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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Calgary, Alberta

Take the 3 points and be grateful!!!!!

Shoulda kicked it
Shoulda kicked it

Utah did not win, BYU did not lose......Brandon Burton won.

Lehi, UT

I am so stinkin' proud of my BYU Cougars. They did all of us fans proud today. Three weeks ago, I didn't think I could even watch the massacre that was going to take place by Utah. But BYU stepped up and played their hardest. It all came down to the bad call by the review people who changed the momentum of the game, not poor playing by the 6-6 team from "down south" nor by Utah "finding a way to win." We know that. So, hats off to you, BYU, for reminding me why I am a loyal Cougar and I will be 'till I die.

South Jordan, UT

So ute fans want us BYU fans to start acting more like ute fans.. right.. the same fans that ripped BYU fans after last years game and the same fans that was so sure the utes was on the way to a N.C. this year. The same fans that if the fumble was over turned and BYU went on to win would have been crying about being robbed.So does this sound about right

provo, UT

Add "Bradley's knee is still down" to recent additions like "Harline is still open," "Fourth-and-18," and "George is still running."

Morgan, UT

Even though the Cougars lost I still think it was an absolutely incredible game. Congrats to the Utes, especially the player who blocked the field goal. As for the officiating on the fumble...Was it the right call? I saw it differently than the booth. However, I referee high school ball and can say the officiating crew called it just as they saw it. There is so much internal scrutiny on officials at every level that I guarantee they were following guidelines established by others and years of personal experience. THEY DON"T CARE WHO WINS! They only care about making the right calls. Those in the booth DON'T CARE WHO WINS. They only care about doing the job right. If they watch film and see that a mistake was made they will feel horrible about it. The last thing an official at that level wants to do is control the outcome of the game. If a mistake was made there is major discipline. Its called not getting to work games in the future. There are hundreds of lower level officials that are begging the Mountain West Conference to do those games. Don't blame the refs.

Houghton, MI

Congrats to the Utes for taking advantage of miscues and earning an exciting win.

But let's set the record straight: a "blown call" is much different than a "blown review." A blown call occurs when a ref controversially throws or doesn't throw a flag after a play, which is then not reviewed. This is not what happened with the pretended fumble in the 4th quarter. The refs called the fumble, then an official booth review was made - which required thoughtful, time-consuming analysis of the play from every available angle - and somehow the fumble was still inexplicably confirmed.

This is what makes the "blown review" so dastardly: CLEARLY the guy's knee was down well before the ball was stripped, this from every available, conceivable angle. It wasn't like there was "reasonable doubt" or "could go both ways" or "not enough info to overturn the call." This was the most blatantly unfair, bewilderingly misread blown review I've ever witnessed in this mortal probation. This goes way beyond a standard "blown call"...

And OF COURSE this blindly absurd blown review affected the game: it provided the template needed for the Utes to score the winning touchdown.

Bountiful, UT

I'm old. I've lived long enough to know that there are breaks, good and bad, going both ways, in athletic contests. In every game where officials make judgment calls, some fans will go home blaming the outcome on the officials. Great coaches prepare their players to "act" on every opportunity without "reacting" to the officials.

These posts prove that the fans one each side see events with a partial view, and their view doesn't always align with that of the officials. In today's game, Utah showed up late, but took advantage of their breaks better than BYU did. The Cougars squandered too many of their breaks, made too many boneheaded mistakes, and let their obvious opportunities to win slip away.

I feel bad that Y coaches put such a load on Payne's shoulders. Heaps was obviously ready to win the game with his arm, but was denied the opportunity. Congratulations to the Utes. Accept your good fortune with humility and class.

Saint George, UT

I couldnt watch the game--can someone describe what happened with Bradley and review?

The Yner
Cougarville, UT

B b b, but we had the game won!!

Cougarville, UT

My favorite part of the game was when Utah won . . .

Salt Lake City, UT

All the complaining about a single "perceived" missed call among many questionable calls is just sour grapes by disappointed fans. The game didn't hinge on a single call. It was, though, won by the Utes on an exceptional play by Burton.

Give credit where credit is due, and you'll be surprised at how good it feels when the burden of bitterness is lifted off your shoulders. Ugly game all around, but the best team won. GO UTES!

Herriman, UT

There was not 1 angle on those replays that showed the ball & his knee down at the same time. It was likely he was down, but there was nothing conclusive enough to overturn it.

BYU had plenty of opportunities to win that game & blew each one of them. They have nobody to blame but themselves.

Alpine, UT

To you silly U fans. I always call it like I see it. I don't want to hear about karma and the SDSU game or anything else from you. You benefited from a blown call in the booth. It shouldn't happen. It was a game changer. Period. Anyone saying different is a partisan hack and dishonest.

Never the less, the U won the game. They blocked the kick. Great play.

The ball didn't bounce our way today. For two weeks in a row weird plays benefited the U. It happens.

Our offensive play calling was simply offensive. It was as though the last few weeks didn't happen. Anai went right back to the predictable conservative play calling that had us all calling for his head weeks ago. But, as a multiple sport season ticket holder for gosh darn expensive seats, I am really disappointed in Anai (and have been for a few years.) The only thing that saved us in the past was experienced quarterbacks that changed the calls. Having a freshman doing what he was told showed us for sure that the emperor has no clothes.

Time for a change!

PAC Member, are U?
Cougarville, UT

Welcome to the PAC, Utah! You truly are a choice program. You showed more heart, desire to win, and generally much more "class" than the TDS.

Beverly Hills, CA

Has anyone seen UtahNationalChampions2010?

Has anyone see the Utes close to a National Championship?

Play away Utes.

Your dream... Is my reality.

Fallon, NV

The rivalry starts over next year, but no one is going to stop counting win and loses. Before some of you Ute fans talk too much, (SoCal and others come to mind) you still have to bring your team to Provo next year, and the cougars will not forget what happened this year. I am guessing BYU will drop as many points as possible in TCU-like fashion and send the Utes on their way to implode in PAC conference play. Before you pile on too much Ute-fan, what goes around comes around.

BYU is continuing to improve and Utah is trying to plug holes in a sinking ship, but the ship is still sinking. MARK IT DOWN.

Salt Lake City, UT

TheSpiker... "gripe and moan... gripe and moan..." if you put it to music, maybe you could turn it into a musical?

Alpine, UT

My least favorite part was when the Cougs lost.

Congratulations Utes. Good luck in the future.

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Big J
Bountiful, UT

Congratulations to both the Utes and the Cougars. What a hard fought game. Luck finally smiled on the Utes in a close one.

The Block is easing my memories of the Clank. Utes go to 11-2 with a bowl win!


South Jordan, Utah

Great Blocked kick, the game was entertaining and came down to the last play.Ute Fans must admit the number 5 ranking was bogus big time. I have'nt read all the posts yet and the fans at RES were pretty civil today with the exception of BOOING the BYU band, get real people this is not Philadelphia where they throw snowballs at Santa. Booing the band please now that is an example of being Classless! Good Luck to both teams,the games have always been exciting.

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