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Published: Friday, Nov. 19 2010 1:00 p.m. MST

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Blanding, UT

You know I am kind of glad this happened again. Better luck next year Hurricane.

Washington, UT

Hurricane has become the Buffalo Bills of High School Football in Utah!

I really think that it is an environmental factor for Hurricaned. Let me explain. The games are always the early morning ones. Today's was at 11 am. I really feel that Hurricane is not used to that type of cold that is up North at that time of day. To me they play slugish! I would like them to play just once in the Nighttime like they are used to all year. When they have gotten to the championship game the last 3 years they always play the early morning game. This is the only time they play this early all year. As I have heard Juan Diego plays a lot of their games early in the day? Correct me if I am wrong on this. I just think that athletes Bodies get used to playing in a certain time frame, and again, Hurricane is just not used to playing this early of a game in this cold time of year up North. Th

Beverly Hills, CA

Hurricane squandered this game away. There was poor clock management at the end of the first half, poor blocking on the blocked field goal and failure to capitalize when they had scoring opportunities.

West Valley, utah

Sweet! I new this would happen... JD wins all the close games. They play inspired football which is what sets them apart from Hurricane.

2A Football
Blanding, UT

cold, hot, rainy, snowy, sunny or cloudy it shouldnt matter. The better team always finds a way to win. Juan Diego has been the better team the last three years.

Lone Peak High School Fan
Alpine, Utah

sad.... For some reason I was expecting a blowout by hurricane.... I don't know why. JD just always seems to be at the right blace at the right time.

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT

RE:Troutman, I agreeen that this Tiger team could be the Buffalo Bills too, but lets not forget the Minnisota Vikings, of the '70s!!

Last years title game was played as the night cap. The times that the games are played rotate from year to year. 2011 3-A title game will be played at 2:30 and 2012 will play again at the 6:30 game and so on.
The weather didnt play that much of a factor to the outcome of the game, IMHO. Coaching, and knowing your apponents weakness is what pulled the game out for JD. Perhaps JD's final drive may have fatiged the tigers and the JD running game could not be stopped!

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT

Congrates to the Juan Diego Soaring Eagle! 3-A Champions ... again, 3rd times a charm!

To the Hurricane Tigers. A hard fought game that was dicided by defense and who would control the ball last. What a way to lose, again.
I will say that it is very heart breaking to the Tiger players, the town and the student body.

You want to meet again next year?

Saint George, UT

Champions can play anytime and anywhere!!!!!!!!

Provo, UT


One problem with your theory: It was almost 60 degrees "up North" today. Perfect football weather.

The early game time might be a factor, but I'm sure JD isn't used to playing that early either. So that would be a wash.

Saint George, UT

Congratulations to Juan Diego for winning yet another nailbiter. The Hurricane players and coaches must be just sick. But they can be proud of the fact that they have made it to the championship game three years in a row and have established a very consistent and succesful program.

Washington, UT

Gdot and H-Town

You may be a rival in Region Nine, but when it comes to playing the teams up north, I'm behind you all the way. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You've made it to the big game three years running and that's a huge accomplishment all by itself. Furthermore, although JD has some kind of mojo, it still hasn't convinced me it's the better team with outcomes of three points or less in three games.

Next year is a new chapter. Good things come to those who wait and work hard.

Spanish Fork, UT

I will eat some crow on this and apologize to Juan Diego fans..I actually thought this was the year that Hurricane would get it done. With the way JD limped into the play-offs, I thought Hurricane had a huge advantage with an improved offense from last year. I felt they would win this one by two touchdowns. Congratulations to JD! Three in a row is impressive. The wins might have been ugly but they just find a way to win and thats what State Champions do! Again, great job Juan Diego!

West Valley, utah

Re: Official

Don't plan on a rematch next year between JD and Hurricane. 3A is going to be competetive and I dought Hurricane can make it through a fourth time. Cedar exposed their weaknesses and JD took advantage. I bet Region 9 teams will do the same next year.

Saint George, UT

Thats tough to lose by 3 when your future D-1 kicker goes 0/3 on field goals (one blocked). I really thought Hurricane was going to take this game semi easily and it seemed like they would in the first quarter, but oh well... Congrats to Juan Diego.

Hurricane, UTAH

Hurricane don't got the talent coming up for at least 2 years. So there won't be a 4th time for them. Good job and another great game. Hurricane always finds a way to lose and JD finds the way to win, that's the diff. Next year will be fun to watch with the region 9 back to where it should have been. Every kid on that field are winners on both teams, Thanks for everything.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Yawner....gut it up and move up a Class Juan Diego. You play small town teams, and draw from Salt Lake City, how fair is that?

Congrats I guess??????

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Well Hurricane had their chance 3 years in a row and found a way to lose each time,they won't be back for a long time,I hope the Hurricane trash talkers will be silenced for a while,but that's on the adults who get on here,I feel bad for the kids who should have won at lest one state championship and have none.Making to the big game and having a chance to win and not doing it is something you never get over.

Bluffdale, UT

Old ball coach:

I'm not sure I understand you point about moving up a class. EVERY game JD plays non-region is either 5A or 4A. The losses last year to Highland (ID) and this year to West High really disappointed our boys. They thought they actually should have won those games and each loss was great for motivation (Highland was nationally ranked). BTW, the reason so many of those kids chose JD is because it's a smaller school and a great community. So sorry that doesn't fit in your realm of "fairness". Speaking of fairness...you switch coaching staffs for this game and Hurricane wins it.

Lake Forest, CA

Old ball and fender, I am positive that JD is not worried about impressing you or convincing you. If three state championships in a row doesn't impress you...ha ha!! Old Ball if you really are an old coach you should know it is not JDs choice where they play...dont fall into that old rap, and keep your reasons and excuses to yourself...Game OVER..JD WINS!

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