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Published: Monday, Nov. 15 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, Ut

raybies; the Utah compact is not a law, but an opinion of a group of people. Most openly support the pro-illegal side of illegal immigration.

Nate Daniels; we do have civil and criminal laws for those who overstay Visas. It can lead to fines and possible jail time, plus deportation.

Mexico is building a fence on their southern border, maybe they know something?

It seems personal responsibility went out the window the past few decades. Do we need these laws? Yes. America overwhelmingly wants immigration laws enforced. I don't think we can try America's patience much longer.

Murray, UT

The geniuses behind the CON PACT forgot to consult the only group whose opinion actually matters, the people of Utah. Polls how a majority support the AZ law and want it passed here. So if I were the Sutherland Institute I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. Sandstrom is way more in line with the people of the state than you are. The minutemen are the only ones defending us from the illegal invasion of our nation, the people who wrote this document are waving the white flag.

Older Reader
Tooele, UT

Read the 12th Article of Faith. Illegal is illegal!

Murray, UT

The compact is a publicity stunt to try to sway public opinion against enforcement of the laws, and keeping things the way they are now.

I fully support measures to help Utah enforce immigration, and stop those that reject our laws.

E-verify must have a fine, drivers privileged cards are a bad joke perpetuated on Utah's citizens, they need to be removed from use. (insurance can be purchased without a Utah license)

We don't need to be mean spirited, just require people to be here honestly. Allowing millions of people to break our laws, sets a dangerous precedent.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bravo, Sandstrom!
Boo, Burbank!

What part of illegal do some people not understand?

Failure to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants renders the "compact" utterly ridiculous and merely deceptive grandstanding at best, or at worst it is deliberate deception to confuse the public.

Illegals go home, and those who support them must be held accountable.

Welcome, legal immigrants!

Orem, Utah

Truth... nice red herring comment there. American tourist are being killed on the Mexican boarder... and Obama and the Libs aren't doing anything about it (nor did Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagon...).

Here is the funny thing, check and see how many "american tourist" have been killed on the boarder of Mexico (abt 200 since 2004, only 70 of those did not involve drug trafficing - Houston Chronical). Now compare how Americans were killed in Utah over that same period (285 - UCR Crime Statistics).

But hey, if you can brand Mexicans and being a murderous people, what ever it takes. If the truth doesn't work, make up your own truth it seems. 17 million Americans visited Mexico each year. Over 85 million over the last 6 years. So 70 is what percent of 85 Million?

Yes, this "Mexican" murder of 70 American Toursist problem should be the top issue - not the 285 Americans killed in Utah over the same period.

If Sanderson wanted to solve a real problem, he should worry about local issues he has control over (jobs, taxes, schools). Not grand standing for political gain.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Those of you who are concerned with illegal trespassers: taking our jobs, having Americans pay for their healthcare, providing them with welfare, free education, etc.,- NEED TO REMEMBER - PLEASE, PLEASE, - contact your state representatives, state senators, especially during the next legislative session and ask them to support Sandstroms bill!
You can bet that the organized groups who don't mind YOU paying the costs' of illegal trespassing will be doing the best they can to "water down", or eliminate Sandstroms' bill!

Many thanks to Representative Sandstrom for his efforts to stop theft of state services by illegal trespassers!

Saratoga Springs, UT

A question for Mr Sandrtrom and all that support his bill.

If you were brought over here when you were 10 years old fifteen years ago. Now...

You are married to a us citizen(still being illegal) with children that are US citizens, would you still support your bill. Knowing you could get deported under your law, knowing there is almos no hope for you to ever return?
Please answer it Mr Sandstrom. I kind of think you might have a different opinion.

Sad to see people so hateful and unforgiving to such a complex issue.

There bad carma will catch up to them.

Murray, UT

Was there any doubt in anyone's mind that in addition to the Atty General, who is supposed to enforce the law, Chris Burbak would also sign onto this? With guys like this in charge it is no wonder we have illegals running amok all over the state.
Salt Lake is now considered a major hub for black tar heroin distribution and the bulk of it comes from Mexico via illegal immigration. With these two in charge of law enforcement we will probably be the heroin capital of the nation soon as they are too busy running around signing compacts that seek to excuse them from doing their jobs to ever actually get anything done. These two are truly pathetic.

Nate Daniels
Woods Cross, UT

@JBrady: You are half correct. We have civil laws for those who overstay visas. There are no criminal laws. None. The only way a visa overstayer faces deportation is through the violation of OTHER criminal laws or if they voluntarily leave the country.

My point is that folks who are blindly exhorting church teaching to obey the law do not appear to understand how broken the laws actually are.

Santa Monica, CA

You Minutemen supporters frighten me far more than the "horrors" of illegal immigration. Your sense of paranoria fascinates me. Is it something you eat? Something you drink? What drives you? How do you sleep at nights?

Herriman, UT

Go, Mr Sandstrom. You have my support and I will let my rep know it.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Interesting how the deseret news screens most of the comments from those of us who are concerned about illegal activity, but they sure will post the submissions of liberals who support the illegals.

Even libs from Santa Monica California who have no business with what Utah does.

Spanish Fork, UT

I, for one, am very grateful for the Utah Compact and its brave signers.

As for the good responder who oversimplified the immigration questions into "Read the 12th Article of Faith", I would recommend that they do that and then keep reading just one more article for the appropriate context of what kind of laws and government we believe in upholding.

To those who say either 'uphold the law' *or* 'change it', I say "Yes, exactly". Everyone agrees the laws need to be changed and are basically unenforceable in their current state. It's a problem we should have solved long ago. But the solution is not in making immigration more difficult.

Our draconian and xenophobic immigration laws bear no resemblance to the rules under which most of ancestors traveled here. For the first 100 years of our nation's existence, the Federal government did not even pretend to have the right to dictate lists of how many people could cross our borders of certain ethnicities. That didn't start until some opportunistic and racist California congressmen proposed some anti-Chinese limits in the late 1800's.

The laws do need changing. The UT Compact points the right way.

Mr. Bean
Chicago, Ill

@Informed Voter 12:36 a.m.

"All my life at home and at church I was taught to obey the law."

Apparently the LDS 12th Article of Faith no longer applies... Which says: 'We believe in... obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. Or, maybe this does not apply to illegal immigrants.


@ van 12:30 p.m.

"You are married to a us citizen (still being illegal) with children that are US citizens, would you still support your bill?"

I would support his bill. All who are here illegally can start the process of becoming legal by filling out the appropriate papers, leaving the country, and getting in line. If you are dumb enough to start a family as an illegal, they will have to be deported with you. Good luck.

And if you are illegal, how is it that you can get a job here... which is also illegal?

"Knowing you could get deported under your law, knowing there is almost no hope for you to ever return?"

There are billions around the world who would like to come to the US. We can't take them all. View 'Immigration Gumballs' on YouTube to see why.

Chicago, Ill

@UtahVoter 2:53 p.m.

"...I would recommend that they do that and then keep reading just one more article for the appropriate context of what kind of laws and government we believe in upholding."

It (13th Article) says in part 'If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.'

What is virtuous and praiseworthy about someone sneaking into this country and occupying someone else's property?

"Everyone agrees the laws need to be changed and are basically unenforceable in their current state."

Not true. Most think that immigration laws now on the books are adequate. The problem is, the Obama Administration refuses to enforce the laws despite the fact that he swore, in reciting the oath of office, that he would uphold them.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


It was the action of the illegal in marrying and fathering children that placed those children in danger of having their family broken up.

By your logic, a guy whose father gave him a beer at age ten, who then went on to become an alcoholic, should not be prosecuted for drunk driving if he has his kids in the car.

Saratoga Springs, UT

To Mr Bean.
I think you miss the point. I bet you have broken many laws in your life. I was trying to make a point there are thousands of innocent people that are involved, like children, Spouses, parents friends ect.
I ask myself how is it that you and people like Mr Sandstrom can't see the hundreds of thousands of lives this effects other than just the person that is in the country illegally.
If you got a speeding ticket, do you think everyone in your family should pay a fine also?

When I think of Mr Sandtroms approach I get a sick feeling. All those families that are seperated in the name of breaking a small law, like speeding.

I think most people in this state wants a bill that helps families stay together. To help people progress. Why not support a bill that would allow illegals to earn their stay by giving back to the community.

I hope Sandstroms bill will be thrown in the garbage where it belongs. I also hope our leaders will stop listen to the talk radio zombies and listen to decent leaders that signed the Utah Compact.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Two people both claim to support legal immigration. One actually hates immigrants. Ask him and he will reveal his cynical ploy by saying he will fight any attempt to increase the flow of legal migration "until the border is sealed and all illegals are rounded up and deported." In other words, never.

The second acknowledges the value of immigration and supports both a broad expansion of visa quotas and a path to legal residency for those whose only violation is wanting to come help us build our country.

Fortunately the truth is on the side of the second. As the truth spreads about immigration's effects on crime rates, the economy, wages, etc. more people will join the compact. We need them and they need us.

  • 5:37 p.m. Nov. 16, 2010
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Herriman, UT

I just find it amazing that the LDS Church did not have an official member of its' First Presidency sign this.

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