT

Why didn't Anae let Heaps throw it just one more time downfield before the field goal?

Pleasant Grove, Utah

The difference between this game and the SDSU game was that the integrity of the people making the call in the booth at the SDSU game, while this was apparently a bad call. It doesn't appear that the SDSU game was cheating but it looks bad, calling that call cheating is obvious hyperbole on the part of a blinded fan.

There are bad calls in every game its about how a team recovers from bad breaks that define them as a team.

Ann Arbor, MI

Al you tds fans, please stop with the officiating. You were given two games this year.

Also, Kwhitt needs to look at his coaching staff and roster. Do you have a legit BCS OC and QB? If not you make a play at Chow and sell the QB position as OPEN!

arizona ute
Laveen, AZ

Karma baby, BTW it was the same cougar replay official in the booth today from the SDSU game. (just kidding) Cougars have had calls go their way in the past. Time says that all things even out. Must have been Utahs turn. Great rivalry, won't be the same next year. Go Utes and Go Cougs.

Mcallen, TX


Fort Worth, TX

Agree with everyone's comments on the refs!!! Yes they messed up, perhaps the largest mistake of the season.

But please, BYU don't send any tacky letters, calls go both ways, (and Utah don't cite SDSU) if you watched the replay you know that a penalty should have off set that.

Congrats Utes on a very hard fought win! Sure wish we would have picked up the blocker, then the poor calling would not have mattered at all, but no it will be the big talk, even though there were great players playing their hearts out for 60 mins!

Go COugs, Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Brandon Burton is still coming...

Lehi, UT

Only 294 days until the rematch!! GO COUGS!!

Iowa City, IA

Another classic rivalry match-up! Endings like these are what make the BYU/Utah rivalry one of the greatest in the nation.

That said, not a single Ute fan that I have spoken with yet has felt good about the win. They have recognized that their team only won because they got away with a bad call. Kudos to them for their class.

Now the Utes can enjoy the fruits of their season when they play in the Vegas bowl which, contrary to what many Utah fans have said over the past several years, is a quality post-season opportunity.

Layton, UT

There are bad calls in every game. I am a big Cougar fan but that is the way it goes. We were up 13-0 and let the game get away, we have no one to blame but ourselves. 4th and 1 was stupid and Utes capitalized. Good job Utes! Good luck in the PAC 12 I think you are going to do better than alot of people are giving you credit.


Wow! This whole comment section is complaining about officiating.. Lets add in the horse collar, the non-existent helmet to helmet call where the Ute was leading with his hands and the bobble catch out of bounds... We can't forget all of those calls either.

Game Over! Two words: MAGIC HAPPENS!

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