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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 24 2010 9:00 p.m. MST

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Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

No so Randy01, Utah is 8-0 against Big East (an AQ conference). Also in the last 30 plus years Utah is 1-0 against the SEC (via a major beat down of Alabama). Whats your point?

Provo, UT

Actually, the two years the Utes went undefeated and to the BCS bowls, they beat the Cougs quite comfortably...

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

Did anybody mark anything down?

Someone call Chris B, we need a mark down stat!!!

Sandy, UT

This writer obviously failed his journalist classes that clearly teach being impartial and giving the whole story. 34-31 sound familiar? Vast majority of those Ute wins were by 1 big or blow play by one of those teams also. You could just have easily said BYU could totally dominate this series with one more play over all those past games!

Truth is BYU dominated this series for the entire 80s and 90s and Utah's pitiful season was a success just to keep the game from being a total blow out. Since then it has gone back and forth like a true rivalry should. Look forward to Saturday, yet again it could be anybody's game!

Lees Summit, MO

I stand corrected on the BigEast, but it is 4-0, not 8-0. My point is that neither BYU or Utah have been that relevant outside of 2004 and 2008 for Utah or since 1996 in BYU's case.

Any one can win one game - it is very different when you have to play a whole season of better teams. We will find that out next year (I went to Utah) in the pac10. The BigEast is a joke, but the bottom half of the MWC is abysmal.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


"If you can't take an article directed to Ute fans telling them that's how close Utah has been to beating BYU over the past several meetings then here's some advice ... don't read it and whine about it."

It's about Utah and BYU.

It's in the local paper. If you don't like my comment... "then here's some advice ... don't read it and whine about it."

Jeez, if every team mad an extra play at the right spot, there would be alot more teams undefeated every year.

So what again is the point of the story?

Oh yeah, ifs and buts.


Wow, hit a nerve to get that little rant out of you?
Insecurities raging high this week? Facts get in the way of your self-deluded-arrogance?

Facts. Not Myths.


It's a silly story based on a silly premise.

How many Superbowls, Prize Fights, NBA Playoffs, College Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, etc have come down to one punch, one shot, one hit, one ball between the legs?

Thats sports kids.

Need I go on?

That's why we count "W"s and "L"s.

Not candy and nuts...

Beverly Hills, CA

I'm getting this concept now.

If the Utes would have had more points that USU last night, the Utes would have won.

If the Utes would have won a National Championship, they would have a banner.

If Majerus could have beat Kentucky, the Utes would have won the NCAA tournament.

If the Jazz go undefeated every season through the playoff, they will win every NBA title.

And, if the Utes had never lost a football game, they would have won every NC.

Quick question. Is this a news article, or a "what if" paper?

What if we lost the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWII?

What if Gore was President, not Bush?

There's a story.

See, I assert, and I may be wrong, but history is based upon facts, and not "what ifs".


Facts are such that Utes don't like them, so a "what if" story is written.

I think it's sweet, and have no problem with it. My daughter used to always ask me "What if, daddy" questions when she was two.

Sorensen and the Utah fans remind me of that time.

I think it's cute.

What if daddy gets you some milk?

Gilbert, AZ

One thing for sure -- all the pressure is on Utah to win this game. If BYU pulls off the upset, this one will sting more than any of those other "We almost won :-( " losses. Stay loose Cougars.

Taylorsville, UT

This is a strange article. I mean, it can go either way. You pick an arbitrary time point, change some close losses to wins for the team you want, and look at the "what if" domination!

Example: From 1972 till now, Utah has 8 victories over BYU by a touchdown or less. So change eight plays in favor of BYU - one in each game - and suddenly the Cougars have domination: 34 wins, only 4 losses. And that, my friends, is how magic happens!

Payson, UT

Here´s an idea. Since each year is a different team, an arbitrary point in time is rather silly, so I agree with some of the cougar fans on that point.

How about a non-arbitrary point in time, which would be the beginning of the rivalry. All of sudden, cougar fans don´t like that because Utah has dominated from the beginning with the upstart cougars having some luck getting Lavell as their coach and ending the Utah dismantling of BYU year-in and year-out. That only started in the late 70s.

So yeah, the Utes just returned to their normal status as the favorites to beat BYU every year. It will be another 20 years before BYU can put together a string of teams capable of consistently beating the generally superior utes.

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