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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 24 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

Understatement of the Year Award goes to Jeff Call for writing, "McMahon... didn't serve a mission."

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Heaps is about to get rocked.

0% chance he throws less than 2 interceptions and leads the offense to more than 10 points.

Utah 38
tds 10


Aurora, CO

Hey everybody Chris B is back with the 0% predictions. I've written it down on stone tablets 2 interceptions (or more)and ten points (or less) for the freshman quarterback. With that revelation I predict a different final score.

Utah 3

What's the weather prediction?

Draper, UT

Chris B again trolling BYU articles just waiting to be the first one to post.

The one who's in for the rude awakening is Wynn. You thought he looked scared last year when he was getting pummeled all over the field, wait until he comes face to face with a Bronco coached defense that is much more aggressive with the pass rush. Wynn has demonstrated time and again that he crumbles under pressure. And he's going to have Kyle Van Noy in his face all day long along with Brandon Ogletree and Jordan Pendelton if he's healthy enough to go. Wynn is going to be scrambling for his life, and he is going to get buried. Heaps has become comfortable and will be poised on Saturday. BYU wins this one after Utah lays another TCU or ND like egg.

BYU 31 Utah 10


Payson, UT

heaps really isn´t much of a departure.
Remember John Walsh (he was hyped up even more than Heaps), Ty Detmer (one of the most exciting college qbs in the last couple decades) and Max Hall?

These guys all played when they were young. Some did good things for the program and others didn´t.

Heaps needs lots of improvement, but he has looked really good in some games, so Y fans should be excited about his future. They should encourage the young lad to go on a mission though.

metamora, IL

Chris B: its marked.

While I agree that Heaps still has much to learn, based on the Utes performance against the last three teams, I think you are overestimating their abilities. I predict this will be a much closer game. Although I hope that the cougs have gotten it together enough, especially on defense, to pull off the victory, I suspect that the Utes will get the win, 21-17.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Thanks, Chris B! Is that the stellar Utah defense we've seen the past three games?!?!?

Nobody knows how good this BYU offense really is, based on the level of competition our past three games.

What we do know is that the cougar defense has come together quite nicely and the Utah offense hasn't. I think predicting a bunch of Utah points is over inflated.

Just remains to be seen how many points the Cougar offense can generate.

My prediction?

Utah 7
BYU 27

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah, but not Chris B., has learned that it is best to celebrate a victory, or the national championship, after you win, not before.

Kearns, UT

While not stated in the article, ChrisB, Utah's wins have mostly been against teams with losing records. They squeaked by teams with winning records. I called it correctly on Utah's losses to TCU and Notre Dame, and they will once again struggle against a faith-based institution. BYU by two touchdowns!

Evanston, WY

Heaps, I have heard, is intending not to serve a mission. That his intent is to continue to start and eventually go to the NFL. His family has spent an enormous amount of money in camps, tutors, etc., and I am sure, received some sort of promises by the BYU coaching staff, otherwise this highly talented QB would have gone elsewhere. Several PAC-10 teams wanted him, so...here we are. I think he is smarter than most actually know. He is picking things-up quite quicker than those great QB's of the past. Heaps, if he does not get injured, will surpass the expectations of all the 'naysayers'. If BYU was the NFL, Heaps would be the franchise player. And I think, by virtue of his starting role this year, is an indication to me that the other QB's are and will continue to be back-up's for some time. I'm just sayin'. Happy Thankgiving.

Sherwood, OR

Wow. What does mark it down mean? Seems like a kid drawing something because he thinks then he will get his way.

How do you know Heaps family has spent tons of money? Where did that come from? You are the first to say something like this. What are your sources. Are you family? And for your surety, how in the world do you thing 'some sort of promise' was made. Good grief. I have never seen anyone try to persuade using straw grasping.

Just the luck of the draw that Heaps is playing this year? He has worked hard to get where he is. Maybe that is a better way of saying it. He was a sensation in high school. Maybe that is a better way of saying it.

Anything Doman says, however, is right on. He ought to know; he was a pretty good qb himself.

Idaho Falls, ID

I like this article in that it gives us a look into Doman's thinking. I think it falls short, however, in giving us an full honest evaluation of Heaps from the perspective of his QB coach.

With temperature in the 20's and 30's, I predict that turnovers will determine the outcome of this game, and there will be more than a few. I think both defenses will play tough. This won't be a high scoring game.

Sun City, CA

This is the last game of the season vs. our rival, Utah, and for us, perhaps the most important game of the season. I am still very dissapointed that instead of praising our genius 5 star QB, Jake Heaps, and pointing out that he has done far better at BYU as a freshman than anybody else in the history of BYU, and giving him added confidence to go out to Salt Lake City, and play for an upset and beat the Utes 31-30, the new reports are bating the QB coach to get negative comments about our QB and worse of all, Doman has taken the bate. Instead of showing absolute confidence in this 5 star player, he cast more shadows of doubt. Perhaps we need to look for another QB coach. (I have loved Doman as I watched him come trough the ranks, due to injuries, from the 3rd string to the starter). How many actual games did Doman play for SF 49ers or any other NFL team?---None.) Sorry Doman. You brought this onto yourself.

Springville, UT

BYU by 2 TDs and I'm sending flowers for the memorial service of NC Utes 2010 at half-time.

Sun City, CA

It is interesting that the press and the coaches can say things about a player, ie. a QB, and name that player, but a blogger can not say anything about a coach and get it printed if the coaches name is given.

American Fork, UT

Doug, good to see you back on a sports column.

You write that Max Hall struggled his sophomore year. Everyone should have such a struggle at 11-2...

Washington, UT

Based on Doman's statements it's harder than ever to understand why BYU would start Heaps from a football point of view. He's physically underdeveloped for sure and although his ability to see the field and make his reads have definitely improved, that was not the case the first half of the season. Both Lark and Nelson are much farther along physically and in their understanding of the offense.

Based on this you have to believe certain promises and assurances were made in order to get Heaps to come to BYU. That would certainly explain the otherwise inexplicable decision to have Nelson and Heaps be co-starters. If that is the case, then there will be no true competition in the spring and the others should weigh their options.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah fans may want to tone down their anti-Heaps rhetoric until after the game.

Wynn, supposedly, was capable of going toe-to-toe with Dalton and wasn't supposed to have any trouble facing a true freshman QB at Notre Dame.

And we saw too complete meltdowns from the Poinsettia Bowl MVP.

Heaps may play like a true freshman, or, Jake could have the type of performance that every Utah fan fears; conversly, so could Wynn.

Idaho Falls, ID

After reading your post, I went back and read the article again. I really don't see the "negative" comments from Doman that you state are in the article. In fact, if anything he is praising him and defending him against criticism, simply making the point "it takes time" to develop into a great QB and Heaps has shown great progress.
Other QB's on the roster may have more experience and understanding of the offense, but that in itself does not a starting QB make. Although I will be the first to admit that Heaps had been cut a lot of slack when he was struggling in the first few games, and the 2QB system is puzzling to say the least, I doubt he was "cut a deal" to be the starter as a freshman. In retrospect I think they should have decided on starting Nelson early in fall camp and stuck with it. But it is what it is, and I think Heaps and the rest of the BYU team and coaches have rebounded remarkably.

Vernal, UT

Turkey on my plate! Then in my mouth!


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