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Published: Friday, Nov. 12 2010 8:00 p.m. MST

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Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Go Cougars! Fredette starts off the All-American campaign with a great game!

Orem, UT

It was fun to watch.

Provo, UT

Yawn, BYU has plenty more to come.

Note to tds: FSU is visiting the HC, Bulldogs by 20.

Murray, UT

Good start to the season for the Cougars! Fredette and Hartsock both looked good tonight, but I think Abouo really sparked the Cougars run late in the first half with his energy and play.

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

What! No Yewt Troll in here yet to scoff at the Cougars and how they will fall flat on their faces? Oh, right, that's the football team. But wait. . . As the 4th quarter runs it's course tomorrow, and the Cougars have the game in hand. . . just remember, the next team (at home) are the Lobos, with 1 lone victory on the season. After that win they come to RES. And, can you believe it??? They will be playing the Yewts for the right to go to the Las Vegas Bowl. No no, I don't think they will win. . . but Chris B., Wookie and the rest of you trolls need to remember the spew coming from you when the Cougs were 1 and 4.

By the way, the PAC 10/12/What Ever awaits your football team that you trolls say will compete quite well with. Funny thing. . . no mention of how your basketball team will do in the run and gun flurry of the PAC.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Surprise! I'm about headed to bed to dream about two great games tomorrow

Utah 48
Notre Dame 10

Colorado State 31
byu 17

Unfortunately I don't have the $ to see the Notre Dame game in person, but it will be a great game nevertheless.

Congrats on your win against fresno state. With san diego already a top 25 and new mexico looking in, tds won't finish better than 3rd in the mwc. It will likely be a battle between a rebuilding Utah team and tds for 3rd place.

But regardless, football is what matters.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

To Dave from Taylorsville

The reason they are not here is that they have not waken up yet from their last nightmare and stay tune "Nightmare II" is on the rise when they visit the Fighting Irish Ghost. Or, they are just asleep feeling so good.

Any way, Go Cougars and Jimmer. Keep it up and hope another sellout on Wed. night!

Springville, UT


It's basketball season.

Congrats to our awesome basketball team!

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

Sorry, I thought this was a Y basketball column. BYU will beat csu, and utah would be lucky to be in the top 7 in the mwc.

BYUs is coming for Yew

Provo, UT

So Chris B, I'm not exactly sure why you're hating on the Cougars right now. Yeah, San Diego State is already in the top 25, but so is BYU, in fact they're ranked higher than SDSU right now. Also, New Mexico is looking in, but are looking in from a distance, and UNLV is getting more votes than New Mexico. So yeah, BYU can have some good competition from UNLV and SDSU, and maybe even New Mexico, but as far as fighting for 3rd with Utah, yeah, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Provo, UT

Chris B's dream of a BYU loss and a Y-ewt win turns into a nightmare. BYU 35-0 at the half and ND 7-3 after one. Go Cougars. LV here we come.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes looked strong today in football. If BYU manages to win next week, I might just laugh for 12 straight months.

Utah will finish third next year in the Pac 10 South...if they're lucky!

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Wow Chris b. How does it feel to be completely wrong on all accounts?

Go Cougars!

Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Chris B may be right....footballl is what matters....will be disappointing for Ute fans to leave the conference with 3 straight conference losses to TCU, SDSU and BYU....especially having lost 4 of 5 to BYU....

Seriously though, BYU's basketball looks to be good this year, but 1 game does not a team make. They, along with everyone else, have yet to prove themselves. They started out great, and there are big hopes. Jimmer looks to be a legit All-American. Here's to hoping BYU has as good, if not better, of a season this year as last!

Sugar Land, TX

Great job Cougs. Now beat those Aggies.

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