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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

You gotta love these desperate Y fans trying to claim that BYU "Dominated" (Yeah...I'm talking about your MichCoog).

If BYU "Dominated" why did they lose pretty much every stat...including the final score?

Cold Ute
West Valley City, Utah

After reading a lot of the comments I can see one glaring point - a number of the BYU posters on the site were silent about the fumble call in the SDSU game but with much the same situation for the UTE game they are now saying the game was stolen by the officials. Just one comment to add for those posters whose comments just fit their own agenda hypocrites.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Utah finished the year ranked 21 in AP and USA Today. I realize all you BYU "fans" know much better where they should be ranked...maybe the pollsters simply "missed the call".

The "Funble" - well, it was absolutely 'inconclusive' - hence, they didn't reverse it. Sorry - but that's part of the game and BYU did not need to let Utah score after that turnover.

Heaps was pretty good - but has a long way to go. Hmmm, best QB recruit in the country? Although he may have been bought, Cam Newton is WAY better...as are probably 10-15 other Freshmen QB (incuding Wynn last year).

Wynn played good given the game plan and will be solid in the PAC. BYU did a nice job dropping a lot of guys into coverage. Actually, BYU's defense is pretty good.

The Block was awesome. Won the game.

I realize that some BYU "fans" want to call this game a gift, or lean on the refs calls...but in the end Utah won...and with a lot more class than the 2009 Cougars.

I will miss the November rivalry...but, I will not miss the whiney, excuse making, Cougar fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Went to the game, bad game to watch. Every time the stats were posted on the scoreboard, the comments were the same: it didn't look like the game we were watching. For the the last regular game of the year, huge mistakes by both teams. One player stood out: Heaps is a gamer. Super day for a frosh. Super comments after the game.

Most amazing game fact: the Ute coaches saw a flaw in the Coog blocking scheme and moved their speediest player to the other side to exploit it and it wins the game for them. Unreal!

PS. I would have gone for the field goal too if Payne were playing for us.

Ute Fan

Humble, TX

LOL You guys are funny. Blaming the refs is the easy way out Coogies. How about blaming yourselves for not blocking the kid coming around the corner to block the field goal? How about running the ball on 4th and inches instead of throwing a 15 yard incompletion? Probably one of the worst calls in college football this year.
But then again, your team isn't really that good if you get dominated by the Aggies earlier in the year. And don't tell me this, this is a different team now, or the DC got fired. I don't care.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now Cougs don't be hypocritical. If you are going to go with the ref's calls as the excuse. You have to also criticize the bad calls earlier in the game that went your way. It's just unfortunate for you that the one that mattered was during your monumental collapse in a fourth quarter where you dominated the previous three. You should have never put yourself into a position to have that call matter. So quit your crying, babies.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Final word (by me) -

The Heaps kid did show a lot of class. Nice interview. Is there finally a BYU QB (recent history) worthy of respect. So far, as a freshman he's got talent and is likeable!

OK - Utes still won and I hope they win every year. Long live "The Block"

CSprings Cougar
Colorado Springs, CO

The Refs did poorly but the Y should have won anywaty. The Y played a better game then the Utes; however, the Utes were one point better....congrats--now win your bowl game. BYU will be a much improved team next year.

Centralia, WA

Its time to committ sports news to the sports page with the exception of headlines. Please.

Provo, Utah

"Su rodilla estaba abajo, vaya BYU!"
"Son genou était en baisse!" Aller BYU!
"Sein Knie war down!" Gehe BYU!
"Hans kne var nede!" Go BYU!

No matter how you look at it;
"His knee was down!" Go BYU!

my thought

Holy wars! Bad calls! I know the answer!

Divine Intervention! lol lol

Beverly Hills, CA

Curtis | 10:05 a.m. Nov. 28, 2010
Beverly Hills, CA
"MichiganCoog, I only have one thing to say: SCOREBOARD"..."

Finally, a Utah fan realizes the meaning of the term scoreboard.

It's taken 4 years, but by golly, thar's sum larnin' go'ng on up at that thar hill.


Just goes to prove what I have said for 50 years. The Utes only care about one game per season.

Salt Lake City, UT

There wasn't enough to show the officials that the fumble should be overturned. If it had been ruled down on the field it would've stood that way and if that had happened all the Ute fans would be upset right now. Thats how football goes sometimes so all you BYU fans need to relax and take it as it is. The fumble wouldn't have been a problem if Bronco hadn't gone for it on 4th and 1 (Bronco said he made the call to go for it but Anae called the play). Awesome game down to the last play as usual.

Go Utes!

Long Beach, CA


was a USU employee and alum in the replay booth? If not, quit yer whining.

Long Beach, CA

Oh my, amazing to hear the whiners claiming "the ref stole the game, shouldn't be a win, etc etc." yet when the same thing happened at SDSU, you said " Wasn't a game changer, get over it, quit whining, what about the facemask, blah blah blah." And in your case you didn't have a USU employee and alum in the replay booth.

Something about karma here.....

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

Congratulations Utes on a yet another thriller rivalry game. Unfortunate about the botched replay call. Now I feel some sympathy for SDSU having officials botch a potentially game changing call. Games should be won and lost on the field, not in the replay booth. I'd gladly give that game to SDSU (or at least the 7 points BYU scored following that bad call) if BYU could have the call that went against them yesterday corrected. It may not have won the game for BYU but it certainly would have made it very difficult for Utah to overcome.

Interesting TexasAG that your Utes barely squeeked out a 1 point win over "your team isn't really that good" BYU. Yes, Utah is the better overall team this year but BYU has come a long way from the start of the season. The future looks bright for BYU and Jake Heaps outplayed BOTH Ute QBs yesterday hands down.

Vernal, UT

All these stupid comments about firing Anai, Wait till next year when heaps really start coming into his own and Anai will be a genius. Heaps really matured before our eyes in that game. He was by far the best quarterback on the field. I quess Anai didn't have anything to do with that. Too, bad there was 17 players on the field on the Utes side(the referees)

Sandy, UT

I just finished reading 5 printed pages of the Deseret News coverage of the BYU-Utah football game. Not a single word was printed about The Call. Anyone who watched the TV broadcast of this game knows about The Call. The Mountain TV announcers were dumfounded by The Call. The post game radio discussions debated The Call. KSL radio announcers referenced the SDSU Instant Repay Controversy which resulted in three Mountain West Conference staffers being suspended. KALL callers were simply elated that a bad call had finally gone their way. With 7 journalists spread over 5 pages of coverage, the Deseret News avoided the topic altogether, instead choosing to present The Lie: Brandon Bradley fumbled. You did manage to print Kile Whittingham wining about the above-the-shoulders call against the Utes, however.

Sandy, UT

I love hearing bitter zoobies try to make themselves feel better. It happens every single time Utah beats the Y. It's always a bad call or a missed call or a Utah player's cheating that leads to a Utah win. Never mind that Utah capitalized on byu's mistakes, and what about Burton's incredible block? All overshadowed by the belief that a ref missed a call.

Funny, I don't remember hearing any Y fans whine when a similar situation led to a cougar victory over SDSU! Shoot, if it wasn't for that, the cougs wouldn't even be bowl eligible!

It comes down to this. You win some, you lose some. Suck it up and be grateful that you even get to play in the post season. Byu has had more than it's fair share than favorable calls and last minute wins due to miracle plays.

Lick your wounds and look forward to next september. Or basketball. Whagever makes you feel better.

All things said, GO UTES!!! I'm glad they showed some resolve and never gave up to pull out a win.

Alpine, UT

BYU dominated for 3 1/2 quarters and the game shouldn't have come down to a blown call on Bradley's interception or a blocked field goal as the clock ran out. The best team doesn't always win and that was the case in this game. Unfortunately poor play calling and game management cost BYU the game. BYU should have 1) Gone for two points after scoring their first touchdown and going up 12-0. 2) Kicked a field goal on 4th down or at least handed off to Brian Kariya who has been the go-to-guy on short yardage situations all year rather than throwing the ball. 3) Been aggressive on the last drive and going for the touchdown. There was plenty of time on the clock when BYU got the ball but rather than running a hurry-up offense, they used the full play clock on almost every play and then gave up and ran the ball out of the I-formation on 3 straight plays when everyone, including Utah, knew exactly what was coming. There was still time to try to get into the end zone but they didn't try!

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