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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I question how BYU fans suggest Utah is going to be at the bottom of the PAC-12. Do you not remember that BYU (while in it's atrocious first half of the season rebuilding mode) beat Washington? Utah can do that too. Colorado, UCLA, and Washington State are all worse than Washington so we would probably beat all of them too. Next year our schedule has Oregon and Stanford as the two we don't play (lucky us). So the four I listed we would beat and of the remaining five games (Arizona USC Arizona State Cal Oregon State)... Arizona is the hardest among them and we'd probably lose that one. The rest are about 50-50 so.... 6-3 for a conference record? That's not that bad. A part of me is disappointed the Mountain West won't have the TCU Utah BYU Boise Nevada thing though...

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

From a Ute fan, congrats to BYU for playing one heck of a game. You have a legit football team. It is a bit sad that they'll be no more late November games between our teams as there have been some great ones. No shame in losing today BYU, it was a battle and one play made the difference. Best of luck in your bowl game. I'm also impressed with your coach in taking the loss well (comments on the radio); I admire his even temper. Way to go Utes but please play better in the bowl game and Wynn please check your receivers off as I couldnt believe all the open receivers that Wynn didnt even seem to see.

South Jordan, UT

Anai should have let Heaps throw it a few more times before kicking the field goal at the end. I feel like the coaches don't trust Heaps like they should, and I don't get it. He is one of BYU's best recruits. He was without question the best quarterback on the field today, even though he is a freshman. He knows how to handle pressure. Have some faith in this guy. Let him play and quit holding him back.

Eagle Mountain, UT

BYU gave the game away. Mistakes by young players. BYU should have won but then again, Utah probably should have won one of the last few years that they lost. Good win for Utah. They took advantage of the BYU mistakes. Utah definitely got helped by the non-fumble blown call but BYU may have beat SDSU because of the same type of call. Everything evens out in the end. I was really impressed with the BYU defense. Utah would not have gotten more than a couple of field goals on the Y defense if not for turnovers. I am betting BYU dominates Utah the next 2 or 3 years. The extra month of practice earned by BYU for becoming bowl elegible will be huge next year. I have not heard much about no-class fans acting like idiots in the stadium. Too bad there are still a few commenting here.
I stand by BYU and am looking forward to a good bowl showing and a great year in 11.
Go cougars.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU brilliantly responded..."? How is a field goal response brilliant?

Donnie 23
Centerville, UT

Hey alt134 you call USC a toss up for the utes next year. They will kill utah. Stop dreaming about 6 and 3. 5 and 4 if your lucky remember wynn is your QB and he blows

Albany, NY

And for those who want the count on the longitudinal record (not just the skewed view of 4 past games) Utah has won 5-8.
2002 - U
2003 - U
2004 - U
2005 - U (that was 4 straight)
2006 - Y
2007 - Y
2008 - U
2009 - Y
2010 - U


Syracuse, UT

Ref: bgl

"I'm going to tell you what your Bishop should tell many of you tomorrow.
1. Congratulate your opponent.
2. Praise your team and coaches for competing against a wonderful team and almost handing them their butts.
3. Show good grace and dignity in losing.
4. Remember--it is a game. Hatred and invoking Gods love of you and your kind should have no place.
5. Root for your boys in the New Mexico Bowl."

Question! Is this what your Bishop said to you last year? I know you did not take his advice. That is why you are saying it now. You try to give advice but can't take any.
Good win Ute's and I hope you have enjoyed being near the top of the MWC for the past few years because you are going to be mid to bottom of the pac-whatever for the foreseeable future. Will it be worth it to get a share of the money but never go to another bowl game?

Glenwood, UT

either way - you want these games to be close.
Utah - congrats
BYU- has a great future !

Byu 1- bad call in first half - 4th and 1 - botched
pass .Should have QB sneaked it
2- should have went for two after first TD

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

It was a great game to watch.

Congrats to the Utah team.

Thank you to the Deseret News for attempting to keep it classy.

Thank you to the coaching staffs of both teams for attempting to keep it classy also.

The rivalry was a fun one for the past 30 years. If I had my way, it would all end tonight.

In a way it is....

I wishKyle was HC at BYU, but I like Bronco, and see him as the better fit.

Regardless of the "scoreboard", both teams won. BYU proved they could have been the better team, and Utah proved that even with their fall from #5, they still know how to make the big plays.

Utah fans dogged BYU because they beat UCLA on a blocked FG... Same exact score.

How about Utah fans giving props to a great program.

Utah made the play, regardless of the officials.

How about BYU fans holding their heads high and knowing according to Mike Sorensen, BYU won this game.

I went and bought some bread after the game, wearing my BYU hat.

A family was there dressed in U apparrel, and said "that was a great game".

Wasn't it?

Cedar Hills, UT

Byu 1- bad call in first half - 4th and 1 - botched
pass .Should have QB sneaked it
or kick the FG and take the points. Sure would have been nice to have 3 more points especially when they were automatic. Make it a two score game by going up 9-0, Everyone in the nation but Anai would have kicked a fg right there.

Iowa City, IA

I was thinking calling it the "Homer Call". No utah win if the refs get it right. Even the announcers were dumfounded at the obvious blown call.

Murray, UT

Heartbreaking loss, but still proud of the way the Cougars played today. For the majority of the game BYU was in control and outplayed Utah. Utah was very fortunate to escape with a win today. A couple of lucky bounces, a few byu miscues and a horrible call that should of clearly been overturned aided utah in their win. It was as clear as the blue sky that Bradley's knee was down before the ball came out. I guess the MWC felt like they had to get one last cheap shot in on BYU before they departed. Im certainly not gonna miss the lousy MWC and their awful TV contract and officials. The theme for this one should be chalked up as "Bradley's knee was clearly down!"

Mid-Major Cougars
San Diego, CA

To correct MESOUTE...
Last 9 games...Utah is 6-3 vs BYU
Last 18 games....Utah is 11-7 vs BYU

For those whiners...it's a difficult block by a defeners coming from either the left or right corner. Utah coaches called the play. And Brandon Burton made an excellent play to reserve the win for Utah.


Go Utes!! Great victory. I think it's funny how everyone is so certain BYU would have won if it weren't for the blown call. There was still plenty of time left and the momentum had turned in the Utes favor, I think we would have won anyways. A win is a win!! Get over your bitterness BYU fans!

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Grow up Koogies. I'm sick and tired of hearing that the ref's lost the game for you. Man up for a change and take your loss like grown ups.

By the way have fun next year in your league of irrelevance.

Iowa City, IA

Great game, both sides.

BYU will be just fine next year, and should win their bowl game this year. Bronco is a great coach who seems to be well in line with BYU's mission.

Same with the Utes. They'll experience some waking up in the PAC-12, but the future looks bright for them as well.

On another note:

I keep seeing a lot of posters claiming BYU outplayed Utah in every aspect of the game. The stats don't support that. It was a very even game, as would be expected of a 17-16 final.

Utah had more rushing yards, total yards (slightly), and return yards. They averaged 3.5 yrds/rush while BYU averaged just 1.8 per carry.

BYU had more passing yards (slightly), better punt average (by 5.5 yards) and was 3 out of 4 FG to Utah 's 1/2 (but one of the Y's was BLOCKED!). BYU had 4 turnovers to Utah's 3 (controversy notwithstanding).

BYU had consistently better field position in large part due to the edge in punting and their INT returns.

The game was close and came down to one team making THE PLAY.

Surfers Paradise, AU

As tough as this loss is for Y fans, imagine the BSU kicker. His two misses cost his team, and the WAC about $15 million dollars. Hopefully Oregon, or Auburn lay an egg next week and TCU plays for it all.

Logan, UT

Good game. See you in September. BYU has a gunslinger for a QB and he's going to be good. Different outcome next fall.

West Jordan, Ut

So if Utah is lucky for blocking the punt today! What do you call the block punt at Washington and in Vegas against Ucla?

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