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Published: Friday, Nov. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hill Afb, UT

Rocky- how come you are not out protesting President Obama et al and their continuation of the war?

Most all of us just wish you would go away and stay out of public view!

ute alumni
Salt Lake, UT

Please, please, please rocky don't try and embarass Bush. He'll probably cower to a big tough guy like you. rocky, you just can't stay out of the limelight , can you? Speaking of embarassment, it is you rocky!

Saint George, UT

I wish Rocky Anderson would just go away, maybe to Berkley, CA, and if the Deseret News would ignore him he might quit embarassing the State of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you Rocky Anderson.

This is just one of many reasons I think you were amazing.

Sandy, UT

Go back into your hole Rocky. No one wants to see your shadow.

Woods Cross, UT

Ross Anderdson is and always has been an embarrassment to the people of the state of Utah. He has always been about himself and the publicity his actions could bring to himself. He has a right to his opinions, always has had, but his actions hold no dignity and no decency. Those of you who put him on a pedestal for so long and still hold him there gain no honor in assisting the former (gratefully) mayor in his personal vendetta against the former POTUS.

Syracuse, UT

Rocky is and always was a joke! Why does the media keeping listening to him. He is no longer, and probably never was, relevant.

This Little Piggy
Bountiful, UT

Hey everybody! Look at me! Look at me! Remember me?!? Glad to see he's doing something productive again...

Thoughtful Voter
Spanish Fork, UT

I actually appreciate Rocky protesting Bush and his arrogant disdain for Constitutional principles. I wish more of my fellow Republicans would speak up about it too. Why let Rocky take the moral high ground there?

But kudos to the Hill AFB poster for calling Rocky out on his partisan hypocritical shenanigans. Obama has, indeed, continued exactly the same policies and attitudes. If Rocky is so all-fired-up about Bush -- who is now relatively quiet and out of office -- why on earth doesn't he "rally" against the current President who is currently making decisions that matter?

Northern Lights
Louisville, KY

I don't understand what Rocky Anderson feels he can accomplish with this protest other than more media exposure for himself, but to what end? I understand protesting federal government policy, but former-President Bush no longer sets any. I almost feel that this has become personal on the part of Rocky Anderson. This is just a book signing. Wouldn't it be easier to write a book review, Rocky?

Farmington, UT

We're gunna need a bigger rock for this guy to crawl under...

Mean Streets of Orem, UT

I'd like to take this moment to point out to our Liberal friends, the content of the posters behind Rocky in the picture accompanying the article. I have read multiple posts from Liberals asking why its okay to criticize and mock Obama, and how those that do so are haters, intolerant, racist and so on and so forth. May I please point out the blaring irony and hypocrisy shown forth in this picture? I will from here on always refer to this pic whenever I hear a Liberal whining about how Conservatives are so mean to the Annointed Dear Leader currently in office and when they quickly forget the treatment Bush received in office. And while Im at it, Rocky is quickly becoming the white Jessie Jackson, and never misses an opportunity to get in front of a camera. Go away Rocky, do us and you a favor and stop embarrassing this great state.

Farmington, UT

Can we arrest Rocky for imposing his own form of torture? We've had these discussions. Rocky debated this on national TV, and lost by a massive margin. No President of the free world will ever be tried for war crimes, which is a joke in itself. All this can possibly be is a whinefest for those who aren't able to cope.

South Jordan, UT

Rocky Anderson was one of the few who protested the Bush administrations crimes. Most everyone else just went along for the ride. What a ride it was. A nation bankrupted, 2 wars unpaid for, illeagel torture. Rocky Anderson is stating what is right and just. I will be protesting Bush's crimes right along side of him. GO Rocky

Salt Lake City, UT

Someone needs to protest Rocky Anderson, the WORST mayor in SLC History and that is saying something!

Murray, UT

I would imagine that when George Bush dies, Rocky will be at the gravesite to protest yet again. Get over it, Anderson, and move on to something else. What you are doing is a waste of time.

Provo, Ut

I was largely opposed to Bush, and many of his efforts to engage in a War with no identifiable enemy, but I just don't get what a protest will accomplish now. It's a book signing a Costco, not a political rally. If he wanted accountability he would be pursuing this through appropriate congressional and legal channels, not a parking lot in Sandy. Just grand standing for Rocky's sake, unfortunately.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Rocket J. Squirrel and his band of merry followers are proof that free speech is alive and well in Utah.

However, it is also proof that anyone can say anything they want, even if it is totally ridiculous.

I think I would rather hear from "Super Dell" than Salt Lake's former mayor/ACLU activist. At least Super Dell was entertaining, while Rocky just spews bitter and annoying nonsense. Perhaps the circus is hiring...

Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously, Rocky and his protesters need hobbies. If they want accountability, maybe they should go protest in front of the White House. What's the point of protesting a former president? They way the government is going these days, I'll be surprised if more than homeless people show up with Rocky.

common sense55
Springville, UT

I think Bush did make mistakes, but what is this going to accomplish? I don't understand why he is protesting an ex-president. I guess we can all have a protest against Clinton. It is ridiculous. HIs time would be better spent protesting the issues at hand.

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