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Published: Saturday, Nov. 27 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Houston, TX

BYU's defense is improving. The offense is about 60%. Part of that is BYU being young. Part of it is a lack of innovation by the coaching.

OU is currently mixing in Pistol plays and the Diamond formation plays with it's traditional I formation and pocket passing attack.

BYU badly needs to update it's offense.

Next year Heaps will be at least as good as Landry Jones is this year.

Utah is barely better than a rebuilding BYU this year. Even they ran several Pistol plays.

Altering the defense paid big rewards. When is the offense going to get some much needed adjustment?

It is not just bad play calling and poor execution. It is a lack of offensive design and innovation that exploit the defense.

Doing the same old thing will not work as an independent.

BYU should get better from here. A bowl game will help.

Bountiful, UT

As a BYU fan I HATE it when our fans compain about officials. Get over it. It was a great game and we lost by 1 point and it stings. I didn't agree with the fumble call but an entire game doesn't hinge on one play or one call. Utah, congrats on the win. C'mon Cougar fans, we let's just tip our hates and move on. By the way, just curious if there will be any fallout to Shskaey (who did NOTHING today) for stabbing the toy Cougar. Shakey has proven lately that other than a cool nickname and an amazing job he is doing with his family he is overrated as a player. But as a human being, a great one.

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

BYU clearly outplayed the Utes every quarter, and Utah got one more point than the Y.

Looks like everybody got something out of this game.

Fayetteville, NC

The moral victory for BYU is the ascension of their program at this point, especially considering how we bottomed out against USU. Utah and their #20 ranking on their home turf could only eek out a 1 pt victory over a rebuilding Cougar team. Cheer up Cougar fans, every single offensive starter is returning next year.

Ann Arbor, MI

"So a 6-6 BYU team is about equal to a 10-2 uou team. Sounds about right to me. hedgehog, what do you think?"

Cali coug,

I agree with you... and I'm not happy about it. BYU is a young team with a pretty good QB. Utah is a very talented team (WR and TE) with a very limited QB. Unless Wynn can make the mental changes it's going to be a long year in the PAC12

Utesville, CA

Say what you want...facts are:

Utah won. BYU lost. Utah is 10-2. BYU is 6-6 (lost to both Utah and Utah State this year, and probably would lose to Weber State if they played)

Utah is 10-2 --probably will end the season at 11-2, third straight year with at least 10 wins. Utah moves on to Pac-12 next year.

BYU is 6-6 --may be 6-7 or 7-6. Coaching change may be needed if they want to be successful in Indy-Wacky.

Cougar fans, stop whinning. Wait until next September when the 2 teams meet again...until then, enjoy life.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah, welcome to the Pac 12!

Salt Lake City, UT

May we all remember that IT'S JUST A GAME! It's no reason to be disrespectful and ignorant to our fellow brother.

Worland, WY

All I know about the Utes offense is that they need to know why they have become so inept in the month of Nov. I don't think it is all wynn's fault. I still think play calling has something to do with it as well as dropped passes by receivers. But this will never fly going to the Pac 12. BYU played a good game and got some bad breaks. But most importantly, I will not miss Todd Christensen or James Bates announcing.

logan, utah

Bottom line....Ugly Game

Rock Hill, SC

OK - BYU gave this one to the Utes? Check the stats - I believe Utah won almost every category.

The game was almost served to the Zoobs on a platter, but instead of kicking the field goal on third down with a time out remaoning - just in case of a bad snap, the zoobs got greedy and handed the game back to the Utes by not blocking the end.

Did either team really want this one? I hope we get our rivalry back. The coverage and all the Kum Bah Yah articles were so sweet I had to drink about 5 gallons of milk this week.

The rivalry isn't dead unless we let it die.

I love my Cougar Friends that can take a ribbing and I love giving it right back when they give it to me.

This year - score book and score board Utah! Next Year too! Go Utes!

Frazil man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

That call was bad, but would be irrelevent if BYU kicked a FG instead of going for it on 4th and short. Loss is more on coaches than players.

Wally West
Port of Spain, T & T

re: Bugoff | 7:19 p.m. Nov. 27, 2010

"Next year Heaps will be at least as good as Landry Jones is this year."

And Maybe in 2012 Heaps will win the Heisman like Cam Newton should this yr?

"Utah is barely better than a rebuilding BYU this year. Even they ran several Pistol plays."

The pistol formation is a staple of the zone read spread option which Urban installed yrs ago & the Utes still run. Case in point; Do you recall Tebow standing 7 yds deep EVER?

Sandy, UT

Am I mistaken or did I just watch a game where the fix was in? Utah can't feel good about this win, but the Y's coaching staff is out of touch with college ball. BYU running those two lame running plays to set up the final drive was dumb and put the weight of the world on a young kid who forever more will feel he is the reason BYU lost. This isn't the NFL. These kids are still learning. There was no reason for the game to come down to one play like it did, with the only option took everything happening perfectly for BYU to win. Since when is that the case in college ball? Whatever happened to the mind set that led to past Y glories that you knew you won when you put as many points on the board as you possibly could before the clock ran out? Anything less than that attitude at the college level, where anything can happen, leads to these kind of results.

Orem, UT

Wow Utah, for a team I expected to beat BYU by at least 2 TD you guys Stink. BYU eat your lunch today. It was to bad they were playing not to lose instead of playing to win. They had your number all day. Winn has a lot to learn to be a good QB. BYU needs to let Heaps do what he is suppose to do throw TD's. BYU defense played great, they gave the offense enough opportunities with a short field to put Utah away early. There was no need for the ruling on the fumble after the interception. Neither team deserved this game. It's to bad it couldn't have ended in a tie!!!!!

Providence, UT

Many thanks to the BYU fans who have sincerely congratulated Utah tonight without placing blame on the officials or coaches. You guys have a lot of class.

I know Utah isn't nearly as good as they looked early on on the season, but they are still a good team. BYU has made some very impressive strides and I believe are a very good team now. There is no shame is coming away with a one point victory. It is the big rivalry game afterall!

Congrats to both teams!

Saint George, UT

i wanted byu to win but bad play calling cost them on the last series and that was not a fumble ealier in the 4th quarter but it still came down to bad play calling to conservative not playing to win the good thing is we dont have to see either team play on mnt vs or cbscs again the mtn could not show time in game or what down it was are we in the 60's and the announcers were terrible thank goodness the game is on espn next year

Santa Monica, CA

I'm so glad that this board and the Trib threads are putting to rest the notion that BYU fans love their boys win or lose and know how to treat the opponent and the outcome with respect. With half the posters whining about a questionable call (in a game FILLED with questionable calls) by the refs, the other half suggesting dishonesty, calling for the head of a very good O Coordinator and just flat out behaving like babies, I think we can put the classy BYU fan myth to bed.

I'm going to tell you what your Bishop should tell many of you tomorrow.
1. Congratulate your opponent.
2. Praise your team and coaches for competing against a wonderful team and almost handing them their butts.
3. Show good grace and dignity in losing.
4. Remember--it is a game. Hatred and invoking Gods love of you and your kind should have no place.
5. Root for your boys in the New Mexico Bowl.

Thanks to all Ute fans (Mormon and non-Mormon--love you all) for your good grace in victory.

West Jordan, UT

San Diego state lost to the Y on a botched officials call, so this was just the "Football Gods" fixing the lopsided football universe. All is in perfect balance again...

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, Just ask Max Hall!

John Stewart Pill
Vienna, VA

No!!! Are you kidding me!!!

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