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Published: Sunday, Nov. 21 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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Irving, TX

My guess is Heaps shatter's Hall's turnover record and the Utes win easily!

Go Utes!!!

Irving, TX

Will Max do the classy thing and phone Heaps after the game and thank him for taking his beating?

American Fork, UT

Good luck to Utes and Cougars. Utah State fans hate you both!

Ann Arbor, MI


I agree. Heaps will be sad recipient of the Max Hall payback.

Max hall will need to send flowers and a card after the broken bones and shattered confidence heaps will be forced to accept.

Bring your beer poncho...forcast calls for heavy downpours.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Max for President!

Utesville, CA

... this was back in the day when you could get a D in high school algebra and still get in.

Today, you don't need to pass highschool algebra and still get in.

Riverton, UT

Lee: Read LDS Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and then write an article about the rivalry...that should change the tone.

Santa Monica, CA

"Family Fight?" Spare me.

Danbury, CT

I'd love to see a survey on how many Utah graduates - especially the men - STILL live at home with Mom. All that talk by Ute fans about the Y's curfew and honor code - when the U boys would get a whoopin' from their mamma for using bad language, staying out late, drinking, or growing a goatee (the biggest sign of rebellion in Utah).

Saint Louis, MO

Thank you for this very much needed column.

And on a related topic, can we please ask at least the Des.News not to call it a holy war? Please? It cheapens religion to do so, but at a time when we're in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it seems particularly tasteless.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

BYU can play free and easy because ALL of the pressure is on Utah.

A 9-2, Top 25 team playing at home with an experienced QB shouldn't have any trouble against a 6-5, unranked team playing on the road with a true freshman starting at QB.

If the Utes lose this game, it will be a humiliating meltdown for a team that was once ranked in the Top 5.

Will Utah fans prove that Max was right about them?

Littleton, CO

No chance Eric's kids go to the Y. Consider the cycle broken.

SC Native
West Jordan, ut

I applaud Max for saying what he said, if you don't hate your rival then you aren't a true player. I grew up in SC and it is the same with SC and Clemson. Different conferences but still a heated debate. BYU and utah will continue to have the same debate even though they will not be in the same league any more. utah fans need to get over what Max had to say... they say it all the time too. this will be an interesting game since neither team can stop the pass...

Salt Lake City, UT

It's just a game, people, just a game.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Lee, did you forget the words of Alex Smith or Wynn Tate or Max' clarification as to WHY he said what he said. I guess you excuse the Utah fan's behavior. Heck, even the ND fans booed Utah's band and crazy lady when they showed lack of class.

Perhaps Max was right.....as the ND fans who don't boo any opposing fans.........ever.

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

I believe in LOVE! Thanks Lee, for defining the loving family fight--it's so true! We love 51 weeks of the year, but this week, one of us is going to slug on through to victory and the other is going to be miserable . . . but let's keep it to a week or so, okay?

We were prepared for the Cougars to lose a month ago. But now we're prepared for anything! I admit it would be more painful to the Utes to lose than the Cougars. Their loss to Notre Dame was painful even for me! And if the Utes had lost to SDSU, I think I could not have stood even to cheer for my beloved Cougars this coming Saturday. That's proof of the family feeling. But they didn't lose, and so now I say, may the best most beloved team win!


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Murray, UT

Actually, Max Hall had it right. Max said that the whole organization (University of Utah) is classless. Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, said in his funeral eulogy for his sister, that Diana was classless, meaning in proper English that she did not hold any class distinctions among people. Sounds correct about Princess Diana and the University of Utah. Thanks Max.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The "rivalry" will change!!! Next year this game will be the 10th most important game on the Ute's schedule!!! (That's assuming it will be more important than the Pitt game.)

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Who am I sir?

The "rivalry" will change!!! Next year this game will be the 10th most important game on the Ute's schedule!!!

LOL! Not for BYU obsessed Utah fans.

Their lives would be meaningless without having BYU to hate on 24/7, 365 days a year.

Case in point: Utah playing the "biggest game in the history of Utah" #3 TCU at #5 Utah, and many Utah fans were still more interested in throwing pot shots at BYU, than in talking about TCU.

It'll be the same next year. Utah will be visiting USC, and the BYU obsessed BYU hating Utah fans will still be talking about BYU.

It's what they do.

Oakley, UT

As a Utes fan I love Maxines comments!!! Because I think irony is funny!! If you are going to lump a huge group of people under one label it makes you a biggot... and what's more "classless" than that.

I hate a lot of Cougars, and even more of their fans, but I reserve it to a select few.... for the most part I cheer for former Y players at the next level, and at my family Thanksgiving party there will undoubtedly be some good natured ribbing. One of my best friends is a season ticket holder, and more irony, can drink me under he table!!

At one point I was considering both schools for football and due to the funny goatee comment earlier chose the red, only to get seriously injured before I ever got to play.

Ps. Its the "Holy War" to any purist to this rivalry, it's been that way since long before we were in Iraq and Afganistan.... which by the way, aren't supposed to be religious wars.

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