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Published: Saturday, Nov. 13 2010 2:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Time to start recruiting a quarterback who will put his head down to get a first down, will not throw the ball off his back foot, and has some heart.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

They should have stayed home they can not handle high presure games.

Springville, UT

Just when BYU is trouncing the Rams and putting to rest any doubts about this evolving team we have the Utes sucking wind in South Bend.

Down by 11 at the half!

I told you soooooooooooo!

From #5 to... nothing! It was all HYPE.

... and now a Ute fumble! Time to assume the position, the fetal postion Ute fans.

Oh my, as I'm typing another Irish TD!!!

Oh what a day! And football will be much better next year in the PAC-12.

See you in the NM Bowl!

Mark it down!

Bountiful, UT

QB, offensive line and DBs have been overrated all year. The Utes have given up and won't win again this season. Hate to say it but there is a lot of quit in this team.

Park City, UT

Another Great Day! The over-rated Utes getting BLOWN OUT again as the BYU Cougars blow out their opponent again -- wooohoow! Yep the Utes who are not a top 25 team and are getting another dose of reality. Pitt and AF should have beat them and now 2 loses in a row and 2 more to go. Yes indeed both SDSU and BYU will smack the bogus Utes as well. Enjoy the 8-0 start Utes because it will NEVER happen again! Utes will land in the middle of the PAC-12 for years to come. Provided TCU shakes off the early shock I predict BYU will finish 2nd in the MWC and go to another Vegas Bowl. Go Cougars and LOSE UTES!!!! Wooohoow!

American Fork, UT

Wow the Utes are in trouble in South Bend. They look totally disoriented with penalties and turnovers. Hangover from last week, or is this just not a great Ute team?

Salt Lake City, UT

21-3 now. Geese.
Nah Utah will win at least 1 more game probably 2.

Salt Lake City, UT

KWhit.... still waiting for an adjustment. None last week. None this week.

Boy do the Utes miss Gary Anderson. Kilani is just guessing. ARod should be renamed Anai Jr.

American Fork, UT

Bwaaahaaaa utes getting pounded again. They might be the most overrated team in ncaa history. Can you believe this batch of inept posers were actually ranked 5th one week ago. LOL.

Loved the ute fans that had been claiming they would win a national championship all season then went to the "12-1 is still great" card. What will it be this week?

Alexandria, VA

Chants of overrated have changed to unrated! I thought the Utes would win this game, but I guess I was wrong - Utes really aren't that good...just a good MWC team, but an average D1 team.

Syracuse, ut

What in the world happened to the Utes this year? Still going to be a good game against BYU.

West Jordan, Utah

O-ver-ra-ted, .
O-ver-ra-ted, .
O-ver-ra-ted, .
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O-ver-ra-ted, .

And Utah fans REALLY BELIEVED they had a chance for a BCS bowl and national championship this year.

Give me a break.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

BYU still belongs in Division 1-AA or Division-II

Durham, NC

Hey BYU Fans..... your beating a team the U blew out as well. Really? You are all thinking you are all that already? If you haven't checked, your still not bowl eligible. In fact you are only 3-2 in one of the weakest conferences in the nation. If I were you, I would just sit back and enjoy the day. Your bragging really makes ya look, well, pathetic.

And what is happening today just adds fuel to the fire about strength of schedule. Its one thing to go beat up on teams like CU, Wyoming, New Mexico and the like (all teams that really should be FCS teams). It is another thing to play week in and out against quality ranked teams and keep your team healthy. Sure, you can go to a bowl game and win the odd game because your get there a lot more healthy than say an SEC team. And there in lies the problem with the playoff idea. MWC teams can cruise through a cream puff schedule and show up on playoff day healthy. Other teams need to battle to get there.

Next year will be really telling for both teams.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

Apparently Coach Whittingham has taken a card out of the Bronco handbook-choking in the big games. Like so many BYU fans rooting big-time for Utah today and surprised that they did not show up. That is so unlike a Whittingham coached team. Hard to imagine getting embarrassed two weeks in a row.

Utah football has been EXPOSED big time today as one of the announcers noted that the Utes were well coached, but only had "above average" athletes.

Afraid its not going to get much better in the PAC-12 next season.

Over the Top
Rigby, ID

The Utes should be a bit concerned. They are getting beat by an "average" ND team - with a True Freshman QB...his FIRST start. Hmmmm. Can they handle a True Freshman QB who has a couple of solid wins under his belt?????

Hey, but "Game Day" last week sure was fun. Probably the high point of the season.

West Jordan, Utah

Reminds me of that Utah Basketball team a couple of years ago that got a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAA tournament and then laid an egg - obviously Overrated!

Next year is going to be fun watching this powerful Utah football teams humble the PAC-10 - NOT.

Hopefully Utah fans realize what they really have here.

Providence, UT

Yeah, it's hard to talk smack when your team is this bad.

Wow! Utah is bad, really bad.

Utah will lose out. Congrats BYU. You will destroy us.

Cedar City, UT

mmmmm crow...?
ND 28 Utah 3

Park City, UT

Utes will lose by 14 at SDSU and then BYU should destroy NM next week let's go for a shut-out say 51-0. Then I would love it if BYU sets a new record victory at Rice beating the Utes 57-3 since the old record blow-out was 56-6. Naw BYU will probably win by 21 and then hey the Utes can go play in a Junior College where they truly belong!

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