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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 17 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

The comments and praises above (Sandstrom for Governor?!?!?)prove one thing to me: this entire thing is about Sandstrom, period. The state's biggest ego.

Bountiful, UT

I've heard it said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and then expect different results.

Why does Mr. Sandstrom think the result for the Utah law would be any different than in Arizona.

Actually I think he knows the result won't be different. If the law passes, the feds will fight and win in over turning it. Utah will spend scarse money in the process. Those who fought for this law will become more popular.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's do the numbers. Assuming there are 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S., and 400,000 are deported each year (as noted, that's up from previous years and, according to ICE, is near the max given current funding), then it would take about 30 years to deport those who are presently here, assuming no increase, but of course there would be an increase from more coming in, so it would take even longer to deport them all.

But Sandstrom and his supporters never talk about how to pay for the increased enforcement costs that would certainly be needed to accelerate the rate of deportations. Nor do they discuss what would happen if existing law enforcement efforts are diverted to address this problem. Why? Because they are all for cutting government spending and reducing taxes.

Somehow there is a rational disconnect here.

Spanish Fork, UT

Go Sandstrom. Get it done.

Santa Clara, UT

I support Rep. Sandstrom in his efforts and his bill. I also support the words of Mr. Morales-Llan. As for Yapis's statement that the "illegals benefit more than they cost"-I don't think so. I have never heard Yapis make a statement supporting other ethnic groups, rather only his ethnic group. Strikes me as discriminating compassion. Also never a word of compassion about the millions from all over the world waiting for years to immigrate in a legal manner.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

There is absolutely a rational disconnect here. This will cost money - where will it come from? I think we're looking for someone to blame for the shortfalls in budgets, etc. during this economic downturn, and illegals are an easy target.

Magna, UT

All immigration is too high.

The debate is too narrowly focussed on economic impacts of immigration on the U.S. If immigration was good for the economy, then California would not be bankrupt. It would be booming as it has the most immigrants.

Immigration is, rather, about the political and economic goals of those pushing immigration.

Certain proponents see immigration as a way to create political power for themselves and, for some, to ultimately erase the borders completely in favor of larger supranational governing structures.

Others see it as a way to enrich themselves through the sabotaging of the American workforce.

Immigration into the U.S. is no one's right.

It is the right, however, of the citizens of this nation to determine if we want reduced immigration.

Our leaders are clearly telling us to jump in a lake on this issue. Who are they really serving?

Ogden, UT

Git er done Rep.Sandstrom. I am one of thousands who did not go to his office. I do support his bill.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

jjc16, I believe your information is misinformation.
1) How is someone being paid in cash by his employer classified as a taxpayer?
2) Getting benefits is easy; you just use the same fake SSN you used to get a job.
3) Since when is document forgery and/or tax evasion considered not breaking the law?
Be strong, Sandstrom. Just like the youth hymn suggests. Even if you have to stand alone for what is right.

Jeff R.
Sheridan, WY

So, its seems that we need a complete overhall of the federal immigration system. The current Federal system failed and the states are paying big time for it. The Middle class and Sub middle class are bearing the burden of illegal immigration right now. Dont get me wrong, we are all for LEGAL immigration, immigrants helped shape this great nation we live in., but giving amnesty to illegals just because we cant solve the problem is not the awnser. If you want citizenship, do it the right way. We are not going to be able to deport the 11 million plus illegals in this nation. So if you are illegal and want citizenship, you have to pay all state and local and federal back taxes and pay a fine and throw in some community service. If you want to be in this country and get the privileges of this great nation, learn to read, write, and for goodness sake, speak ENGLISH. Immigration needs a huge overhall in order to prevent this from happening. It is sad that the states have to take matters into their own hands because the Feds can't rule their way out of a paper bag.

Taylorsville, UT

Good for Sandstrom! The illegals should go and the liberals who support them should be deported to California!

Orem, Utah

"Illegal immigration is killing the middle class who have to work for a living."

Amen brother. Those middle class people working at McDonalds just can't compete for these jobs anymore. And those nice middle class jobs mowing lawns, cleaning hotel rooms, washing dishes and bussing tables... vanished! Hispanics have been taking our middle class farm labour jobs for years... unthinkable.

I will admit, foriegn labor has devistated the construction industry... and that is a hard nut to crack. But a large percentage of jobs being taken by these people are on the extreme low end of the pay scale - not middle class.

Illegal immigration is a big problem. We have had these types of workers showing up on these shores for hundreds of years. The demand for this type of labor never went away. "Middle class" america became uncomfortable with all these other cultures, and passed laws to stop it. Issue is, the demand for these people never went away, and probably never will.

We can stick with illconcieved laws, or fix the problem. This bill isn't it. We need a real visitor worker program so they can come, work, pay taxes, then go home when done.

hispanic from AF
American Fork, UT

The pictures you chose to feature speak volumes as to where your position is on illegals. You ignored any of the signs that supported Rep. Sandstrom, some of which very very eloquent and contain the truth! Shame on you. Something this tilted, by a newspaper, is very concerning! Why did chose to display one side of the issue and not the other? We deserve an explanation.


America has been asking for enforcement for years. It's time our leaders listened to us.

We need to eliminate laws such as drivers privileged cards, and in state tuition that encourage people to come here illegally. Giving entitlements to those from other countries doesn't help the situation. Especially when someone from Wyoming, Idaho or Nevada has to pay full price.

We also need to go after business. They are destroying America for their own selfish gains. What kind of country are we leaving our children? Are we teaching them that breaking the law is OK for some?

We need transparency. We need to know who those who break the law are, and not let them hide in the shadows. Fines and mandatory E-Verify is a must.

Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

Go Sandstrom! You have the support of the majority!

Seriously...Sandstrom for Governor!

Chester Brough
Providence, Utah

When the Attorney General of Utah, the agent of the state to decide Federal and State Law Constitutional conflicts, agrees to take a softer approach, how can Mr. Sandstrom be so hard-headed. The same concepts he proposes were carefully reviewed and overturned in Arizona. A careful review of actual Judges opinion reveal the appropriate analysis of Consititutional law, and when federal law should pre-empt state law. He seems a little head strong. Thanks

Draper, UT

I am sick of people like Tony Yapias crying about this bill "breaking up families".

If a child was born on American or foreign soil to illegal parents, those parents have EVERY right and opportunity to take that child home with them when they're deported, because that child has something called (gasp!) DUAL CITIZENSHIP in both countries!! Problem instantly solved! No families broken up; everybody stays together.

I commend any parent trying to make a better life for their child. However, these illegal parents need to also take full accountability for the fact that the instant they dragged their children across the border without authorization or had children after they crossed into the US, they WILLINGLY CHOSE TO TAKE ON THE RISKS OF BREAKING THE LAW. They knew what they were doing; they weren't drugged, bound and gagged and dragged over the border against their will.

There must be accountability. We cannot and will not forget that. This is why I support Sandstrom's bill. He is the only voice of reason in this debate!!!

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Kudos to Arturo Morales-Llan, who came here the RIGHT way and considers himself and AMERICAN and not a mexican. If more voices of like his were heard from the immigrant community, saying that not all illegals are LA RAZA racists that are here to turn this country into a lawless gangland like mexico, I think we could have a much more civil dialog on the immigration debate, and there would be much less resentment of the hispanic community. Illegals coming here and getting so many free entitlements from the taxpayers for their anchor babies is unfair to ALL legal American citizens, regardless of what race or ethnic group they belong to.

Mr. Sandstrom, you do have the overwhelming support of the majority of law abiding legal Utah citizens. Not all of us have the time to stand around the capitol building with signs (we actually hold jobs), but we still stand with you and the legislation you are proposing.

Magna, UT

The Utah Con-pact is merely a public demand by our elites to do nothing. Sandstrom is asking that we join with Arizona and a host of other states to move away from providing magnets for illegals. Portions of the Arizona law were set aside by a liberal court. The appeals process will take it to the Supreme Court which will probably rule in Arizona's favor. While millions of Americans are out of work, we are pandering to illegals? Is that compassion? If Americans won't do these jobs, then explain why a good share of the same jobs are held by Americans? Many illegals are not just working low-income jobs, by the way. The abuse also permeates legal "guest workers" where H-1B visas are used to push Americans out of work in favor of lower-paying foreign workers.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Illegals need to go back to their homes. They can then file the proper paperwork and immigrate legally.

It's a lie that they "pay" taxes. You'll notice they never explain when or where they pay taxes. I guess when they buy groceries they pay the 2% sales tax, when they buy gas they pay taxes, usually it's several families in a home, so they spread that tax burden among several families. I'm not sure how they get a loan being illegal, but, then again that's just another straw that broke the housing markets back. They don't pay income tax, fica, medical, they do collect social security, medicaid....so the $1000 we collect off of a family does not offset the $100,000 in medical costs. That's a burden we can't afford. A birth could cost $40,000+, surgery on top of that.....just a couple incidents in a family they have stolen more from citizens than they have contributed to society.

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