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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Jefferson City, MO

And that wraps up the conference rivalry.

Nice. :)

Peace, my brother Cougars. We will meet again. And I can hardly wait!

springfield, or

I am not usually one to call for anyone's head but for several years now Anae's play calling has gotten more and more predictable. This was his worst year yet. At the beginning of the season it was hand-off to Diluigi then pass out in the flat to Diluigi. A two play playbook is pathetic. Then to end the season with 3 I formation up the gut runs to set up a 43 yard field goal attempt? That was offensive to me and if I were Heaps I would be steamed. Heaps moved the ball all night with the pass. What a waste to have that much talent and an OC that doesn't know how to use it. Time for a change. Firing the DC helped the defense, now it is time for the offense to get an upgrade in the OC spot.

South Jordan, UT

Instant karma is a .... well.... I'd tell you what it is but the D-News editor wouldn't allow the post.

Lincoln City, OR

The MWC needs to throw out the Replay rule.... They can't get the calls right even when they use it... It's beyond me how any rational and objective replay official could rule that Bradley was not down when he fumbled... What a joke the whole replay thig has become in this conference... Maybe we can get the SDSU Rich Dad's Club to send the Ute's President asking him to forfeit the game because of the bown call... I guess this is the the Commish's payback for BYU leaving the conference...

On another note.... Anae is possibly he worst OC in college football.... I cannot believe the play calling... particularly in the last possession.... We are throwing theball when we are trying to burn clock and running the ball when we are plaing catch up.... Go figure. My guess is that he and Bronco are pretty close though, so I am guessing he is safe.... If I were calling the shots he would have been gone at the same time that the DC got the boot...Heaps got better this season, but it sure wasn't because of Anae.

Phoenix, AZ

No complaints here. Great job UU. Wish the outcome would have been different, but that is the way the ball bounces, or is blocked.

Good job Cougs for finally hanging with a top 20 team this year. Awesome job by the defense to shut down an offense that hung 60 on ISU. Offense was either vanilla or UU defense was as good as advertised. Keep your heads up.

Saint George, UT

i did want byu to win but in the end ireally weanted a close game and that is what we got great game by both teams i still cant beleive nobody has mentioned the best thing of all is no more game on the MTN

Harwich, MA

It's always the officials isn't it!!!
Any sport, any time, any year.
I didn't see anybody in stripes catch, run, or block a kick.
Get a grip people.

Springville, UT

Well as they say "what goes around comes around" and a blown ref call swings the pendulum the other way. Congrats to the Utes for being on the side of 'lady luck' once again.

Utes lucked out on three games this year as I see it. AFA should have won, SDSU and now this game but that's football. It was a fun season for both teams.

So at end of the regular season what did we see?

Obviously the Ute program is really no better than BYU. Ute fans can mouth off all they want but at the end you have a one point game. Not too much difference in the skill levels of these teams.

BYU is a young and improving team. Next year will be even better. Utes are in trouble and they will be 6-6 or 7-5 in PAC 12.

So for a year Utes have some bragging rights but in the end BYU will take the better QB and team with momentum into independence.

Utes get the Las Vegas Bowl, a far cry from the predicted BCS Bowl and NC (ha ha!) for this season.

Rest in peace NCUtes2010. Mark it down.

Logan, UT

Rise and shout all the whiners are out. Last I checked a W is a W.

Bluffdale, UT

What if the call would have gone the other way? What if Wynn had thrown the ball instead of Kane and there was no interception? What if Utah's first fumble had stayed in bounds? What if BYU had not gone for the touchdown on 4th down? What if Michelle Obama could fly?

Taft, CA

A couple of calls were so bad, they could be seen clearly in California. It truly is a shame that the officials decided this game, but that happens.

If the Cougars are an average team, the Utes better step up their game next year.

Mission Viejo, CA

The call was bad, but I re-ran the replays and the problem was that while Brandon's knee was clearly down, you could not see the ball. So my guess is that the refs decided that they could not overrule the call on the field.

This was a great game that showed Heaps' for what he is: a fantastic talent. He'll be a truly great college QB, barring an injury or something.

The Utah defense was very tough, better than I expected. However, with them focused on the run, I feel that Anae should have been more agressive with the pass. Especially in the red zone.

The last series was frustrating - Heaps was red hot and they got to the 20 and camped on it, thinking only to set up the field goal. I would have like to see BYU go for the TD and kick the FG only if that failed.

But, this was a typical Utah BYU game where everything gets crazy.

Who's better? I think these teams are very close. Next year, I like the Cougs because Heaps is the real deal and the defense looks very good.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All I can say, is congrats Utah, for yet another lucky victory to your w-l record, especially for the one that was gift-wrapped and delivered to ya'll on a silver platter. You all have to breath a sigh of relief, when my so-called loser coogs were dominating your ranked and extremely lucky Utes pulled out another nail-biter. You all deserved to get one on the cougars after losing so many other close ones in the past. But the one thing I have to say is this:
1)Utah's luck will not win the next one you play in the bowl season coming up...when you consider who your "lucky" utes will most likely draw in the Las Vegas bowl...How about facing either Boise State or Nevada, who most assuredly will finish 11-1, and snubbed from going to BCS bowls...chew on that one for a minute...
2)BYU's future, even after finishing 6-6, with four of those losses to Top-25 teams, 3 of which were on the road, in very hostile environments...I like what I see in the next 3 years!!!

3)As for Utah's future...

Syracuse, ut

Tough loss for the Cougs, incredible performance by Heaps, the future is bright for the Cougars.

Congrats Utah, your players made the big plays when they needed to.

But some Ute fans need to chill out, you beat an unranked team lead by a 13th grader on a last second field goal block. Congrats on the win, but some of you need to try to win with some class.

The replay clearly showed it was not a fumble by Bradley, both announcers even agreed, but that's sports, the ball just wasn't bouncing the Cougars way. The 4th and inches play call is what likely lost the game for the Cougs, either get the points or QB sneak, horrible play call.

Good luck in the Pac 12 Utes.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

...To continue my point about Utah's future:

3)Utah loses both RB's, has a QB that for the most part is a dear-in-the-headlights boy, that has yet to show anyone that he has what it takes to be great, and your awesome backup QB Cain, is gone...

4)You can bet that after Utah goes to Provo next September, you'll be staring down a 1-2 start, with both USC and BYU stomping the living carp out of your re-building Utes...Remember, this Freshman and Sophmore dominated BYU team you barely beat, returns all of their skill players, on both sides of the ball, and will have a number of RS freshman like Drew Phillips, Ross Apo, and their best LB, and 4 more DL players that will dominate: Travis Tuiloma, Romney Fuga, Ian Dulan, and others

5)And BYU's schedule, with very winnable games against Mississippi, Texas, Oregon State, Utah, South Florida, and yes, a bunch of patsies thereafter, and the fact that BYU will most likely see alot of National coverage now that they're on there own...I like BYU's future, Utah's with no patsies????

Saint George, UT

Since I deplore the diatribe of ugly remarks by some football fanatics, I congratulate Utah on their last play of the game and resulting victory. But, being fair and honest, the best overall play was by BYU. It's too bad the game's outcome was shaped by that horrible officials' call after BYU's "alleged" fumble. Even the Mountain's staff clearly agreed, and showed for the fans, that the BYU player's knee was down when the ball was stripped out of his hands. That erroneous turnover and BYU's failure to go for the earlier fieldgoal marred the outcome of an otherwise great game.

Beverly Hills, CA

MichiganCoog, I only have one thing to say: SCOREBOARD

Gilbert, AZ

Gotta congrat the Utes on a tough fought win last night and a great 2010 season:

-10 wins
-Rivalry game winner
-Trip to Las Vegas Bowl
-A chance to win 11 games and finish in the top 20

Sounds a lot like great seasons that have been scoffed at in the past by Ute fans...I can't wait to hear the Ute fans pat themselves on the back this year.

With only 13 graduating players, this BYU team will be fun to watch next year. 4 losses to top 25 teams...three on the road, and 5th loss to an AF team that is always toughest at the beginning of the year and was also ranked at times, again on the road. It was a frustrating rebuilding year, but the future is SO bright!

A Fan But No Zubbie
Henderson, NV

Coach Robert Anae needs to be FIRED!!! Horrible play calling all day, and year! Bring back Gary Crowton!! What blows my mind is when Jake threw the touchdown to Mckay, and the only go for one instead of two! Going for one gives you 13 points so if Utah scores 2 times we are still down by one, but if we go for two and we get it we have 14. Then Payne kicks the next field goal, WOW, we are tied 17-17. Even if we went for two and missed it, we have 12 points, 12 points or 13 with the extra point.... WE STILL HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER SCORING DRIVE TO TIE OR GO AHEAD!!!! FIRE ANAE!!!

Logan, Utah

As a casual observer of this rivalry, I must say that it was boring in the first three quarters, only to become a grueling nail-biter in the final quarter, just like college ball should be. I think BYU got hosed on the fumble call that should have been counted as a down. At any rate, props to whomever that guy was who came out of no where and stopped Payne's would-be-game-winning field goal punt. Thanks for another great rivalry game BYU and Utah!

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