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Published: Sunday, Nov. 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

I hope Utah wins this one. With some at SD leaning so much to bigotry and defamation, a little humility might help.

Fort Worth, Texas

Come back kids! No not the Jazz, although Go Jazz.

Great win, even with the defense looking horrible.

But way to step up in the second half defense.

Texas Ute Fan
Austin, Texas

Games over, Utes won! Final score 38 to 34. I thought for sure the Utes would loose this one to. I think we just got lucky. BYU may still have a chance next week if the Utes get careless. I still wish coach Whit would let Cain play next week. I still don't have confidence in Wynn.

sports fan
Provo, UT

WOW, what a game, i cannot believe it! this was the best game of the year so far. it killed me to watch but it was awesome!

GO UTES!!!!!!

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

@Texas Ute Fan
"I still wish coach Whit would let Cain play next week. I still don't have confidence in Wynn."

Criminy. Wynn has his best game ever and you don't have confidence in him? Other than his first pass, Wynn played exceptional tonight. The defense in the first half was atrocious - that is where the worry is.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Way to show some serious heart tonight Utes. I'm very proud of the way they fought back in the second half.

It's time to start thinking about next Saturday and putting a serious whopping on the kitty cats!!

JJ Morales
Earlimart, CA

Lucky win for the yewts. BYU will crush them next week.

Meridian, ID

Not a convincing win, but I'll take it.

Lindley absolutely shredded our secondary. Why does Whit play man-to-man on the corners yet give 15 yards cushion. He did this against TCU as well. If our DBs aren't good enough to play man then switch to zone coverage. Hope the DBs get it together by next week.

Not a fan of Jordan Wynn but he did what he had to do tonight. Zero turnovers.... Yeah!

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations Utah, you can be proud of your team. San Diego State is no push over. Pleasant dreams for night.
It will be a good game next week. Wish it was at Lavell Edwards Stadium so I had tickets.

Murray, UT

I'll take it! Utes Win!

Mcallen, TX

I think the Utes should forfeit this game. There should have been a personal foul call on the last Aztec play and they would have scored a touchdown. You can't hit a quarterback on the head! The Aztec boosters are going to be ticked!

Denton, TX

Confident that BYU will thump Utah's melons next week, but congrats Utes on getting by a very good SDSU team--they are going to be in the top three of the MWC after BYU and Utah leave the conference. Brady Hoke is a great coach and they're going to give TCU and Boise fits.

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

JJ Morales,

Better to be lucky than to get a gift from the video replay crew.

st george, utah

Great Win Utah!....I was for a while pulling my hair out ...watching utahs secondary..but, way to gut it out!!

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

You people expecting a "thump" or any type of a lop-sided game next week are just going to be disappointed.

Do you seriously think this BYU team will come into one of the most hostile environments around and blow out a team that has been ranked for nearly the entire season? Come on.

Yes, I will admit that we were ranked higher than we should have been, but that doesn't mean Utah is a pushover. Utah is a good team, and it will be tough to beat us in our own place.

Confidence in a victory is fine. Expectation of a blowout, you're dreaming.

Sandy, UT

What a fun game to watch! I'm glad to see that Wynn finally found it in him to lead a comeback win! Pass defense looked really bad though, but hey, the offense is back to where it was, so hopefully the defense will come around too. Now begins the week that both Utah and zoobie fans have been waiting for all year long!


Federal Way, WA

SDSU just cant catch a break from the refs. They really blew it by going to the long pass in the second half when short passes was working so well.

As for the refs, the last interception should have been called back and a personal foul called for striking the QB in the head. It is a call that gets made if things are going well for you. BYU has benefited from ref calls the last 2 games and Utah gets a little help on this one as well.

I wonder if SDSU will send Utah and the MWC a letter asking for the game to be forfeited?

Next weeks game definitely is not shaping up to be the gimme that I thought Utah would have several weeks ago.

Texas Ute Fan
Austin, Texas

@ Utes Fan 11:46 pm.

Wynn runs hot and cold. I still do not have confidence in him. He may have had a great game today, but next week he may be running cold again.

Sorry, but that's how I see it.

Hayden, ID

Who was calling the play for SDSU on their last drive? They were moving the ball easily with short passes and probably would have scored and won the game but they could resist throwing deep and getting intercepted! The SDSU coaches lost that game, not the players! On the other hand, the ute defense against those long bombs was good.

west jordan, ut

Well that was a close one, exciting, nail biting...good thing Utah's defense showed up in the second half. Now it's rivalry week and all the gloves are off. Utah should win on paper but don't count on BYU just folding over and doing nothing. If anyone thinks that BYU will blowout Utah, they have their heads in the sand however, I think it will be another close game.

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