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Published: Monday, Nov. 15 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Fort Worth, Texas

Its funny that BYU fans are excited about the possibility of finishing with 6 or 7 or even 8 wins.

While Utah fans on the other hand have marked this season as disaster even with the possibility of finishing the season with 9, 10, or 11 wins

Boy has the "momentum" changed the two programs over the last 10 years.

Case in point Utah would usually get rolled in the rivalry game. This year Utah has the chance to make it 3 of 4 beat downs @RES.

Draper, UT

I have been annoyed for years listening to sports commentators talk about the momentum of a game as if they are world-renowned physicists.

Does anyone have any statistician friends out there that want to be famous? Suggest that they do a project that proves that momentum does not exist in sports. Momentum will be shown to be statistically insignificant and then we will be able to lay this stupid analysis to rest.

Payson, UT

Well, despite the utah heartbreak, the wookie improves his record to:

24 - 5

... with the Utah loss adding to the ´bad predictions´ this past week. There always has to be a first time to show the wookie doesn´t know everything about his team.

Next week makes the wookie a little nervous as he must predict the game against sdsu. The outcome will depend on which sdsu team comes out to play and also what utah team comes out to play. Both have proved they are inconsistent on both sides of the ball, but both are still good teams.

Ann Arbor, MI

Y is Dick covering the Utes? His hate for Utah is so transparent.

I'd like to know the Dnews reasons Y Dick articles show up on the Ute page.....

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Hey Harmon, does it really make any difference whatsoever whether the Cougars qualify for any bowl game? Come on man, get real. Punking a hapless New Mexico Lobo team in their own crib is a foregone conclusion, and losing to a declining overrated Ute outfit is also going to happen. The Utes are terrible, so what does that make the rest of the MWC with the exception of TCU.

Both the Utes and the Cougars have a lot of work to do to recoup face after some real debacles this season going into next season and beyond.

It is all about recruiting, getting your head straight and playing smart football. The quarterback situation at Utah and the big people looks a bit dubious at this point. BYU is also getting waxed with their bigs in TCU, and FSU. And come on.....Air Force (Farce) running over them and then there is the Utah State debacle, unbelievable. Where has Utah gone in their last two game? Whittingham must be going out of his gourd as the season winds down. The Utes trip to San Diego will be telling if they can get their heads out of it.

Go Cougars and Utes.

Meridian, ID


Love your enthusiasm, but I don't see Utah getting past either SDSU or BYU if the coaching staff is unwilling to make adjustments. Utah has two very big problems. No production from the QB and predictable play calling.

It doesn't appear Whit has the fortitude to pull the plug on Wynn. The play calling is soooo predictable with short passes to the corners and the option where Wynn never keeps the ball. What happened to some of the plays from the Urban Meyer era like the wheel route, reverse, QB keeper and shuffle pass?

springville, UT

wow, the ute fans are getting so good at climbing out of the fetal position and back to talking smack. In fact after the SDSU beatdown, we'll hear from them again by Monday.

Utes, 47-7 and 28-3 and 55-10(I dont see SDSU letting off the gas like TCU and ND did)......Don't look now but the Y and U are headed for the same final record....

Rigby, Id

T-Mac, We think alike. What do passing percentages mean when all your passes are for 2-5 yards. Wynn has a big time problem. He is throwing everything low and short. He has never had any sip on the ball. He throws the ball even when the receiver is not open. He is doing the same thing Brett Favre is doing right now...throwing the ball and then praying. Why does Utah recruit skinny whimpy quarterbacks who can't run and are afraid to get hit. Its time to move Blechen to quarterback. At least he's a man who can hit and has some speed. Wynn is in over his head and is limiting the plays that can be called because of his physical liabilities. The offensive coaches need to stop being so predictable.

Bloomington, IN

Re: Uteology
"Utah has the chance to make it 3 of 4 beat downs @RES."

They also have a chance to be beat down for the fourth time in five years.

Bountiful, UT

After the BYU/Utah State fiasco I stopped reading these comments . . . until today. And I won't be reading them again this year because they are so irrational. I say, Hey, get over it; I'm talking to all sides of this infantile enmity.

Our state's great universities are going in different directions to seek their fortunes. Let us root for all of them to succeed. Let them be worthy ambassadors of our great state. Let us all grow up!

Frisco, TX

I think Uteology is forgetting that BYU has won 3 of the last 4 meetings with the Utes. He's trying to manipulate the stats to soothe his bruised ego. Utes are self imploding with QB controversy mid-season. BYU started with a very young squad that needed to learn to execute and become a team. First it was the defense and a couple weeks later the offense. BYU has become an cohesive TEAM, that is now executing at a level comparable to last years team. The scary thing for Ute fans is the Cougs have not peaked and have a very good chance of finishing the season winning 7 of their final 8 games (including their bowl game). Utes may end up losing their final 5 games, and be remembered as the highest ranked team to completely self destruct.

Toquerville, UT

I have played a lot of sports, a lot of basketball, and football in high school. And I still believe that "momentum" is a weird, mythical thing that exists only in the mind of a writer--not in the player. Players have kind of been brainwashed and use the term too. BYU's wins came not because of momentum, but because of execution, caught passes, better blocking, better running, better route running, better hands. Momentum? it's kind of a dumb, meaningless term.

sports fan
Provo, UT

I think everyone is forgetting that sense 1990 the BYU Utah Rivalry is 10-10, C'mon guys these are two equal football programs, they both have on and off years, they both have good and bad games, yes sometimes a team will rattle off a few wins in a row so the fans can boast a 3 out of 4 (BYUs current boast) or 5 of 7 (Utah before BYU won in 2006) but the fact is that we can enjoy competitive football in the state of utah for many years to come. so pick your team and cheer your hearts out but do it remembering that when push comes to shove it is pretty much just a coin toss to determine the winner of the BYU-Utah game.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Its funny that BYU fans are excited about the possibility of finishing with 6 or 7 or even 8 wins."

Why is that funny, Uteology?

Everyone knew that this was not only going to be a rebuilding year for BYU, but the Cougars were also starting with a very tough early season schedule that would have challenged even last year's much more experienced team.

For a team starting a true-freshman QB to begin the season 1-4 and still have a decent opportunity in mid-November to finish 8-5 with a bowl win is a great accomplishment. This is the type of season that molds great football programs.

BYU fans aren't particularly excited about finishing with a particular win-loss record or playing in another bowl, BYU fans are excited about the significant progress they've seen this BYU team make and how that bodes well for even greater success next season.

On the other hand, if I were a Utah fan, I'd be seriously worried about how a once promising season for the Utes is crumbling.

Not all 8-5 records are equal!

Surfers Paradise, AU

Your season is a disaster because you choked twice in a row. The Y is very accustomed to winning 10 games in a season, just look to the prior 4 years and you'll see facts...as opposed to your fiction.

Sounds like you're taking up the nostradamus role again, predicting a beateown at RES. Really? Given that your offense couldn't score against TCU or ND, why on earth would you predict a beatdown? I have a feeling that SDSU will have something to say about beatdowns before you start pounding your chest again "trying" to salvage a putrid season by beating the Y.

Did your other screen name Utes NC 2010 run its course too?

Eagle Mountain, UT

It would be nice if you all kept your mouths closed until after the game on the 27th But I guess half of you won't have anything to talk about then will you. Gotta give the Utes the edge because of home field advantage if they beat SDSU this weekend and find their mojo. It will be harder for them to do that than for BYU to beat NM. I look for and want a close, hard fought game on the 27th. Wynn and Heaps are the futures of their programs. Wynn should get the start this weekend and if he struggles, put Cain in as a warm up for the Y. Heaps has now given Y fans a taste of what he is capaple of and I am excited for the next few games. I hope Heaps decides that he wants to go on a mission though. That would be the best thing he could do for himself.

Lehi, UT

I'm looking forward to seeing a good game between two great rivals. If both teams can win all of their final games except the one that loses in the rivalry game we'll all have to agree that they both had decent but not great years. If Cougars can get 8 wins this year (I thought they'd get 10) I say good job salvaging what looked like a 3 win season there for awhile. The Utes should get 10 or 11 wins and they should saw good season but hoped for better. With the problems Auburn might be facing with their qb I'd rather be in a clean program than a dirty one anytime.

Sherwood, OR

OK Harmon,

Let me give you a head start on your predictions this week. Since you had a bad week last week.

utah 21 sdsu 31

byu 38 n. mexico 14

airforce 16 unlv 18

utah state 32 idaho 17

colorado state 10 wyoming 6

And, one more. oregon 3 BYE 83

Just because I cannot stand Oregon.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

C'mon Uteology, really?? I found a lot of your comments over the past week actually quite refreshing, you were staying on the Ute side of the line, and were playing the part of a loyal fan and asking some nice hard questions of your own team.

Let me help you find your side of the line again. Whether or not this Ute season is viewed as a disaster or not is your call, I could care less. Maybe it will be like BYU's 2001 season, or maybe like KU's 2009 season (with a long unbroken string of losses at the end and your coach getting fired), who knows.

Here on the BYU side of the line, I think the real difference is that we are at Stage 7 of the grieving process and you guys are at Stage 1 or 2. This BYU rebuilding season was a lot worse than I expected (yes, a "disaster" to use your words). I'm just hoping my team can make some Lobo and Ute lemonade out of it, and sign out by thumping some Pac-10 team in that Thompson gem, the prestigious Las Vegas Bowl.

Mcallen, TX


The D-news does'nt answer to you, so quit asking questions about Dick. You're one of the few who uses the word "hate", and Dick can cover the Utes at any time.

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