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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 17 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

The thing about this is, I know of too many "illegals" who get deported and are back within a week. So yeah, follow Sandstrom's bill, deport them all. It will buy you one week of freedom. We need to address the real issue, take away the incentives for coming here. This idea of "round them up and throw them out" is not the answer.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

Ya, leave it to the Feds....wait...that is why we are in the situation we are in!!! The country has 10s of millions of illegals thanks to a federal government who does as little as possible.

The democrats want them in because they think they like all the fraudulent votes they get and the prospect of getting them amnesty. The dems love a good minority that can be controlled by the government and manipulated for political purposes.

Some of the republicans love the cheap labor to keep the business interests supporting their campaigns.

When will you people realize there are very few politicians that stand up for what is best for citizens and themselves.

We need to enforce our laws. If you don't have laws you don't have much. Ask Mexico. That is why they all want out--because of lawlessness and they continue to gradually get worse.

Our prisons are full of illegals and we all pay the bill for public services for the freeloaders that aren't.

Stop the madness and keep the illegals out.

Provo, UT

The uncivil actions of the supporters of illegal immigration is just another indication of their "entitlement" mentality. They are entitled to all the benefits of living in the wealthy nation of America, even though they are here illegally. Like a child who believes he is entitled to be spoiled and then is told he must obey the rules, illegal immigrants throw temper tantrums and accuse the grownups of being "mean and cruel." What we need on this issue are grownups who exercise tough love.

Farmington, UT

Addressing facts.

Most illegals are paid in cash, but illegals that do pay taxes, pay under someone's stolen identity. Yapias and Alvarez support and help run covert operations to encourage illegal immigration and help set them up with stolen identities so they can work once they're here. I'm looking forward to reading about the bust of this criminal ring.

Illegals generally don't get government subsidies, yet we have revolutionized our education system, drivers education, licensing programs, etc. in order to accommodate. These are huge expenses.

The only reason illegal immigration is not a felony is because then we'd have to have them occupy our prisons for coming here illegally when we just want them to go home.

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

Not a single politician can get it right on immigration. Do these people born in Utah realise that many people born here take advantage of the system. Or are you ignorant?
Not all illegals are bad and not all of them take advantage of the system. Our politicians and lazy people are to blame for our contries problems.
Any immigrant who come to the USA and pays taxes and is a good person should be allowed to stay here.
You have not been to their country. They are here for a reason. My wife is a legal immigrant and many of you people hate her only because she is Hispanic.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The sad thing about these bills are that they divide our country and do not solve anything. The Governor of Arizona has not done anything accept to spread some untruths and get votes. She has not allocated one penny towards enforcement or jails. Those of you who feel these people are our fellow human beings, please take the time to sign the Utah Compact.

West Valley City, Utah

For once, I'd love to see the people of Utah outraged at COMPANIES who hire illegal immigrants, instead of bigoted rhetoric directed at illegal aliens. The free market economy is to blame for this problem. If those who believe so dearly in capitalism would realize that this (labor demands of capitalism) is what drives illegal immigration, I'd be sympathetic to their concerns. Those who support legislation such as Rep. Sandstrom's seem only to care about getting rid of undocumented residents by deporting them. I'm for legal immigration, but I think it's time that citizens of this country recognize the contributions and hard work of the vast majority of those living and working here without proper documentation, instead of focusing on the perceived burden to the State of Utah's resources, or to the USA in general. Amnesty for all undocumented inhabitants, except violent or otherwise serious law offenders, is the solution. Deportation only puts off the inevitable and breaks up families. This bill from Sandstrom is totally unnecessary and is clearly fueled by ignorance, prejudice and fear. A stroke of the pen could change the status of millions of undocumented into full-fledged citizens.

Sandy, UT

I really admire Americans like Arturo Morales-Llan. I welcome all legal immigrants like him with open arms.

Looks like the ILLEGAL immigrant supporters where showing there true colors at the rally.

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

Seemed like this was just shoved through before thinking about any consequences. Just like Obama did with Obama care. Seems these politicians are all the same. All about re-election and never about what is right. I hope and pray every day that my wife who is legally here and Latina does not become a target because of where things are going. I do not care for what either side have to offer. They are both wrong. I like what the LDS chuch and other faiths did to set guidlines of compassion. Sadly these politicians dont have any. Much is to blame also that too many people support them. Republicans want to punish all illegals which is wrong and Democrats want to give all illegals citizenship including criminals. It is time government gets out all of our faces and allows us freedom to live our own lives instead of anyone especially people born here to take advantage of the system. Many lazy people who take advantage of government benefits hate illegals because they want it all for their own. Neither party will get any support or a single vote from me unless they chance. Not a chance!

Brigham City, UT

Count me as one of the thousands who have emailed Representative Sandstrom in support of his bill.

These Illegal Invaders show what they are all about by the actions they demonstrated at the Capitol earlier this week.

No thanks. It obviously works much better when we as a country determine who we let in and who we keep out.

Illegal aliens: you are not wanted here. Go home.

Durham, NC

I am wondering if the "illegal is illegal" crowd would call for justice just as hard against tax cheats. These tax cheats affect the lives of those who pay their taxes more then these illegals ever do. Because theses tax cheats decide to take money under the table, falsify their income or deductions, they cause the rest of the tax paying public to have to pay a much higher rate of taxes.

And yet no outcry asking for the federal government get tough on tax cheats.

It seems this has little to do with people not paying taxes or being honest in their business dealings as under the table payments "cash" payments have been the accepted business practices in the trades for generations. Getting away with showing as little income as possible has been an accepted and condoned practice.

So we can stop the illegal is illegal smoke screen. There are other valid issues around immigration, but until we call for justice for all people cheating the government, the arguments that they aren't paying taxes is a hollow one.

New York, NY

Mr. Sandstrom no comprende, doesn't he have other things to worry about? Immigration is a federal business. I must wonder what really motivates him to go after these unfortunate people.

Draper, UT

This is mostly a fake issue used to scare people. The illegal and legal immigrants in the U.S. are good for the economy and the nation. The issue of serious crime and real criminals has no correlation to immigration--legal or illegal. Whenever the economy tanks, the conservatives blame the most recent underclass in the U.S. Their rants and nonsense is tiring.

Provo, UT

Trying to shift blame from one problem to another will accomplish nothing.

The presence of 12-20 million people here illegally, while we molest people at airports, in the name of national security, is a farce.

It's time for the world to know that America is going to play fair with everyone, and not give preferential treatment to those who come here legally and illegally.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Say No to BO: Ever heard of sales tax or gas tax? Those count as taxes too, last time I checked. True, many illegal immigrants don't pay income taxes -- but neither do people in Happy Valley (i.e. 4 kids, 30K per year).

Faking a SSN is a crime, a much more serious one than crossing the border illegally. If you want to crack down on all of the people who participate in this, including native born citizens, I'm game.

Again, lets punish EVERYONE who evades taxes. Of course, this would be a bit more unpopular, because it would involve some of your conservative, non-immigrant neighbors who are contractors, construction workers, mechanics, etc. who accept payments "under-the-table". Watch the uproar in the comment boards when the "poor, hard working Bishop Johnson from Provo" gets slapped for income tax evasion and welfare fraud because the Dad does auto body work for a living and only takes cash while claiming no income and getting welfare for his six kids.

Durham, NC

Amen to JJC16's comments.

Lets be really clear if this is about laws being broken, or if it is about people moving in changing our "culture". If it is about laws, then that is one thing. Let Utah crack down on all those who are breaking State tax and medicare laws. And let the Feds crack down on those breaking federal laws. There is a lot of chatter about how these illegal are breaking these laws, and so be it. But also crack down on the non-hispanics who are doing the same. Crack down on all welfare and medicare fraud.

But you don't hear calls for that. You have targeted laws intended on prosecuting these laws against a specific people. If Sandstrom wants to clean up things so much, clean up these issues regardless of the violators national origin. Even if every single illegal went home, does anyone believe tax, medicare, and welfare fraud would go down by any significant numbers? Really? These issues were here well before the illegals, and will persist well after unless we attack these issues directly rather than just a smoke screen thinly veiling other attitudes.

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Murray, Ut

If Americans use others identities, they are jailed and fined. A person I know, had internet restrictions put on them also.

Those here illegally are being ignored. Do you think that's fair?

Dan Walters
La Quinta, CA

If Utah appears as though they have become soft on Illegal Immigration the message will quickly spread to newly arriving Illegal Immigrants and those already residing Illegally in other states. It is evident that talk is being frequently heard in Arizona that many Illegal Immigrants have decided to move to Utah to escape the new Arizona law. There would be little to stop tens of thousands of Illegal Immigrants looking for greener pastures from making Utah their choice destination for residence. The guarantee for Utah is if you are weak on Illegal Immigration you will likely be a recipient of mass Illegal Immigration like you have never seen. Choose wisely...It will change your state and it will change your future and not necessarily for the good.

Herriman, UT

I support this bill and while we're at it, lets repeal the driving card we give out to illegals!

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