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Published: Monday, Nov. 15 2010 5:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

At this time, I would really like to see what the Minuteman Project has to say. The Minuteman Project has been to the Mexican border. What do they see? What does their research and understanding suggest we do about out illegal immigration problem here in Utah?

Politicians and businessmen who benefit from illegal immigration have signed the Utah Compact, which is yet another piece of paper that doesn't offer solutions. The Minuteman Project has more to say than "the Compact sucks." Please, DN, can we dig a little deeper?

  • 6:47 p.m. Nov. 15, 2010
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Exactly how does enforcing immigration laws separate families? In every article I can find on the Internet, the children have returned with their parents.

Children under 18 that were born here have no legal right to stay here alone. But can stay with family, it is the parents decision.

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Cawley: "The issue is cheap illegal alien labor and church membership, and everyone knows it."

While I agree in principle with the compact, Mr. Cawley has told the truth. Cheap illegal alien labor depresses wage rates. Indeed it is one of the reason for the stagnation of real wages in the United States the last 40 years. This is a troublesome issue for me: compassion is called for with regard to breaking up families, but it IS ABOSLUTELY unfair to domestic labor of all races and ethnicities.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Illegal is illegal. All my life at home and at church I was taught to obey the law. So now is that no longer important? I hope the legislature passes a strong anti-illegal immigrant law that forces the so called Chief of Police to enforce the law. I am bored by the red herring that families of illegals will be split. Everyone can go to their home country together.

William A
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Witness the difference in posturing between the two sides. Cawley is remarkably blunt. It is an unrefined bluntness ("illegal derrieres") but it is honest, and we all know what he means, and we know his analysis of the ulterior motives of Compact signers is spot on.

Meanwhile, the Compact signers produced a document filled with moral grandstanding, attempting to slyly question the humanity of their opponents. The document contradicted numerous positions they have all taken before. For example, how do they reconcile federal control of immigration policy with a Utah guest worker program, or Utah's undermining of immigration enforcement through giving illegals driver's licenses and in-state tuition?

They say we should not separate families. Talk to soldiers serving in Iraq, or inmates with children on the outside - or to illegal immigrants who come HERE and leave their families behind.

And, of course, they were not even honest enough to explain that they are talking about illegal immigrants, not legal ones.

The Utah Compact is both mean-spirited and fundamentally dishonest. That says a lot about those who signed it.

Kearns, UT

This compact is absurd and illegal. Utah cannot take on the role of federal government or negotiate disregard and repeal of federal laws or enforcement of federal laws. This compact is a secret contract among busies leaders and criminals illegal aliens occupying the territory of Utah and the United States. We are not talking about immigrants, we are talking about illegal foreign nationals, undocumented, diseased and criminal breaching our borders by force with no invitation or even an application to enter.

This compact is a ticket to Utah businesses to subvert federal labor laws and tax laws the rights of the Utah citizens and the American people. Go Sandstorm, we are still with you and include occupation by illegal foreign nationals as a crime in your bill. Once and for all, define the difference in immigration and foreign occupation in a state law. Immigration is with documentation, foreign occupation is criminal intent and no documentation.

Also add that anchor children are not defensible as cause not to deport entire families back to Mexico. In fact revocation of all birth certificates of illegal alien children be revoked as citizens of America.

Brigham City, UT

I agree with Mr Cawley's statements, as I believe the larger segment of Utah Citizens do.

Of course, unscrupulous business owners and sanctimoneous church leaders are going to support illegal immigration since they profit from it.
The burden of the cost is again heaped upon the backs of the US tax payers.

I find it interesting that this 'compact' was not released until after the election. We will remember when it is time to vote again and will make our voices heard until then. Herbert OUT!

the cat nextdoor
Cedar Hills, UT

An old story, mercy vs. justice, being retold: Les Miserables and even Christ's redemption itself. I favor a benevolent society with jurisdiction that emulates that society.

Layton, UT

What is the law? Intractable? We the people organize law and it is meant to adapt to our circumstances.

I'm amazed by some of the negative reactions to the Utah Compact. This is law to help solve some of the most divisive aspects of immigration--splitting up families and uprooting those who are contributing to our society--and a hateful faction is claiming, "Well, those LAWS don't count."

There's a sickness in this country. One that requires punishment and ignores the enobling-freeing aspects of the law. It wants us to believe that the only solution is to use the law as a weapon, when laws could improve our country.

Throwing out families that contribute to the core values of our country--they believe in freedom, family, marriage, hard work, God, and opportunity through these means, are being systematically bulldozed by fearmongers that crave political gravitas and their simpleminded solutions only make decent families into criminals punishable only by exile.

This is wrong.

The churches of Utah get it. All Utah is waking up to better solutions. We are not frightened pharisees. We welcome our brothers and sisters, generously providing them with legal means to thrive.

Spanish Fork, UT

The Minutemen are doing what our spineless politicians won't. They're pushing to see that the existing laws are enforced. Minutemen are patriots!

Dave Duncan
Orem, UT

The first line of this article tells you everything you need to know about the bias of the article's author. It characterizes Sandstrom's bill as "restrictive", yet it doesn't do anything more restrictive than the current federal law. It just makes many of the same things that are a violation of federal law, a violation of state law, so that they can more reliably be enforced.

All of the items in the AZ bill that were questioned as being unconstitutional have been removed from Sandstrom's bill.

The facts around this bill tell a very different story than the hype that the media fuels by quoting racial-organization "spokesmen" who mis-characterize the bill.

Murray, Ut

Most of us believe the moral high ground is following the law, and encouraging others too do likewise.

Dave Duncan
Orem, UT

There is a false dichotomy of mercy vs justice. Those who think the status quo is merciful are ignoring important facts:

Congress could fix immigration laws to get the right number of people here legally and safely.

Congress instead tacitly encourages illegal immigration, risking the lives of those who have to pay treacherous coyotes, and haul backpacks full of drugs as their "payment", etc.

This policy also jeopardizes the safety and security of our nation, by encouraging immigration with essentially no health or criminal background checks.

Once illegal immigrants arrive, they still must live in the shadows and be in fear of deportation.

Many companies prefer to hire cheap labor that isn't subject to minimum wage laws, don't demand safe working conditions, won't be likely to sue for worker's comp, will work overtime, without needing to be paid double-wages.

The same companies make large donations to the congressmen who keep the laws, just as they are, rather than making them reasonable.

Those who argue for "mercy" by encouraging the status quo are being played by professional politicians and the lobbyists who buy their elections.

  • 7:41 a.m. Nov. 16, 2010
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Santa Clara, UT

Rep. Sandstrom you have my support. Legal immigration is the only solution to the illegal problem. Viva legal immigration.

West Jordan, UT

I find it amusing that some individuals seek to speak for the "silent majority". If my observations indicates what the "silent majority" thinks then I would say that Chief Burbank would be incorrect (and unemployed...) and that the tone and intent of the letter writer would be more in line with reality.

It would be interesting to do a poll (a real one...)that would measure the reaction to this compact and see what Utahns are actually thinking...

Personally, I believe that there has to be a balance between compassion and the rule of law. The laws exist to ensure order and justice. Compassion exists to create mercy and goodwill. Neither can exist without the other and I do not believe that we are balanced correctly at this time. I believe that the rule of law has been ignored and that the attempt to re-balance will be painful. It is natural for those who favor compassion to resist this rebalancing but it must be done for the benefit of all.

Failure to rebalance will lead to further erosion of the rule of law that will hurt us all.

Bluffdale, UT

I am always amazed at how people spin their opinions around highly charged political issues. We live in a country that should be based on adherence to the law of the land. When people talk about splitting up families or religious leaders opinions, I wonder what that has to do with law. Obey the law or change the law. According to the law, the only choice for people illegally here is to take their family back to their legal country. If they want their children to live here, they have to let them live with a legal resident. Words like compassion have no place with obeying the law. If the majority of Americans want to change the law, then we can change their status to legal. Until that happens, then they have to leave the country. I am tired of all the rhetoric about this. Thiefs sneak into business or homes to perform illegal acts. Watch Border Wars and you will see the lengths illegal individuals sneak into The United States. We didn't drag them across the border.

Nate Daniels
Woods Cross, UT

FYI to all those claiming "we need to enforce/obey our laws." Our existing laws have no effect on immigrants who came here legally through a valid port of entry and over-stayed their Visas. This group makes up as much as 50% of the "undocumented" population depending on who you ask.

Also, why do we never hear the minutemen talking about the root of the problem. People don't take pregnant wives and small children across deserts and through dangerous towns because they want an X-Box 360 or to see Hannah Montana in concert. There is usually something very wrong where they came from that makes them want to go somewhere else. Considering that Guatemala and El Salvador are the other options, I don't think a fence and some extra attention from local law enforcement are going to change anything.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Hatch doesn't have to worry about Shurtleff in 2012 since Shurtleff signed this deception. Shurtleff won't make it out of the convention.

Salt Lake City, UT

The law is compassionate, it is the breaking of it that has no compassion. Just more exploitation with a false name.

Salt Lake City, UT

American Tourists are dying on the mexican border and Obama and the libs are doing nothing......Glad someone has the sense to take this illegal issue seriously! You have my support Sandstrom!

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