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Published: Friday, Nov. 12 2010 4:00 p.m. MST

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Part of my family came here legally from Mexico. It's not that difficult if your willing to wait your turn. Many of those who don't wait are here for the jobs, and plan to return with a nice nest egg. Also there are probably several million here on green cards, that have been here for 10 or 20 years, that never have applied for citizenship. They don't intend to.

We can't give amnesty to 12-25 million people. It would cost the country 1-2 trillion dollars. Deportation is much cheaper at 94 billion, and it removes the incentive for others who think about coming here illegally in the future.

I hope everyone in Utah realizes that these people do not speak for the entire Hispanic community. Studies done by the PEW institute show a growing number of Hispanics that want the laws enforced.

William A
Cottonwood Heights, UT

*** "Do you think WilliamA would want to be deported if he was her?" ***

No, I would not want to be deported. But then if I stole a car - or my parents had stolen one for me - I would not want to have it taken away, either. That's entirely different from the question of whether I *should* have it taken away.

There are people who want to immigrate here - tens or even hundreds of millions of them. If we don't defend our laws and our territory where will it stop? How many illegal immigrants before you, too, realize that it is unsustainable?

Santa Clara, UT

"Latin Leaders Praise the Compact". Now that is a surprise! These are the people who march in the streets, waving foreign flags, demanding rights for illegals. Just once I would like to see them march in support of LEGAL IMMIGRATION and support all ethnic groups of the world to immigrate legally, not just "their" ethnic group. Smacks of.... dare I say it? If I do this won't be posted. The PC police will get me.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

3 scenarios, alternate endings.

1. "But judge, I was rushing my pregnant wife to the hospital."

2. "But judge, I was escaping from a neighborhood gang."

3. But judge, my children are starving."

Judge Sandstrom:

1. Dang speeder. You may never use a hospital again. Your new child will remain there and your wife must choose between you.

2. Thats your problem. Just go away.

3. Serves you right. They're probably anchor babies.

Judge Justice W. Compassion: I believe in the rule of law, mercy won't rob justice. Therefore . . .

1. You did endanger innocent drivers. I'll fine you, but will also allow you to work it off. It's not in the interest of society to further burden the working poor.

2. Its legal to defend yourself. Please detail the conditions that led up to this incident so they can be reported to the proper authorities and decent families can live in peace.

3. You can work off the damages. As a preventative I'll send you to a program on how to work within the system. I hope your children grow up healthy and educated enough to pay our Social Security.

Herriman, UT

It is pretty easy to say that the LDS Church supports the Utah Compact. They had the opportunity to sign off on it and did not. Let's compare that to the Declaration of Independence back in July 1776. The signers knew that if the war was lost that they could all be tried as traitors to the Crown but chose to sign it anyway. You want to talk about moral principles? That is putting your beliefs front and center. The First Presidency SHOULD HAVE signed the Compact and did not.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Compassion yes- absolutely. One of the most compasstionate things we can do is send them back, and revamp the laws making it easier for them to come here to live and work - legally!

They come here illegally, and they are at the mercy of slum lords, unscrupulous employers, and who knows what else. We need to quit encouraging that by stopping the rewards to those who break the laws, and revamp what we have on the books so it is easier for them to come here - as LEGAL citizens/guest workers who pay taxes and aren't afraid to call the cops on criminals.

manti, Utah

Where were all you law-and-order fanatics when ALL the politicians over the last 40 years, Repubs. and Dems. alike, decided to turn their heads and NOT enforce the laws that you are all so self-righteously citing? This country rolled out the welcome mat, posted Help Wanted signs on the boarder and watched as they came in by the tens of thousands every year and did next to nothing! (Reagan, Bushes, Clinton and all the rest).

Now in all your hypocritical self-righteous indignation you want to throw them all out! They came - no problems, they raised families - no problems, bought homes, became an integral part of our society and now you want to throw them all out! The law meant nothing then, now - it's the holy grail!

After what this government has done (or failed to do)- we owe these people at least a shot at some kind of amnesty. The Church's position is right on. Enforce our immigration laws at the boarder like we should have done for the last several decades. Then deal humanly with those who've been here long enough to establish lives here - like the church recommends.

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