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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 10 2010 12:00 p.m. MST

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county mom
Monroe, UT

Well 'ExTBird' the smaller schools in this state that are far from the major populations, only have the students that are in thier comunitties. If there are only 300 students ALL the boys that want to, play football. 6' 5", 250 lb boys are rare among us. There are no tryouts these boys are all we have. Yes talent is talent no matter the class, but when there are only 20 kids on the team there are no backup players.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Do they realize that West in 5A and East in 4A broke one of the hottest high school rivalries in the state????? And I belive this also means an end for "Outclass Highland" week at East???... Can't believe I'm now sighing for the "good ol' days".

Go Leopards!!!!!

Holladay, UT

HIJrod - you may want to correct yourself on that Kingsford comment, since Larry Wilson came in and did a pretty dang good job following him (and, if I recall, had WAY more success against Skyline). I don't want to get in to comparing the two cause they were both good, but this is certainly not a nosedive. In fact, I think that they got better when Wilson stepped in for Kingsford

Holladay, UT

Westlake#1 fan

Cmon, those schools have been around a long time. What an insult to say that you've never heard of them. Let's line up all of the people in this state who have never heard of Westlake...I will bet that it's WAY more than people who have not heard of Hillcrest, Murray, and Cyprus combined!

Midway, UT

Funny that there were a couple of comments about Orem and Highland winning all the state championships. Hilarious that someone said Orem will win the next three basketball titles. A quick history lesson, just last year Wasatch beat Orem by 26 in basketball and beat Timpview (the eventual 4A champs). Juan Diego beat Springville, who is in the 4A state title game, in football! There is no way these schools will compete with Juan Diego in baseball or Judge and Park City in swimming or tennis. Probably have a tough go against Park City in cross country. Obviously, they don't have a chance in wrestling.

Wellsville, UT

Oh noooo!! Logan is staying in 4A....Looks like they will never get a state championship again.

VB Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

If it all is because we have to keep the southern schools in the same region for "Travel" so therefore the 3A numbers are a joke, We should just split the state into 2 states... Utah and Not Utah then u can have the UHSAA and the NUHSAA I think that solves it! ha

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