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Published: Saturday, Nov. 13 2010 1:00 p.m. MST

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Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

BYU Cougars and Utah Utes. . . two programs going in different directions.

As much as the UNLV game boosted the Cougs, the TCU game took the spirit out of the Utes.

Heaps is coming into his own. They are mixing up the play calling and the young players are getting seasoned.

Springville, UT

Another banner day for football for Cougar fans!
Cougars handling the Rams quite well at the half.

And as the scale tips in favor for BYU it sinks for the Utes. As I predicted the Irish are ahead at the half.

What's up Ute fans? This has got to be very disturbing to witness.

Overton, NV

Through 3 quarters, BYU has failed on a 3rd down conversion just once, but was able to pick up the conversion on 4th down to keep the drive going.

They have punted a total of ZERO times; with the only drives NOT resulting in touchdowns failing because of fumbles.

They've had just 2 penalties for 23 yards.

Last week, as a Cougar fan, I was rather optimistic after the pummeling of UNLV. But that optimism was tempered by the facts that A) they were playing at home; and B) it WAS UNLV. Now seeing them pummel CSU on the road makes me think that this team is FINALLY putting it together. They should beat New Mexico next week to become bowl eligible, and then we'll see what happens against the Utes.

Park City, UT

Another Great Day! The over-rated Utes getting BLOWN OUT again as the BYU Cougars blow out their opponent again -- wooohoow! Yep the Utes who are not a top 25 team and are getting another dose of reality. Pitt and AF should have beat them and now 2 loses in a row and 2 more to go. Yes indeed both SDSU and BYU will smack the bogus Utes as well. Enjoy the 8-0 start Utes because it will NEVER happen again! Utes will land in the middle of the PAC-12 for years to come. Provided TCU shakes off the early shock I predict BYU will finish 2nd in the MWC and go to another Vegas Bowl. Go Cougars and LOSE UTES!!!! Wooohoow!

West Jordan, Utah

A couple of weeks ago I commented here that the coaching staff had no confidence in Heaps and that they should consider redshirting him to give him an opportunity to mature.

My apologies to first, the coaching staff. They do know what they are doing. There is a very good reason why they are on the field on Saturdays and I am sitting in the stands. And two, to Jake Heaps who is going to just fine (great??) as a BYU quarterback.

I realize BYU still has a long, long way to go, but they appear to be well on their way.

Go Cougars!

Syracuse, ut

Heaps looked like a seasoned veteran in this game, he is starting to put it all together and I am excited about the future after the last two games.

Durham, NC

Yawn..... the Y beat a team who has been blown out but just about everyone - a team that is truly bad. Big deal. When you can beat a team with a winning record then you might be able to say something.

Until then, sit back, enjoy the win for what it is... and see if you all can improve next year.

Syracuse, ut

To quote some of our Ute friends-

"Good luck Rams!

Even cupcakes sometimes get to play cupcakes.

Rams by 14!

Turnover Heaps will throw 2 picks and fumble once, pass for 70 yards and proclaim himself the frontrunner for the Heisman."

"Cougars have to win today in order to keep the bowl dreams opened. Question is, which bowl game are they worthy of, I don't recall a bowl game called "THE REFS HELP ME GET HERE" bowl.

CSU wins today, Heap points fingers at his Center!"

"I'm sorry cougars. There was too much gloating his last week and you're going to pay for it today. I hate to say it but I fear you are on the wrong side of the "pride cycle"...again. It's time to be humbled.

CSU 31 - BYU 16

...and it won't even be that close. "

Hmmmm.....not going to gloat, taking the high road.

Heaps played like a champ today, felt like I was watching Max and the boys playing last year.

Plano, TX

Feels like 1977... knocking out CSU and the U getting whooped.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

You have to respect Bronco for not running up the score. Over a minute left and only 5 yards for a TD, yet he has the QB take a knee. Same thing last week. BYU could have scored far more if they wanted, and could have shut out UNLV and CSU, but didn't.

In his situation, having a team with a horrible start to the season, I probably would have run up the score just to show the nation that my team isn't as bad as the record indicates. Kudos to Bronco for being classy.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Congratulation on your last 3 games. Their combine record of 6-24. Cream of the crop in the MWC

Omaha, NE

BYU is looking like Utah to start the season and Utah is looking like BYU to start the season. ND and CSU both have similar records and BYU destroyed their team on the road.

BYU Student
Provo, UT

Yeah, well at least we can see how the Utes got their record, eh? Now that they're playing real teams, it's getting embarrassing. 10 points over the last 2 games? Wow, impressive. Especially since Notre dame is such a powerhouse. Poor national championship-bound Utes. You're doing great! Ha ha ha!

Meanwhile, Heaps passer rating for today: 242. Beautiful throws. We had a couple mistakes, but boy did we pound those guys. Felt kinda bad. But awesome. And where did Ashworth come from?

I have a feeling Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a blast.

Cedar City, UT

@AZ Dave
Looks like your Utes are losing to a 4-5 ND team that got beaten by Tulsa last week... hahahaha crow taste good huh?

South Jordan, UT

azdave said
"Congratulation on your last 3 games. Their combine record of 6-24. Cream of the crop in the MWC "
so you said cream of the crop.........problem is this is the same group that the utes beat or am i wrong in my thinking.....by the way ND 28 da utes 3 what excuse do you have for todays game wasnt ND a bad team that also beat Pit and playing with a freshman quarterback

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Another Double-Double...BYU wins and the Yewtes take a dive. Is it possible to have a third weekend of double-double happiness? I have picked SDSU to win by 2 points.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Stay on target boy's, learn from the past and build your future.

Utah is still rollin in self pity, they do not have short memories of last week, it has shown up here in Indiana.

"POLY Cougar Nation

Fort Worth, Texas

My hats off to BYU, I thought you would win but didn't think you would beat them that bad.

Looked impressive again, today. Bronco has both sides of the ball in sync. Again congrats.

west jordan, ut

@AZ Dave.....the difference is we were supposed to lose to everyone else, don't you watch what your UTE compadres post? Utah on the other hand was supposed to win the 2010 NC. Two teams going in an opposite directions and if they don't get it together, they will continue next week. San Diego State is not going to just lay down and give it to them. Great game BYU, good to finally see the team starting to jell. Gives me a good feeling about next year.

Mesa, AZ

Great game today Cougars! I thought Utah would lose a close game. Sad to see them play so poorly though. I still have respect for the Ute players and coaches. I am curious about the Ute fan reaction and predictions for the remainder of the season.

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