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Published: Sunday, Nov. 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Midvale, UT

"We've been doing the same thing every week. We haven't changed anything," said wide receiver Jereme Brooks. "But what we're doing right now isn't working."

What you're doing right now, Utah, is entering in to your non-cupcake part of the schedule.

South Jordan, UT

You state in the first line of the article that it was a "surprising" 28-3 loss to Notre Dame. I found it interesting that the announcer on the TV broadcast did not share that opinion. He clearly stated that the route was "not an upset" since Notre Dame had as good or better athletes. I found it interesting that no respect was given at all to the #14 ranking. Yet another reason that I think both Utah and BYU are making good decisions to leave the MWC - No respect generally. Both now can earn that respect in the future on their play on the field and not have to carry the rest of the conference on their backs (with TCU, who will be gone from the conference within 24 months.)

Frankly, I am surprised the Utes stayed in at #24/#25 in the polls Sunday. With two brutal losses - one from a very good TCU team (But who CAN'T lose to them by 40 points?) and then an old fashioned beat down by a very poor ND who had their 3rd string QB in due to injuries?

Count yourselves lucky to even be mentioned.

Fort Worth, Texas

Well Wynn how about when you run on a 3rd down you do NOT slide a yard short. If you want to win bad enough you shouldn't be sliding. I hope I am wrong about Wynn but he seems to be getting worse. First the 3 INTs with 2 in the end zone agaist Wyoming. Then at AFA couldn't put a drive togather to put away AF in the 4th. Then the ineptness vs TCU and Notre Dame.

Las Vegas, NV

Yes, fans are disappointed. But c'mon...Notre Dame had two weeks to prepare for us. Not one of those athlete's at Notre Dame would even consider playing for the Utes. While their record is not great, they had prep time and have the players to give the Utes a game. The Utes are still an emotional mess from the TCU disaster, but the sky is not falling. Two bad weekends, sure beats five bad weekends and another weekend with cheating in the review booth going on. The defense played well against the Irish, special teams and the offense gave Notre Dame three touchdowns. All this talk about how the Utes will fail in the PAC is a joke. Utah will be just fine, in fact, they will grow from this experience and be better. GO UTES!

Fruit Heights, UT

"This week, Utah is clinging precariously to national recognition."

At least Lou Holtz believes in the Utes.

Really, national recognition. Anyone else believe that line?

""We've been doing the same thing every week. We haven't changed anything," said wide receiver Jereme Brooks."

I have been told the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over the same way and ecpect different results.

How about changing a few things up?

A little fire in your heart Kyle, and not the doe in the headlight look.

You have one last chance. Bronco will own more MWC titles, but you can even the head to head.

Stop saying you lost because TCU and ND are the best teams in the country, or great teams.

ND is not. TCU is not.

It was the Utes that lost to ND. So fix it.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Nightmare from tcu, Nightmare II and now coming soon III. Are they awake yet?

Payson, UT

After two weeks of poor offensive production, it is now officially a trend. It is time to start Cain, because "continuing to do the same thing every week" obviously isn't working. He might not get it done, but you should now be convinced that Wynn will definitely not get it done this week.

Wynn could be good, but he needs to play every game like he did in last year's bowl win against Cal. Don't take ANYTHING for granted.

Colorado Springs, CO

I occasionally tangle with SEC fans and recount facts that I feel are indicitive of the annual fawning of the East Coast press establishment that lead to their frequently being over-rated and automatically and perennially being declared America's top football conference. In the past, SEC teams, comfortably overrated at the beginning of the season, have seen the greater falls from and out of polls completely, moreson than any other teams.

While no fan of Utah, I have been a MWC supporter when it is MWC vs other conferences. Utah's rise to #5, with their best win being an OT wind over a now 5-4 Pitt team, and their subsequent fall to #25, with a good chance of falling out over the coming two weeks, equals Tennessee's fall from the polls (#5) in 2005, and may even eclipse Bama's fall in 2000 (preseason #3), thus undermining arguments agains the SEC's over-rated status.

I don't really mourn Utah's losses, except when it comes to the tarnish that spreads by association...

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Actually, Lou Holtz tore the Yewtes a new on Saturday evening after the ND loss. I believe he said they were fake.

The week prior, before the game in SLC he claimed TCU should go to the NC game if they beat the TUN, but the TUN did not belong in the NC game if they beat TCU. Lou is not a fan of the TUN this year. He wants to see how the TUN will do next year in the PAC before he labels them a good football team.

I still think the TUN will do very well in the PAC with the team they have today. Jordan Wynn is a good QB, I really hope the fans stay off of his back...support your players and team.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"I don't really know what the issues are. Something has to be done," Wynn said. "We have to change something and start heading in the right direction."

Before leaving Notre Dame, Whittingham acknowledged that quarterback play is something that would be evaluated.

"That's some place that we have to perform. I don't care what level of football you're at, that is a key position and you've got to have performance and production," he said. "And that's a couple of weeks in a row now we haven't been able to get as much as we needed to."

Wynn is clueles and Whittingham has lost confidence in his chosen starter.

Now the big decision:
Will Whittingham pull the plug on Wynn and start Cain against SDSU, or will he roll the dice and stick with Utah's "future"?

Either way, SDSU and BYU are both good enough to beat the Utes no matter who they start at QB.

Utah is falling apart as rapidly as BYU is improving. And its much more than simply the level of competition.

South Jordan, UT

Still can't believe Jordan Wynn slide a yard short on third down. That's the type of leader the Utes have?? I would have benched him right there.

Cain should have been given a chance. Even if you felt Wynn wasn't the problem, going to Cain could have jump started the offense -

Wynn needs to reexamine his heart and if he's not willing to put his head down and get a first down when his #14 ranked team is playing at Notre Dame then he shouldn't be a D1 QB. I bet his teammates who were giving it everything they had really appreciated that moment. One of the most pathetic displays of heart I have ever seen.. okay, rant over..

Tom Smith
Sandy, UT

When Utah found itself tumbling way behind in these games, Why the reluctance to insert Terrance Cain? Isn't this a no brainer?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


Couldn't you come up with a longer list of excuses for your team's loss to ND???

The "once mighty" utes are in a real bad tail spin, with some major second guessing going on. All of a sudden your once great QB is a "loser".

The ND loss was critical, but the SDSU loss will be even more critical.

Ann Arbor, MI

I was at the game in South Bend. Very frustrating.

KWhitt and the other coaches will have to play shrink this week because the Utes are a total head case. Who are the leaders of this team???? Someone, anyone needs to step up and demand accountability.

Not sure Wynn has the mental strength to be a legit D1 quarterback.

At what point do the Utes stop looking shell shocked and start playing in the moment!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe Im saying this about a Whitt team - but the Utes are a mentally weak team..please prove me wrong.

Salt Lake City, ut

It was a bad loss hopefully the Utes show up against San Diego. They can salvage there already good season with two good wins against SDSU and byu. The offense is struggling but I wouldnt worry the Utes I feel will finish strong. I figured they would struggle against ND but they got beat bad.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

They will be fine, hedgie. One game at a time...

Lehi, UT

I blame poor play calling for the loss to TCU, and partly Wynn's performance that day. But they players clearly hadn't shaken their loss to TCU when they played ND, and that's what killed us there. Central to that was Wynn, who is obviously getting less comfortable in the QB seat. I don't necessarily think he needs to be pulled altogether, but I think we need to be rotating Cain in more often to shake things up.

As for the running game, we hardly ran the ball against TCU, but when we did, we had pretty good success. The coaching staff didn't adjust their strategy and it cost us dearly. I still believe we can finish the season out strong, but they really need to get it together!


South Jordan, UT

Oh how the mighty have fallen! It is funny that when Utah was playing BYU's current teams (last 3 wins) at the first of the season, everyone (including me) was sure they were worthy of their ranking. OK #5 was high, but whatever.

Now that they have actually played real teams (like BYU had to play to start the season) they are being exposed for what they are:

OVER RATED (clap, clap, clap, clap) OVER RATED...

Salt Lake City, UT

Still waiting for an in game adjustment. Eight quarters. Please ARod, you're looking like Anai, Jr.

Ann Arbor, MI

Kwhitt needs to look short term What QB gives the Utes the best chance to win THIS Saturday.

If he feels its pretty much even then you have to go with Wynn once again. But if Wynn doesnt stand up and overwhelmingly prove his leadership and confidence I say go with Cain.

What this would mean in the long term?..I dont know.

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