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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 17 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm calling Sandstrom's bluff--show us the "thousands and thousands" of emails you received. I think he's lying about the emails--after all, he IS a politician.

And if only 80 real, live people actually show up to support him, I'm guessing that if there are actually "thousands and thousands" of supporters, they're too ashamed to actually show up in public with cameras around.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

THANK YOU, Representative Sandstrom

For taking your oath of office seriously, and listening to the 80% of Utahns who like to see laws enforced and jobs going to actual Utah citizens.

Salt Lake City, UT

Compassion - this is implies there are at least two sides involved - and it should be applied equally on both sides.

The concern here should be the compassion, or lack thereof, that the illegals have towards the law abiding citizens of Utah.

The illegals obviously don't have any compassion for the taxpayers. They EXPECT to have instate tuition in our schools. They EXPECT to have our laws and public notices published in their native language, etc.

Where is the compassion in that????

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Bien Hecho Sandstrom!

Sandy, UT

Good job, Rep. Sandstrom! The insanity has to stop if we're going to survive and not devolve into another 3rd-world country. If people want to be charitable, let them be charitable by helping people transform their OWN nations and cultures--not sapping the vitality out of ours; strength never did come from weakness. And realize that there will always be those who are totally unable to see reality for what it is.

Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone I know supports Sandstrom! We are sick of the fed sitting on their collective and collecting a paycheck and doing nothing to protect our borders....if we don't protect our border....the border will come to us!

Murray, UT

Sandstrom for Governor in my book! Keep it up and let's take our state back from the loudmouths and illegals who are screaming for non-enforcement. Let's pass the law and those yelling the loudest will have to do so from Mexico next year. When the Utah CON PACT was unveiled no one shouted at them, the mood was respectful and subdued. It shows you who these people are, we need to send them a message by sending them home!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Rep.Sandstrom stands strong and moves forward with the bill.How can our elected officials promote breaking the law or as many say the Law of the Land. I have compassion for the legal immigrants but not to any that are here illegal and demand we give them the same benefits that we have worked our lives for. I know many that support Rep. Sandstrom, they are far more than the so called compact belives. They are not loud and come out in numbers but they are there and when the time comes many of the elected officals will see their numbers. These include many church members that are against the illegal immigrants gaining benefits that they have not earned. The compact only encouraging more to come to Utah to enjoy our sanctuary state. I will put the effort and money into removing elected oficials who promote that Utah opens the door to illegal immigrants. Legal yes lllegal no.

Cedar City, UT

No compromise on the Sandstrom immigration bill. It must be adopted promptly!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

No compromise on Sandstrom's bill!

Pass it the way he wants it, which is hard on criminals, and to protect us from illegal criminals, both the violent drug dealers and the less dangerous trespassers stealing government services!

If the feds will not enforce the law, then Utah must.

If the feds will not take illegals detained in Utah jails, then deliver them directly to Senator Hatch's office, or the U.S. Attorney's office, or even the illegal loving Chief Burbank's offices. Tell all of these folks that the citizens of Utah expect them to house, feed and educate the illegals at their individual expense, not the taxpayers.

After a few hundred illegals get delivered that way, maybe they will convince ICE to take them from the jails after all.

Sandstrom for Governor!

Portage, MI

Not to confuse anyone with facts, but illegal immigration is down under increased enforcement by President Obama, and Federal deportations of illegal criminals is up. The Feds are putting more resources into this, and it's showing results. That doesn't fit in too well with Sandstrom's bandwagon, but it's the truth. Maybe if we could stop making decisions based on emotion, and look at facts, we could be more effective in solving our country's problems.
And the really chilling thing is that hate seems to be the predominant emotion here--no matter how people try to clothe it in "justice" or "law."

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Chris Cannon and Bob Bennett are gone, due in large part to their stance on illegal immigration. We will continue to vote those out of office who do not listen to the will of the people. Illegal immigration is killing the middle class who have to work for a living.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

There is a bit of dishonesty in the language people are using. The Federal law that Arizona is enforcing was written in 1940, not a good time in American history for our treatment of individuals who happen to of been different from us. The law has not been enforced since 1967. There are many old laws on the books that we no longer enforce because our country has out grown them. No one is for illegal immigration, but we need an immigration system that is not so badly broken that it realistically cannot be enforced and does not meat the needs and values of our great country. I know that many good people do not understand that the websites they get their information from have ties to white supremacy groups. We need to be able to look at the situation and talk about real solutions; enforcement is only one of the things that need to be done to solve this problem. Enforcement against a particular race is not the answer.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whatever you think should be done about illegal immigration, lets at least stop spreading misinformation about some things here.

Illegals: 1. Do pay taxes (sales, gas, property, etc.) 2. Don't usually qualify for government assistance (unless their child is a citizen, in which case the child qualifies, not the parents) 3. With the exception of the original immigration violation, don't break the law. Btw, the immigration violation is not a felony, placing it in about the same level of severity as you getting drunk in public or punching a guy who swears at your kids.

Springville, UT

Sandstrom's my hero--as long as he doesn't cave to pressure being put on him by the Powers That Be, which many of us know is happening.

Provo, UT

Interesting to see how "lies" are spewed in order to support this laws. Support the laws that you feel like supporting, just don't do it based on misinformation. Immigrants, legal or illegal PAY taxes through the various means that we are all taxed, it's not like citizens are given "SPECIAL TAXES for education and therefore those "special taxes" pay tuition lol, if you believe so I invite you to take Political Science 110 :)

Candidate Jackson
Sandy, UT

Rep. Sandstrom is continuing ahead because he believes this is best for us. Bless him for doing what he thinks best. Some of us disagree, however. I wouldn't mind being among the thousand who email him hoping he does not proceed with the bill. So, will do so after posting this comment. I also hope to find his bill online, to read just what it says. Who knows but what I might support it, if I read it, but I doubt it.

There might be wisdom in the sign that said, "Fund education, not deportation." I don't know how much state funding goes toward deportation, if much at all. But I do know education should be the priority over chasing refugees out of the country who simply want to be Americans and live amongst Americans.

Murray, UT

I noticed no group disrupted the compacts signing at the Capitol.

Murray, Ut

If the compact specifically exempted illegal immigration, I would sign it also. Instead it tries to infer that those who are against illegal immigration, are against all immigration.

Utah cannot deport people. But we do pay $600 million for every 100,000 children that are in our education system. Illegal immigration is very costly to the US taxpayers. And it bring a small benefit to those businesses that prefer to be on the public dole, than hire Americans.

Asking people to come here legally is such a simple request.


It was not very compassionate to yell and scream at the lawmakers.

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