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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

The "Mantra" is not "The Block"...

The "Mantra" for this game is... "THE GIFT".

For it was the worst blown call in the history of sports....

It was not a fumble. The whole world knows it. And even in fuzzy Uteville, they know it too.

This is the Ute victory with an "Asterisk".

Enjoy it Utes. It's a shallow victory with a crooked assist from the replay booth. Who is the man that ignored to reverse the call?

So it has come to this. Three weeks ago Utah was the number 5 team in the Nation. And now they are storming the field after having been gifted a 1 point victory by the refs to a 6 and 6 team?

Seriously, this is where Utes find honor?

Oh what a pleasure it will be watching Utah evolve into the next Washintgton State as they join the Pac-12 as a non-revenue sharing member for 5 years. And as 5 and 6 losses become the norm..

Congrats Utes, you made the big play when you needed to. It's your win, one for the record books....

But the game dubbed "The Gift" is not worthy of storming the field.

Mapleton, UT

There are good calls, bad calls, and no calls. It is unfortunate that the game should hinge on a questionable call. That said BYU had an opportunity to win the game and came up short. Good game.

Bountiful, UT

"This was the most blatantly unfair, bewilderingly misread blown review I've ever witnessed in this mortal probation."
-I gotta admit YOOPER, that was pretty funny

Take it like a man cougar fan. Utah didn't storm the field because it was such a great season. They stormed because THAT WAS AN EXCITING WAY TO WIN!!!!!!!! I think the average U fan can clearly see we have some serious offensive problems that seemed to get worse as the season went on. Nevertheless, I will sleep well tonight without even a twinge of guilt over any supposed officiating mistake. GREAT WIN, DECENT SEASON, EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF UTAH FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Mcallen, TX

For those who still holding on the San Diego St. fumble--the no call was against BYU, because a double facemask caused the fumble.

The Utes were clearly lucky in this game and was awarded a non deserved victory.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Great game BYU! Heaps has written his first chapter in this great rivalry. Brandon Burton gets his own star in this rivalries hall of fame. Amazing Play! What I am most excited for is for the Utes to join the Pac 12. They will be warmly welcomed on 9/10 by USC on thier home turf to the "pac". Even with thier sanctions the "pac" choose this storied team to open a can of you know what on the Utes. After going 5-7 in the "pac" next year they will be remembering the good old days of Christmas past like New Mexico and Wyoming. The Utes impressive wins next year will be against Montana St., Washington St. and Colorado. Good luck friends in red. Save some of your Jack Daniels for next year because Santa brought you an early Christmas present today. Enjoy your moment. At least we will be able to watch some high quality teams in the "pac" deliver some presents next year to our friends in red. Enjoy!
Losing a one point game on the road to your rival, tough.
Watching your rivals get destroyed weekly next year in the "pac",

Cougarville, UT


Sounds like you're have a little "cougar whine" with your cheese!!

You should cut back on the whine, it won't do you any good.

The TDS had the game and blew the victory. Face reality!

Murray, UT

I learned from my father to be so good that you make the ref's irrelevant.
I am disappointed that BYU was not blown out.
If you leave the game up to a refs single call then it is your own fault for not being a better team.

Santa Clarita, CA

The refs' review call was horrible, a travesty. Once again, they gave the game to the home team. Second, Anae should be fired. He is one of the worst, uninspired offensive coordinators the Y has ever had. His play calling is horrendous; obvious with no creativity or ingenuity. Frankly, a fake field goal should have been tried; it would have surprised the Utes completely.

Beverly Hills, CA

Sorry Cougs, there are no moral victories. Stop making excuses.

Bluffdale, UT

a great game with a spectacular ending.

Bountiful, UT

Lets get the big plays straight so we as Ute fans can now put them at the end of everyone of our posts

Shanks Punts aren't that bad.

Inerception Fumbles are even better


2 out of 3

and the traditional SCOREBOARD

Every Ute fan needs to use one or something similar to them in every last single post just to stick it to the TDS, Koogies.

Bountiful, UT

The stats were pretty equal for both teams as someone pointed out earlier. Heaps played well and was better this game but I still think Wynn is the better QB and as a Ute fan base we have seen him perform incredibly well in most of the games he has started.

If the replay booth didn't overturn the call on the field then that must mean their wasn't enough evedince to change the call the end. BYU got one against SDSU and Utah gets this one

Utah will be just fine in the PAC 12 and will immediatly compete for the conference title

and one last thing,

Burton is still blocking

Monticello, UT

In my opinion both Utah touchdowns were controversial in the first one the Ute receiver went through the BYU defender to catch the touchdown in the end zone.Then the Interception followed by the fumble.Why even have instant replay? I would like to know what camera angle the officials saw.Because anyone who saw it at home could see his knee was clearly down before the ball came out.

the zamboni
Salt Lake City, UT

@ute-chute: I'll be impressed when you play for a national championship. Doesn't take much to be a fan of any particular program. Hey, look at me! I'm a Lakers fan! Look at all my titles!

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar fans forget about the questionable horse-collar play earlier in the game that should have been a 15-yard penalty against the BYU defender, and, not to mention, seemed to injure Wide. Also, Blechen's helmet-leading tackle showed his hands in front and the announcers agreed that was a questionable call. Also, the bobbled catch out of bounds that the Cougar player did that the announcers thought should have been overturned. And the "block in the back" no-call by Quezada just a play or two before the field goal at the end of the game.

Utah DID have several questionable calls go against them also - not just the ONE fumble call that went against the Cougars. Besides, the replay officials DID think that there wasn't enough info to overturn it. They did that for a reason. Some have suggested that the east-side view showed differently - but you don't see it on TV. Some have suggested that it was like a "jump ball" in basketball - the Ute player had his hand on it also.

Please people. It is not as black and white that emotional Cougar fans would make it out to be.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am not convinced that the rivalry will be any less intense regardless of when it is played. September will just mean better weather. How many of these games have come down to the last play? Amazing. I for one am glad Boise State lost. Maybe a bit jealous of all the love they get. Auburn is lucky. Oregon is lucky. Go TCU!!!!

Beverly Hills, CA

I find this situation all the finnier because BYU fan is whining about the officiating when they won a game based on bad officiating against SDSU.

Someone call the Waaaaaaaahmbulance.

SO much trash talking from a fan base whose team doesn't have a winning record.

Sandy, UT

@Airbisquit and @GoUtah

And the 1972 USSR (Russian) Basketball team celebrated when they won the Gold medal after time was put back on the clock to give them one more try.

So what?

Victories are either legitimate or they are not. They either have an "Asterisk" to them or they do not.

Utah has the win, Indeed.......Fair and Square?
Not so much.

Everybody knows it was a botched Review.
That's OK, that's Sports.

Again, Rainted, Hollow, Illegitimate, are fair statements.

Every game between Utah and BYU for the last 40 years or more have been settled by the players on the field.

And don't give us the fumble from the Utah-BYU 2000 game. Slow the tape down and you will see it was not a fumble, Ron McBride notwithstanding.

Having said that, BYU had it's chances and Robert Anae is incompetant as an OC. BYU fans can look forward to many more poorly called games by Anae.

Let us hope and pray that Jake Heaps, beginning next year, will begin to audible out of Anae's poor play calling and mititgate the damage.

GoUtah...No whining at all. Just stating the "Indisputable Facts".

Salt Lake City, Utah

oh my goodness. Can anyone believe the missed hold on the twelve plays in the first half on a BYU drive that should have been called? All you folks complaining about a single missed call should watch game film and then complain about every missed call. There was a hold on each of the touchdown plays for both sides, yet no call. Why aren't we complaining about those? It's all fixed! Conspiracy! The Democrats are communists! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Get a life.

Salt Lake City, UT

Somewhere Luke Staley is smiling. What goes around, comes around.

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