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Published: Sunday, Nov. 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Brigham City, UT

More pro-illegal alien spin by the DN.

Springville, UT

Don't talk to me about immigration reform from Utah's leaders. Where were they when the Democrats were trying to get it done and the Republicans, including Utah's delegation, fought it? This is the same immigration reform package that the Republicans previously endorsed. This compact may have some nice principles in it, but it is a hollow gesture because the prevailing party here in Utah will play politics with it.

Murray, UT

What a bunch of propaganda. Anyone who signs this thinks they can fly in the face of overwhelming public opposition. This is nothing less than an attempt to push illegal alien amnesty without actually having to admit that you are doing it. This is "shooting from behind a rock" in favor of amnesty and trying to pretend you don't know where the shot came from.
We all need to pay very close attention to all those who sign this and let them know that we aren't fooled by it. Let those who sign it know that you are withdrawing your support from them and that illegal immigration is destroying this state and nation and they are tacitly aiding and abetting it.

Really Concerned Citizen
Magna, UT

When Utah is as bankrupt as California, will we wake up then? Do you really believe that immigration, legal and illegal, has nothing to do with California's budget problems? Sugar-coating immigration so that those making the money or promoting their own particular political agenda is not a public service; it is the opposite. Immigration serves no glorious purpose in our society. The future, our children and grandchildren, will pay the price of our current folly when the middle-class is destroyed and the elites are still singing about the wonders of immigration. Immigration, pure and simple, is being pushed by those making money off of it to the detriment of our nation as a whole or by those whose political philosophies are blinded by ideology.

Invisible Hand
Provo, UT

The compact is nice, but the Legislature makes the laws. Did Sandstrom sign it? It's just some irrelevant symbolism, while the threat of counterproductive immigration laws is still as big as ever.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Utah Compact is simply a fancy advertisement for the continuance and enhancement of cheap labor policies by the vested business interests in Utah.

The words are useless generalities with no specifics, all alluding to the acceptance of immigration with out any regard for the legal or illegal aspects.

Utah respects local law because it protects business. Utah wages war against Federal law because it protects people.

I believe that the words We champion policies that support families and improve the health, education and well-being of all Utah children are phony as shown by the actions and polices of Utah with regards to school, health care and general welfare.

When they brag about Utah being a business friendly state, the real meaning is Utah has cheap labor and the government favors business financially.

Their words free society are a cover up for their immigration policies. nothing that business does promotes a free society.

Is there a place to sign in disagreement of the Utah Compact?

Magna, UT

The people will not usually choose that which is wrong. I have more faith in their judgment than that of those who are convinced they "know better".

Magna, UT

The logic expressed here is the same logic that gave us NAFTA, China's most-favored-nation status, and a variety of "free" trade agreements. If we look at just NAFTA, for example, we see that none of the wonders promised came to pass. Jobs flowed to Mexico where Mexicans were exploited. The chaos in Mexico is, to a large degree, created and aggravated by the "free trade" policies of the global elites and their minions here locally. The economic situation in our nation is the result of poor economic policy - policies that those who signed the Utah Compact seem to love so much. We should help Mexico and other nations solve their problems in their nations. Importing millions under the mantra that we are benefiting is an outright lie. We are a nation, not just an economy. Isn't it time our elites recognize this?

The Sensible Middle
Bountiful, UT

It makes sense that a state that is pro family and pro business would be for a form of immigration that keeps families together and is good for business.

These people come here, not only do they work hard and dilligently at jobs that Americans don't take seriously, they are also consumers. They buy things and this helps business.

These people have helped our economy grow. Given our national debt, we need a large and robust economy.

Saint George, UT

Nowhere in the "Utah Compact" is the word "illegal" mentioned. Nowhere in the DN editorial is the word "illegal" mentioned. We are dealing with illegal immigration, not immigration - two different subjects.

Ultra Bob asks if there a place to sign in disagreement with the Compact; Yes, support the forthcoming legislation that will be introduced in the 2011 legislative session - strongly support Rep. Sandstrom and his colleagues in their efforts to prevent Utah from becoming another California. The Compact will cause Utah to become a magnet for illegal aliens leaving Arizona. How about some compassion for the law-abiding CITIZENS of Utah?

In contrast to the so-called Compact, the City of St. George Mayor and City Council issued a Proclamation on October 7, 2010 strongly opposing illegal immigration. The Washington County Commission has issued a similar document. These are the kind of "Compacts" that need to be given credence and support.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Leave it to Utah Republicans -- who spend a lot of time sitting in classes at Church yakking about charity being the pure love of Christ -- to protest compassion and civility in dealing with the poor. This is known as "irony." It is also known as Pharisaism (look it up).

West Jordan, UT

Interesting editorial. I also believe immigration should be handled at the federal level and I vote with that in mind. Our representatives should take the voice of their constituency to Washington and seriously get to work on securing the border. It's hard to blame the immigrants for coming here with the hope of providing for their families when this shoddy immigration policy allows for the mess we are in. Having said that it is also disconcerting to see the disrespect by "illegals" when it comes to our laws. I wish the LDS church would address that along with the cry for compassion. It always feels so one sided.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

How can anything presented by the Utah Repubs be seriously considered without addressing the BUSINESSES that are breaking the law and hiring these illegals?

If The Repubs really care about fixing this problem, then they'd come up with a comprehensive law attacking those businesses who are breaking the law.

Once the issue with employing illegally is addressed, this issue of illegal immigration will resolve itself. People won't come here if they can't find jobs.

But then again, those who give away taxpayer money to their business buddies to the tune of $13 million could care less about actually resolving this issue. They're just creating a lot of smoke so that us lemmings think that they're actually resolving this issue.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The Utah Compact fails to even say the words.
Nowhere does it talk of "illegal aliens" or even "undocumented."
It uses the term "immigrants" and "immigration" throughout.
It is a shell game at best. It implies that the problem is xenophobia. And that is exactly what they want people to believe.
But the Compact people are wrong.
May I suggest that the Compact people have a vested interest in maintaining this de facto amnesty. Their interests may be political or economic...or even keeping the pews filled on Sunday.

Salt Lake City, UT

One could interpret the statement in the compact that it supports policies that protect families to be a direct request for laws that strictly enforce illegal immigration. Given the largest segment of such individuals leave their families at home when coming here. I agree it is shameful to support any policy that encourages the breakup of families in their native lands to come to this country and be exploited in doing so by business, politicians, and religions.

Salt Lake City, UT

More pro-ILLEGAL immigration propaganda from greedy business interests who want their cheap labor even at the expense of the well-being and integrity of the United States of America -- and all dressed up in suits and ties, to boot. A shameful display.

Murray, UT

To Sensible Middle,

Your arguments that immigrants are making some sort of valuable contribution to our economy are totally off the wall. Most don't pay taxes and they cost us ten dollars in social costs for every one they contribute. With millions of our own people out of work we don't "need" them by any stretch of the imagination.
Your argument that they are doing jobs we don't want is ridiculous, they have taken over most construction jobs that Americans very much used to do.
They don't help the national debt, they helped cause and it and they are bankrupting states across the nation.
As for the family argument, that is the most ridiculous of all, they left their families voluntarily to break the law and come here to take what they can get and send it back. This is a cash drain on the economy. They can have a family reunion any time they want in their own country.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

This editorial is quite a stretch, even for the DN. Actually Forbes would, most probably, express admiration for our business community if they worked to insure that EVERY business has the ability to compete fairly. When some employers get to take advantage of workers for 3-4 dollars per hour, and others meet the minimum wage, (not to mention paying workmens comp., etc)for their employees. Employers who employ the illegals have a DECIDEDLY unfair advantage.
I don't think Forbes magazine sees that as an admirable trait.


Pro-growth = pro-cheap labor.

American Spartan
Taylorsville, Utah

Laughable proposal by the organizers behind Utah Compact. Who benefits from immigration "reform"? Amnesty or allowing illegal aliens to run free in the state, thumbing nose at the law?

The talk about "Immigration" and "Immigrant" in Utah Compact mean illegal alien. Who benefits from this publicity charade? Nothing but traitors who love illegal aliens to encourage to 'displace' native population (including violent & property, crime, welfare fraud/abuse, id theft, and job theft).

Treason have heavy price for the backers of illegal immigration. I hope Republican legislators have common sense not to fall for the politically correct bait that is Utah Compact. Instead, they should ignore this charade and press ahead to pass Arizona-style law. Illegal alien advocates do not care about the rule of law, they want empowerment for illegals to 'rule' Salt Lake County area.

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