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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 17 2010 3:00 p.m. MST

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Herriman, UT

Love that GOP integrity.

Vote against the Stimulas but take the money!!!!


In fairness, they didn't actually want to take the money.

If they are so worried about deficit spending, they should stop all these federally funded road projects. I know (gasp) to even suggest the sacred cow interstates are costing everyone too much money is practiaclly blasphemy in Utah.

Maybe if Utah employers actaully paid living wages, the problem would resolve itself.

Tooele, UT

It's interesting to note how some begin to talk out of the other side of their pie hole when dollar bills are being flashed. In accepting such a grant, we will be forced to abide by precepts which will be forthcoming. During the last century, this concept would be accepted as a blessing from either party, however, from the democrats this landfall will only aid and abet the liberalization of America and further diminish our integrity. We must learn to live within our budget or invite those who can't to move on.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


since we will have to pay for the BO's wastefull porkulus whether we take any of the money or not, we may as well take it. If opting out of accepting porkulus money meant we also opted out of having to help pay for it, I suspect our legislature would have opted out.

Mapleton, UT

The problem is that when the funny money dries up, then what does the state do? Should of said - No thanks like Gov. Christie of New Jersey.

Herriman, UT

Just tell me where you can go to find out who voted and how. I am amazed that people want to use THIS situation as being the one to stand on "principle" when they have been unwilling over the last 20 years to stand on "principle". It is amazing how all of a sudden our legislators develop consciences where it comes to accepting/refusing federal money. If it was for a road construcion project (do we need to go back to before the Olympics and look at how much federal $$ we accepted for the I-15 rebuild?) then no problem. Since it is for public education and how the majority on Capitol Hill feel about public education then they get their dander up. It is embarrassing and hypocritical.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

I suspect the real problem with the legislature is they can not control the money for their own pet projects. They would rather see 1,600+ teachers lose their jobs and class room size increase. Of course if this money came from a Republican President, then it would be a different story.

fair park
Salt Lake City, UT

Does the word hypocrite mean anything to these guys?
And in NJ, the return of the money meant for a tunnel/infrastructure improvements generating thousands of jobs, will cost both NJ and New York dearly..but if that what "principles" mean, so be it. I did think the Republics were for job creation..silly me.

The Reader
Layton, UT

An interesting thought just occurred to me. The state of Utah is dead last in per pupil spending in the united states. The members of the Utah state legislature are largely educated in the state of Utah Schools. Is there a correlation between the funding of students in the state of Utah and the lack of thoughtful intelligent legislation coming from the Utah state legislature??

Are we as citizens of the state of Utah reeping what we have sown!!!

Kearns, UT

I think a new law needs to be passed requiring all legislators spend one week teaching in a Utah public school each year. It would be hilarious to watch what happens.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

Really...you hit it on the head!! The legislature really dislikes teachers, especially Stephenson.

GQ Monkee
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Even more interesting is the legislatures plan to usurp half of the money to make up for last year's budget shortfall. This money is meant for the hiring and compensation of teachers. Who are they hiring or compensating with last year's debt? They are accepting this money to keep it from going where it is intended. This is not an issue of States' Rights; it is an issue of political greed for which teachers and students have to suffer.

Mapleton, UT

To Fair Park - in NJ the fed money did not fund the whole project, it was correct for Christie to say no. Here, what happens when those funds are gone. Accepting the money just 'kicks the can down the road'. And NJ is not the only state to say no to partially funded fed projects.

Washington, UT

I think EJM hit it on the head. If this were a road construction project they would accept the money and celebrate. But how dare them send us money for education. It really does show us how much our legislature values education.

road project = investment in utahs future
education = a waste of money our children will have to pay for

Message received loud and clear.

Kearns, UT

Education debacle. The real benefactors of this money will not be in education, it will be in foreign job creation.

Does anyone really beleive that a $101 million dollars will be put in to education? They call education a priority but the only thing it is a priortity for is to divert and spend education funds on non education projects and call it an educational experience.

The funny money will end up in funny spending.

States have an obligation to stop greed from clouding their judgment and putting this country in to further financial disasters. If they can't see that then we have the wrong people in our government and education.

Springville, UT

For years, Utah has received high marks for equity in education. The feeling is "Look what we have done with so little," so instead of understanding that perhaps a little more teacher pay and technology in the classroom will help, the legislature tries to work its way around funding education by any means possible.

Spending is not ever the only answer to fixing education, but if the legislature would devote a little more time and money to making Utah more appealing to prospective teachers, we might see more teachers willing to stay in Utah and not forced to:

a) spend so much of their own money in the elementary classroom, and,

b) hold down part-time summer job to earn a livable wage.

c) find a much higher paying job in neighboring states. (Well, at least in Nevada)

d) feel as if the people of Utah appreciated what it takes to be a public school teacher.

Ogden, UT

It never ceases to annoy reasonable thinking people that every time the Republican party opposes a piece of legislation or government program etc., they can't restrain themselves from attaching some sort of derogatory name to whatever it is they're against such as "funny money," "obamacare" etc., etc., etc. as a way to ridicule their opponents. They cannot just debate issues as reasonable adults; they have to resort to calling names and using childish measures.

Central, UT

Only a portion of it is going toward education, they say they are covering the states shortfall of 50 million, I would be ok with that if that did not include their 13 million in paying off a contractor to keep quite. And yet the have yet complained about road and medicaid money. Priorities??
We have the nations best road system and are dead last in education funding, there is something real shaddy going on, this is the effect of the one party system in this state.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Utah legislature accepts $101 million in federal money'


We all knew this was going to happen. Despite the claims of protest and 'financial conservatisim'...

we see the same in Utah, every year.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Sad that the feds have to side step our OWN LEGISLATURE in order to get the money to our kids and their teachers where it belongs.

This from the guys that paid $13,000,000 to a contractor for doing NOTHING.

Yeah nice job guys.

Let's call ourselves the best managed state again and send out kudos to everyone.

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