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Published: Monday, Nov. 15 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Magna, UT

I hope that our elected representatives have the courage to resist the corner that our "unelected leaders" have carefully put them in.

The collapsing of the myriad issues associated with immigration into a nice sounding set of points in the Utah Compact should make us suspicious that we are being carefully misled by those who created and signed it.

They don't really want a debate and they don't want to see reality - they only want a nice polite acceptance of their views by the rest of us.

To continue on the path our elites have put us on is folly. We should seek what is best for the nation as a whole in the long-term.

Murray, UT

Our lack of Federal enforcement of immigration laws, has stopped the enforcing of Visa laws and overstays, leading to human trafficking and exploitation. Until that, and the almost 10% unemployment is ended, it's not an option.

Our quotas need to first and foremost, protect American jobs, we also need to make it fair to people from all parts of the world. Not just those that demand our laws be changed for their needs.

Amnesty in any form, by allowing people breaking the law to stay, is not an option. It just puts off the problem to another time, creates more illegal immigration by people looking for the next amnesty, and rewarding those who break our laws. It goes against common sense, just like it did in 1986.

After 25 years of promises and depressed wages, it's time to stop this game of economic dominoes against our poor and middle class.

Durham, NC

From CU we have this beautiful quote "Salt Lake is now considered a major hub for black tar heroin distribution and the bulk of it comes from Mexico via illegal immigration"

You know, I read the same article by Sam Qunonos of the Los Angeles Times. And it made the very claims you echoed. But here is the rub. Someone has to be buying the stuff. And it isn't hispanics, but middle class Americans. So this is yet another case of blame the seller because we just can't blame the person who is the user. Same with prostitution. If these women just wouldn't sell themselves, these men would behave themselves.

But we don't want to blame the people who liven in houses like ours, and look like us. It has to be the evil other people who trick these people. Bottom line, if people didn't buy, they wouldn't be here trying to sell.

Not excusing it. Dealers need to be held responsible. But like everything else, there are two sides to every coin - and two sides to every story. Focusing on only one side tells a false story.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ van "If you were brought over here when you were 10 years old..."

By the PARENTS. The LAWLESS PARENTS did this to their children.

Salt Lake City, UT

Of course Eli Cawley is right: the Compact signers are lying each time they use the word "immigrant" in their "compact." These "leaders," in their suits and ties AND WITH THEIR PRETENSES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, COMPASSION AND CONSERVATISM (e.g. "conservative think tank"), know perfectly well that the issue is not in regard to immigrants and immigration but rather to ILLEGAL immigrants and ILLEGAL immigration. And yet they very cunningly, slyly, falsely and dishonestly insinuate that Sandstrom and his supporters (that is to say, the MAJORITY of Utahns) are opposed to immigration and hate immigrants when, in fact, we welcome immigrants who genuinely desire to be Americans and who are willing to pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag with sincerity and fidelity. The typical illegal alien has pure disdain for the U.S., its laws, its people, and its values.

I rejoice in the justice and truthfulness of Eli Cawley's words. I stand with Sandstrom and with the Utah Minuteman Project.

Orem, Utah

"The typical illegal alien has pure disdain for the U.S., its laws, its people, and its values"

Based on what do you make this statement? Would you say the same for all the people who use creative accounting to break tax law also have a blanket disdain for the U.S.

Statements like these are so over reaching that they immediately discredit anything else the writer might have said that was factual, positive, and working toward a solution.

Because someone breaks a law does not mean thay hold the city, state or country they reside in with "pure disdain". Average US citizens break laws every day. Some because the laws are stupid and out of date, some because they don't know about them, and some because they are minor infractions.

My dad works in Germany, his father in the UK. Neither have a desire to become British or German, neither wants to give up their US citizen ship. The hold neither the U.S. nor their host countries in disdain. You don't have to change citizenship or wrap yourself in a countries flag to respect and love also that country.

"pure disdain" from another "perfect" conservative.

Spanish Fork, UT

Interesting how so many are so compassionate towards illegal aliens yet show no compassion, not even a mention, of those legal residence who are negatively effected by illegals being here.



Interesting that you refer to the topic of credibility, and then imply that in terms of degree and sheer pervasiveness, the criminality, disdain and disrespect of the typical, legal U.S. resident for the U.S. is somehow on par with that of the typical illegal alien.

And what is your point regarding your father? Okay, so he chooses to retain his U.S. citizenship and not become a German citizen, fine. But does he not RESPECT the laws and customs of Germany? Did he ILLEGALLY INVADE Bundesrepublik Deutschland? Does he engage in document FRAUD? Has he committed identity THEFT? Does he engage in PERJURY? Is his primary purpose for residing in Germany the systematic theft and plunder of the German treasury, its public services, its medical services, and its welfare system? Does your father merge onto the AutoBahn drunk? Does he cause an increase in the rate of violent and other crime in Germany and otherwise erode its quality of life?

I doubt it.

Does the typical American commit such acts on U.S. soil?


If that American does, is he NOT ticketed, cited, arrested, fined, or prosecuted, if caught?

Of course he is.

Durham, NC


Are you really serious?

"Does the typical American commit such acts on U.S. soil? "

Um... yes.

Do you really think that the majority of drug users are in jail or prosecuted? Do you really think a high percentage of tax cheats get caught? Do you really think that most who pirate software/music/movies are caught and prosecuted? Are most Americans who drive drunk on i15 caught, and prosecuted?

This painting of hispanics as drug running drunk driving anti american invaders from the south bent on the destruction of everything good and wholesome is so over reaching.

Most would prefer to stay in their home countries if they felt they could get ahead and provide a better life for their families. But bottom line, the system is totally broken.

As to your question about the Germany scenario... I am sure he is taking some's German job, is using their medical system, uses their public services.

To your last statement, are you implying that Hispanics aren't ticketed, cited, arrested, fined or prosecuted, if caught?

What was the point there?


We all know the problem. A federal government that refuses to enforce our current immigration laws enacted in 1996, after cries for reform.

States, buried under the financial burden, are having to write their own laws.

The compact is quite simplistic, it does not directly reference the illegal immigration problem. How about a new compact that defines the signers stand on illegal immigration?

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