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Published: Friday, Nov. 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Let's go Lakers, You guys know how to sweep err beat the Spazz at home huh! Lakers Baby :-)

Ivins, UT

We have a Californian in our midst!!!johnson72 needs to be reminded that in California they usually do things wrong....the state is broke....so lets break the Lakers so they will match up with the rest of the state....GO JAZZ, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO WIN THIS GAME. yOU CAN DO IT.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Not a good matchup especially Gasol and Odom,Big Al will need to play tough,smart and box out,plus we`ll need 15-20 good smart minutes from Fesenko and please Miles don`t pull a "Houdini" and disappear....please

Salt Lake City, UT

Being a NBA fan.This is the game to watch.I just hope it goes down to the wire.Last shot wins.Now that would be cool.. Lets go Chargers..

Triple B
Milford, NH

Let's go Jazz! Time for a little payback. Please give the Faker fans a little Thanksgiving dessert of Humble Pie.

Bountiful, UT

I can't stand the Lakers! All my happiness in sports comes from Laker losses. When the Lakers lose I am happy. When the Lakers win I boycott another year in sports.

Meadow, UT

A big key to this game is how well Elson/Fesenko play. If the Jazz can out rebound the Lakers( obviously not so in many previous games( they have a great chance of winning this game.Fesenko needs to play good position defense and stop making ridiculous fouls. Miles and Price seem to play well against the Lakers.Raja needs to have the clotheline attitude tonight also.

Northport, NY

JazzyMan is spot on with his call. Raja needs to & WILL be in kobe's face ALL nite long. Plus Jazz need to go big with a BIGGER lineup with AL, MILL & FES ! That would throw a money wrench into lakers game plan. TRY IT coach, IF IT WORKS, YOU GOT SOMETHING GOING FORWARD ! This front court would rectify rebounding troubles that have occurred for the home team. When lakers go small, then bring in fan favorite, andrea.
How in the world can ESPN2 go with Grizz/Warrior game @ 9:30 ??? Move Jazz game back 30 mins. & telecast prime tilt..I would think ESPN's rating would have been MUCH higher if JAZZ game was broadcasted in entire market !

salt lake, utah

When Al Jefferson first came to Utah he said something about how "men" play in the paint. We sure could use some of that tonight against the Lakers. I'm not calling you out Al. I'm calling you In, "INTO THE PAINT"!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

AJ owned Gasol in the preseason game. Lets see if he can do it in the regular season. I look forward to Bell playing defense on Kobe as well.

Go Jazz!

Captain L
Provo, UT

To me the key will be energy, rebounding and CJ having a good shooting night.
Hopefully Fes will get good minutes and play some tough defense and Price and Watson will up the tempo and energize the team.

Lehi, UT

I am taking my son to his first Jazz game tonight. GO JAZZ!!

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