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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Boy, what a surprise that he would think that.....

Provo, UT

Of course he prefers the "mixed-up mystery", his Buckeyes have "mysteriously" been invited to the "championship" a number of times and quickly proved that they did not belong. If not for a pretty dubious pass interference call they would be 0-3 in those games. FBS college football will have no champion this year and never has. Unless every team plays every other team (this would of course be impossible) the only other way to tell who is the best is by playing against other teams who might also have a claim to be the best. I wonder if Dr. Gee also is opposed to every other playoff used in college sports? Does he really think that college softball playoffs and March Madness have turned those sports into professional? I guess he is just worried that if football starts generating more money from a playoff then the Ohio State boosters will start having to pay the players more money.

Go Utes, CA

I hope he at least recognizes Ohio State didn't deserve a title shot all those years they got pasted in the championship game by teams from the SEC and PAC.

Belgrade, Serbia

TCU and Boise State could take OS 8 times out of 10. The 2 years Utah was in they proved that the BCS is a sham(and I am a Y fan). I don't think Boise state has lost in BCS bowl have they? BS and the U are 4-0 in BSC Bowls. Truly the BCS is un-American. I am not kidding and if Pres Gee really thought about it he would agree.

Rigby, Id

Footballs is so popular that all the big boys (In their own minds) think they have scooped up all the best players. There are to many good players for them to get them all. Barry Switzer made the huge mistake of saying that Alabama would not have recruited one player on Utah's team. He was right...Utah recruited better ones. Barry had to eat his own words in less than 3 hours. Oh how the mighty fall when they puff themselves up like overheated marshmallows over a camp fire.

Layton, UT

It's all about the cash!

Boise, ID

The BCS is a beauty contest run by the equivalent of Russian ice skating judges. Who you play really shouldn't matter. The 2 best teams should play for the championship. The only way to discover the 2 best teams is with a playoff. Anything less is a beauty contest - a NC really doesn't exist in college football.

better dead than red
Pocatello, ID

of course they don't deserve it. That means less money for his school...

Salt Lake City, UT

college baseball and basketball both have a playoff system and are doing at least as well as football in terms of his stated "slippery slope to professionalism". any argument against a college football playoff is simply a red herring to protect the status quo and the schools that benefit most from that.

Tualatin, OR

"We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor."

HAHAHA!! Their non-conference schedule includes Ohio, Marshal, and Eastern Michigan. Jeff Sagarin currently ranks Ohio State's schedule as the 59th hardest in the country. TCU's is 68th.

I think Gee should at least consider these easily identifiable FACTS before he opens his pie hole.

Herriman, UT

So "unless you are part of our club, you don't deserve to be in our club." Brilliant logic.

Federal Way, WA

Yes, and Butler didnt deserve to play for the national championship in basketball last year because they didnt play a difficult enough regualar season schedule. Yet they were given the right to play the name schools in the tournament and ended up proving they were the better team.

AS for professionalism, look no further than Ohio St as an example of athletics being primarily a corporate money making machine.

Providence, UT

Gee is a total tool but I have to agree with him on one point in that TCU and Boise State don't get beat up through October and November like SEC teams. They don't deserve to play in the national title game. Period. End of story.

Salt Lake City, UT

I bet Ohio State wouldn't accept an offer to play either of these schools for fear of being beaten. TCU and BSU don't have the opportunity to play those schools week-in and week-out. The BCS is broken and either way you cut it someone is unhappy.

Brian the engineer
Provo, UT

As both a Buckeye and a Cougar, I strongly disagree with Gee's opinion.

Salt Lake City, UT

Murder's row every week like Indiana, Minnesota, North Western, Purdue, Ohio U, Toledo???

Truth csar
Colorado Springs, CO

Twisted logic of a corrupt system.

Henderson, NV

I totally agree Ohio State has had a soft schedule. But lets look at other teams in the Big 10 that are not good. Wisconsin scored 83 points against Indiana, and they were not even trying to run up the score. Minnesota is horrible, Michigan, is average the only reason why they do so well is because of a soft preseason. Purdue is not that good, Northwestern and Illinois are average teams. Iowa barley beat a team from the sub divison last year.

Of course the top teams in the Big 10 would finish near or at the top of the MWC and the games against TCU, Utah, BYU and Air Force would be competitive.

and didn't Wyoming who was near the bottom of the conference beat a Tennessee team two years ago.

Appleton, WI

I wonder how Gordon feels about that murderer's row gauntlet teams from the Big East or ACC have to maneuver through every week. Pitt has lost 4 times against competition weaker than TCU's, but if they win their last 2 games they'll be in a BCS bowl. TCU might not even get that much with a 12-0 record! And Pitt lost to the same Utah team TCU beat by 40 points.

You can justify the BCS any way you want, but it all boils down to the same thing: take out the C.

Richfield, UT

No one has a worse BCS record than Ohio State. Funny how they manage to make to the championship games after a so-so season....no wonder he likes things the way they are.

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