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Published: Friday, Nov. 12 2010 11:00 a.m. MST

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Durham, NC

We need more legal immigration. That is the only way to solve this problem. We rely on immigrant skilled labor too. US schools (Ranked #36 amongst industrialized nations for math skills) are not producing the kind of students who are skilled enough for the jobs of the future. Every year, the cap on H1-B visas (for skilled immigrants) is reached in a matter of days. US Corporations know that this puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to the rest of the world in the long run. We need more immigration for unskilled workers too. If you don't want US companies to exploit workers, and I sure don't, the you should be asking for comprehensive immigration reform that makes it easier for people to come to this country legally to work. Enforcement only, as many of you are calling for, does not reflect the economic reality of our age.

Provo, UT

What a beautiful demonstration of "moderation" in all things, especially on such a divisive issue that has driven many to the extreme of ideas. This sends out the importance of implementing ideals that are both lawful and caring for the individuals involved. I'm also happy to see the LDS church join other religious leaders and organization on this cause. Wonderful news.

Lewisville, TX

Well, if many or most on this board are members of the LDS Church, we have some rebellion brewing, don't we? What part of being compassionate don't y'all like? What part of pro-family causes you to quiver in your constitutional boots? Being in this country without permission is not a felony. If you expected the LDS Church to call for mass deportations, ask what would happen to the Spanish speaking branches of the LDS Church in almost all states? Ever wonder why the church still gives temple recommends to those who are here illegally?

Salem, UT

Oh this is soooo confusing- I listen to the radio and I am supposed to hate immigrants and understand all the evil they do and how the constitution is hanging by a thread because of it and then the LDS Church comes out and supports a position of moderation and reasoned thought- what will I do?- I am sure I will do as most and find some way to justify my animosity but still go to Church and proclaim my Chritian values- good luck

Doug S
Lindon, UT

I wonder how many of the people demanding conservative Mormons now fall in line behind "the brethren", were self-righteously touting their own independence of mind when they opposed Prop 8 in California?

As for the "we need the labor" - this is a nation of three hundred million people. We have the labor. What employers want, and what immigrants are willing to provide, is CHEAP labor.

I don't care what your job is--someone, somewhere on this earth is willing to do it for less money than you are. In the long run, yeah--more numbers of specialized workers in a country should create more prosperity. But, as Lord Keynes said--in the long run, we're all dead. And in the short run, you're either jobless or taking a hefty pay cut just to stay employed.

Salt Lake City, UT


I have tracked the issues around the H-1B visa for the last 10 years. It is used in exploitive manner by most of the employers. Nobel Prize economist Milton Friedman called the visa a government "subsidy" to employers. I am sure the Chamber of Commerce and other pro-business groups would lobby hard against any subsidy that they don't like. American "white-collar" workers should also - and they have - hence the reason the H-1B visa is limited now: so many laid off tech workers contacted their representatives against the H-1B visa that Congress has received a lot of opposition against it. Still, 80,000 visas a year are available - some years not even that many jobs are created in its market. Plus, many of the visas are used in short-term situations in preparation to move work offshore - counter to the so-called "need" due to unavailability of US workers.

A "laissez-faire" approach to immigration cannot possibly work. Americans know what has already happened to their neighborhoods and culture. Capping immigration is sensible - especially if the visas are used in subsidy-like manner and work against US workers.

Murray, UT

It is interesting to see so many LDS people against the Utah Compact when the LDS Church has taken the position to support it.

Selective obedience to the prophet? Or is he not "inspired" in issuing this statement of support of the Compact.

The LDS Church has made great strides towards a moderate stance in many issues and has joined the other churches in the valley calling for reform in a moderate fashion, to avoid Draconian measures. Why all the criticism?

Cedar City, UT

So, do we go "moderate" on all the CRIME that has come with all this illegal immigratation too? And this has NOTHING to do with..illegals doing jobs others won't do either. It has EVERYTHING to do with CHEAP labor.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am totaly amazed how the creators of the compact can encourage breaking the law. I think the people siging the compact and encourage compassion should create a fund that would help pay for the education, medical needs and food for the illegal immigrants so our tax money goes to the American citizens that are in dire need. We were told that in a few years Utah will be paying 40% of our total budget into medicaid. This said in a meeting of Utah Senate members and congressional representativers from other states. Are we so blind by the desire of the various religions and business greed not to see what is happening to our state and country. Many states are moving to correct this which means we will see more illegal alliens moving to Utah. I don't want my tax money going to support them, I want it used for my grandchildren and other American families. Why should we take care of illegals when we have elderly that are in dire need. Let the church direct money to the help they need. Tired of hearing the work compassion when it only involves illegal immigrants. Will soon be a California.

Tooele, UT

Since the introduction of Rep. Stephen Sandstrom's proposed immigration bill., one similar to the controversial bill passed in Arizona several months ago the powers that be namely, Bishop John Wester, leader of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City and head of the Catholic Bishops of the United States Immigration Committee, , The Utah chamber of commerce, Mark Willes Deseret Media Corporation president and CEO ,Former Gov. Olene Walker, Attorney general Mark Shurleff and factions of the Lds church have arrayed themselves in opposition to the bill. These are the same elements that have given us the use of the Matricla card (unverifiable Mexican consul I.D. card) for drivers licenses, in state tuition for illegal alien children, and if they had their way today amnesty for 250,000 or so illegal Mexican nationals on the Wasatch front, all this during a time of high economic uncertainty for thousand of Utans, Representative Sandsrom deserves all the help he can get when the session convenes the fist of the year don't you think? Illegal immigration is a serious problem and polls done in the past reflect an attitude of enforcement not amnesty.

Springville, UT

I really don't care what these so-called (and often self-proclaimed) "leaders" do in regards to illegal immigration. They're putting short-term interests ahead of long-term ramifications. For these politically correct personalities, it's a quest for converts and donations (which, in turn, increases their power and influence).


Deseret Media has been the most vocal advocate for illegal immigration in this state. You think it might have to do with their Spanish newspaper? Think again.

If you were to slice and dice this issue--getting to the real reason why some entities (churches, businesses, news organizations, one political party) are in favor of illegal immigration and amnesty, you'll find it has at its core one reason--money. And money is power.

So the rest of us have to pay the social/tax burden, deal with the additional crime (including beheadings and other cartel activities), and the loss of our culture, national sovereignty, and law and order--all so these entities can benefit.

That isn't sad. It makes me mad.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Illegal immigrants- bad, go home and take your family with you.

Legal immigrants- good, welcome and may you enjoy assimilation into the American dream and prosper.

Ignore the pandering politicians, and the greedy employers who are seeking to benefit themselves.

Religious leaders can be respected for their charitable instincts, but need to be reminded that obedience to the law is essential. Be as charitable and compassionate as you like to those here illegally but they deserve no incentives, support or aid to enter or remain in this country.

Respect and enforce all our laws, or we will have none.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Do not patronize those groups that signed this compact. This is how you register your vote against such groups, who are really motivated to exploit cheap labor upon which their businesses depend. Vote against cheap, illegal labor exploitation. Make these groups earn and honest living.

Cedar City, UT

The compact is not a "moderate approach to immigration reform." It is a white flag of surrender to a foreign invasion. Our national leaders have surrendered our national sovereignty, identity, and language to this invasion without so much as firing a single shot. That is not a "moderate approach!" It is complete and willful failure to fulfill the federal mandate to defend the States from invasion. For State and local leaders to participate in, or endorse to any extent whatsoever, this surrender is unconscionable. There are situations an dissues where compromise and moderation are appropriate. Dealing with an invasion is not one of them!

Atlanta, GA

For those of us Latter-day Saints who were suspicious of Republicans all along, this is truly a great day.

Now, for all of you who say the Church endorses the GOP, let's see your confusion and apoplexy boil over. For Republicans in Utah, please stop assuming that the Church is politically conservative. It's really not.

Springville, UT

Deseret Media doesn't have the guts to stand for the rule of law. This call for "civil dialogue" started with this issue.

As a stake leader, I received a few weeks back a letter encouraging us to maintain civil dialogue regarding the issue of illegal immigration.

I find this call for civil dialogue disingenuous and patronizing. It isn't sincere at all nor is it in the American spirit of open dialogue and debate. You can't expect support and respect when you demand it.

There is no "warm and fuzzy" feeling over this issue. The majority of Utahns are fully aware that the negatives relating to an open border far outweigh any benefits.

Kae Lake
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you drafters and signers of the "Utah Compact" for being the voice of reason and compassion in a very heated, complicated immigration debate.

  • 5:03 p.m. Nov. 11, 2010
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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

My my....

This is beautiful.
Conservatives actually questioning the LDS 1st Presidency.

Step 1. from the playbook to apostocy.

I suggest to turn off your FoxNews and AM radios.

It's becoming very VERY clear as to who's pipe your listening too.

I guess the G-O-P doesn't really stand for "God's Own Party" after all.

Eric 77
West Valley, Utah

This is not what the majority of Utah or the majority in America want. When is this politically correct liberalistic point of view going to end? I stand firmly behind Sandstrom's bill and I think the majority of Utah feels the same way. Why do you think the midterm elections went the way they did. Only in America would we let 12 million people break the law and then fight for them to stay.It's absolutely ludicrous. It is not ok to break the law no matter what language you speak or what your skin color is. These people are a drain on our school systems,welfare programs, etc. I work hard but don't make a lot of money therefore I own a modest home in West Valley and it's really bad here. I don't want to live in Mexico but it's being brought to me anyway.I wish some of these liberal politicians, city leaders, religious leaders, lived in my community instead of their upscale neighborhoods maybe then they'd have a different point of view.

  • 5:30 p.m. Nov. 11, 2010
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Salt Lake City, UT

Please understand that if they are caught crossing the border without inspection it is a criminal federal class B misdemeanor and they are deported. If they are not caught or if their visa expires then it is only "Unlawful presense" which is only a CIVIL infraction of a federal code not criminal. I don't condone what they have done but separating their families for a class B misdemeanor is not a suitable punishment for a class B misdemeanor nor a Civil infraction of a federal code. It is not as simple as "what about illegal don't you understand" ? We should not become a police state and if we follow what AZ has done and we make the Federal Civil infraction into a state crime there will be untold unintended consequences for not only the economy but for Utah's future. Understanding the legal issues is a start but most people that have written in don't have the legal understanding and they just keep saying enforce the law... If the policeman does not see you J walk and all of a sudden your on the other side your not going to get a J walking ticket

  • 5:38 p.m. Nov. 11, 2010
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