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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Bleeding Blue
Salt Lake City, UT

This game was stolen. Horrible call on the fumble. Enjoy the tainted victory.

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

todays score\

Replay ref --1
BYU ---------0

Utes were a no show!

Santaquin, UT

Bryan1010.....Your guys made the plays that we didn't. We had a chance to win it and forgot that we needed to block for the kicker. To bad the officials will be the talk instead of the game itself. Good game and what a way to end the rivalry as it is. Hope it doesn't lose to much next year.

Salt Lake City, UT

The officiating was quite poor in both directions (I'm a Ute student who will admit that the pick-fumble call was wrong). For instance that hitting the head penalty was a Ute leading with his hands, Wide got horsecollared with no call, a BYU receiver bobbles the ball even after being down out of bounds and it's not overturned.

BYU... is definitely a good team now (the rebuilding is basically done, they had their half a season of adjustment and are back in business) and since they're young, they're going to be a darn good team the next few years.

Providence, UT

It was so sweet to hear Gregg Wrubell call that game! "No!!!!"

Great game BYU. You deserved it but Utah made a great play at the end.

Ann Arbor, MI


Need to come up with a slogan that haunts the tds faithful for a full year. How about "Burtons still unblocked!!!"

As a Utah fan I'm not happy. Yes we beat a lame "nich" school down south but KWhitt and staff are really going to need to step up their game. We just slipped by a cupcake team at home..... not good.

Note to Whitt... recruite a legit D1 QB!!!!

South Weber, UT

Yep it's just too bad there wasn't your man in the booth.
It is what it is.
Could Andrew riches horse collar come into play ?
A win is a win.. kinda like that excessive celebration penalty against Washington.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Great game and drama till the end. BYU loses this one by not hitting the field goal. Just like Boise State did last night by missing twice.

Wrubell on the radio clearly said the fumble was down, I would really like to watch the replay. But, officiating is part of the game, some go your way and some do not.

Congrats to the Utes. Tears for the Cougars. Great game anyway.

Now lets make the Cougar faithful proud in the inconsequential bowl.

Lone Peak High School Fan
Alpine, Utah

utah should consider themselves lucky.... They did not play like #20 today that's for sure. Byu played better ball. Was that really D1 game? ......... Don't think so

Lehi, UT

Well, after watching today's game it is clear who the better overall team is. BYU outperformed Utah in all aspects of the game. HOwever they were unable to finish on drives. Anai just couldn't call the right plays to get into the endzone.

Regarding the horrible call by the refs, maybe its karma? Oh well. Great game, clearly BYU is the better team.

Great things to come for BYU!! If I were a UTah fan, I would be very concerned, you are losing Asiata, and your QBs are horrible.

Minneapolis, MN

GO UTES!!!!!!! quit crying about calls koog fans! cry about the field goal blocking team for allowing burton through!!!

Springville, UT

Top 5 team a few weeks ago and needs a game-changing blatantly missed call to pull of a ONE POINT win...and AT HOME...to a sub .500 team???

Wow. If that is "regrouping" then good luck with that

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

All I can say Mitch, I feel your Payne. Just move on and you will be fine in the post game.

Payson, UT

That was another great game in this rivalry. Glad that this game will still be played in the near future, even if the moves to PAC and Indepence will dampen a lot of the excitement.

Heaps is going to be a great QB. He played great when the pressure was the greatest on that last drive.

The all around refereeing was pretty bad. The MWC really needs to look into the quality of their officials. THere was a clear horse-collar that injured Wide that wasn´t called. There was an incomplete pass by Heaps that was called complete and there was a fumble that appeared the BYU player was already down. Overall though, the cougars have no gripe against the officiating in relation to any bias as there was clearly none.

Utah special teams stepped up on that last play and congrats to Whittingham for kicking that field goal in the 4th quarter. Compare that to Bronco going for it on 4th down with a PASS!

The missed FG by Phillips was costly and I thought that the cougars were going to win the game because of that miss, but then there was Brandon Burton.

Congrats Utes!!

Hooper, UT

Bronco should be the best coach in 3A next year if the Y really cares about it's football program. You should keep your job in major college football by having a season like this at a school like BYU. It's going to take a lot of firesides to make up for today.

Fort Worth, Texas

BYU played great, Utah played horrible but still found a way to win.

Have to admit Heaps ended up doing better than expected.

Now lets hope next year we have a young QB coming in or Robles gets a chance because Wynn has been really bad in 5 of the last 6 games. Not going to cut it in the PAC-12 play.

Great win!!


Idaho Falls, ID

Well if u were in the conference of chumps this year they would have 4 bowl eligible teams! Too bad BYU got cheated by the replay booth!

Kaysville, UT

Wow. What is instant replay for? How do you look at a play from several different angles and see a knee down before the ball comes out and not make the right call?

Utes did not deserve this one!

Heaps was clearly the best QB on the field today.

sports fan
Provo, UT

Poorly called game, but bad calls went both ways, the horse collar no call on Wide, some no calls on PI's for both teams. the i don't know on the fumble you just could not see the ball well enough to over turn it, but if it was me i would have gave it to BYU. but a lack of unquestionable video evidence kept possession for Utah.

GO UTES!!!!!

Bottom Line
Draper, UT


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