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Published: Friday, Nov. 12 2010 11:00 a.m. MST

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Logan, UT

Read the Constitution. Where does it say the federal government should handle immigration. It only handle naturalization, a separate issue.

Dan Bishop
Lehi, UT

I have read the compact and the thing that concerns me, is there is nothing in it requiring immigrants to obey the law, learn English, teach their children not to write on the walls, attain citizenship, or give up their old citizenship. Coming here implies citizenship and with it comes responsibility. Americans aren't against immigration but they are against bad behavior.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

If the federal government would be doing anything, would there BE pressure at the state level to do something? Seriously, becuase of this, Mayor Becker does NOT have my support next election. I refuse to vote for a mayor that can't use their brian.

Ogden, UT

What happened to common sense in all of this? I can see both sides of this argument, but if we don't control our borders this situation will harm more people on both sides of this issue. I believe that is why we can't solve it now. there is no statesman ship nor common sense in politics or law.

Riverton, UT

They should take the legal approach. Please enforce the current laws that are in place AND secure the borders...fat chance.

Kaysville, UT

3arwax - You are right there are two documents
1. The Constitution
2. The compact

One upholds the rule of law the other does not.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you read the statement, it's not really about that anyway. It's about being compassionate and rational when making decisions about people who are living and working in our community.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Even the most ardent supporters of eliminating illegal immigration, such as FAIR and NumbersUSA, do NOT support mass deportation. They support gradual reduction of illegal immigrants by laws that encourage those in the USA illegally to return home. Also, they also support strengthening the border.

We should hope and pray for better political and economic conditions in 3rd world nations, especially Mexico.

We should also realize the facts with immigration, and that immigration should never be used as a worldwide poverty reduction plan, as there are billions in poverty which is well beyond the capability of the USA to fix this problem by mass importation of people.

Clearfield, UT

WOW, sounds like common sense. Can't have that. Imagine treating them like human beings. The right wing must be going nuts. After all aren't they all rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and responsible for a crime wave. We must have a law enforcement only approach. No room for compassion in this LDS dominated state.

Austin, TX

HERE, here. Finally a rational attitude about immigration reform. Maybe the rest of the nation will listen, too. There has to be a better way- something between throwing open the gates and throwing them all out- thank heaven someone is looking for it.

Too bad they didn't listen to the health care debate in Utah before they pushed that through.

patriot vet
Cedar City, UT

I am so happy that LDS Church leaders have joined other church and community leaders in signing this compact. It reflects our society's conscience, customs and standards. And it reflects the Gospel.

We veterans served a country that welcomes the downtrodden and those who come here to work and serve their new country as well.

Amen to the compact's statement: Utah should focus its resources on "criminal activities, not civil violations of federal code."

Salt Lake City, UT

We need to remove and not create any rewards and incentives for immigrants to come here and be here illegally.

Immigrants that are here illegally should not have the ability to become United States Citizens prior to those outside the U.S. applying to come legally.

We do need to treat all, even those breaking our laws, as human beings. There should be incentives for those that are already here illegally to register with the U.S. Government for a short term work visa if done in conjunction with a sponsoring legal business. Those short term work visas should not be a step toward citizenship.

Citizenship, if desired and qualified for, must be applied for with the application from their country of origin, (unless qualifying for asylum) and behind those that have been waiting legally there. 

Somewhere in the USA, UT

Well, so much for my United Way Donations. I have cancelled next years deductions and WILL NOT participate in their sub for santa this Christmas.

Mesa, AZ

If you lived in Mexico and your family was starving and you knew you could get a job at the Orange Julius in a Mall in Utah that paid you as much in a day that you could earn in a week back home you would come too.
Man! Come to think of it. I could really use an Orange Julius. Anyone know if those are around anymore?
I am guessing as word get's around about this charter a bunch of illegals from AZ are going to flock up here.
If they do, I hope they open a few more restaurants in Bountiful. I can't get a decent taco in that town! Who's with me?

David B.
Cedar City, UT

The reason why the states are doing something is because the ferderal gov't won't do their jobs period!If you are illegal you don't belong here and you gotta go,no more freebies from us hard working Americans.We are tired of supporting your criminal ways.If you want to come here you do it the right way or not at all!Also re-write the 14th ammendment to exclude anchor babies! If you are illegal your child shouldn't be granted citizenship.

Kearns, UT

Where is the compassion for the American citizen who have had their identity stolen, their employment stolen by illegals from the community leaders and business owners, and taxes used by cash payed illegals to use the infrastructure of our community. Compassion goes both ways. The illegals made the choice to come to America, now they whine that we have not given them enough. Many of them have left family (elderly and disabled)back in their own home country to survive with little help. I'm tired of reading about one sided compassion. As a parent, I learned through experience that sometimes compassion involves tough love with consequences.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

ALL illegal aliens that are here are breaking our laws - PERIOD. Why is that so hard to understand?

These radical lefist groups (sutherland institute, LA RAZA, etc) and the liberal politicians like Becker, Shurtleff and Burbank all want to absolve themselves from having to deal with this invasion, but the people have spoken very loud and clear that we have had enough of this blatant refusal by teh federal and local governments to enforce the law.

We the people are rising up against this deliberate attempt by our "representatives" who want to turn our country into mexico, and we WILL vote you out. Count on it.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

It's LDS Church leaders that strongly urge "moderate" (that's a liberal term by the way), approach to illegal immigration reform, not all Church Member's and American Citizen's. I refuse too participate with that thinking. Utah must obey all the written law's of the land and "NEVER" ever adopt a phony illegal humane approach to this reality, reflecting on their culture, history and spirit of inclusion. Right now Utah don't respect the rule of law and support law enforcement's professional judgment and discretion. They try to turn "federal code's" into minor State civil violations stuffed into Bill's in Congress along with earmarks and pork. while they oppose policies that unnecessarily separate families and deport the parent's, when they have the right to take their "welfare kid's" along with them. Utah don't really acknowledge the non-economic role illegal immigrants play while real American workers and taxpayers pay for while they are here. That's my view, like it or not. And I'm a Mormon also. Plus a true conservative that does not hide the truth's.

Happy Veteran's Day.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

The legal citizens of this state overwhelmingly support an Arizona type law and the enforcement of the laws. Our "elected representatives" would do well to remember that.

Name Already Used
Fort Duchesne, UT

The document has the same weight and importance as the State declaring "Be nice to your Fine Feathered Friends Week." Any smart person knows you can't spit into the wind nor draw on the Lone Ranger and you can't solve a problem with a be nice policy. Unless you are willing to enforce the law and put "heart" into it--there will continue to be Federal Law Violators painting graffiti, posting the flag upside down, taking jobs with phony IDs, not paying income tax, and getting free education and health care.

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