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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 10 2010 12:00 p.m. MST

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Mapleton, UT

I think they should have added 8 more teams to 5a and 8 to 4a (32 each total, 4 regions of 8) they still take only 4 teams (half) of each region to the playoffs. It seems WAY more logical to me. This is a cluster for teams like Lehi, Spanish Fork, all Orem Schools, etc...

Hon Jensen
South Jordan, UT

It is strange to see West Jordan in a different region from Bingham. But WJ hasn't beat Bingham in football since the 3OT victory in 2001. Since then Bingham has stomped them year in year out.(although WJ gave them a good first half this year)

Maybe some time off will do the Jaguars good, just like when Olympus and Skyline took some time off from each other.

rick 86
cedar city, utah

There are a lot of comments about how bad this is for SLC and Utah county. Two years ago St George was complaining, they redrew their boundries and now they are all where they want to be. Call your school board members redraw your boundries and in two years your problems with this realignment will be someone elses.

Elmo, UT

The number of teams in the given classifications is what I question. 24 in 4A and 5A, 28 in 3A, 20 in 2A. Why not 24 in each and drop N. Sanpete and Delta? Or why not 28 in 5A and 4A and include some of the 1A schools in 2A? Oh wait, I see, this is all about keeping the Southern teams in the same classification. Never mind all my equal the playing field talk. It is not about competitiveness or number of students. It is about which schools have the most clout. 2A and 1A are after thoughts. Look at 1A Football what are there 6 total teams and one will be state champ???

Roosevelt, Utah

I'm not on here saying that Highland is going to dominate 3A because I know some of those schools in the south are just as good and should be 4A along with Highland. But I played in a region with Union, Uintah, Park City, Wasatch and then transfered into highland for my junior and senior year and I'm telling you that the talent level I experienced was tremendous. I have followed Region 10 these past few years and always keep an eye on Highland and I have no doubt in my mind that Highland will be the favorite in boys sports in Football, Basketball and high in Baseball in this region. I however am excited for a Highland @ Union Football game!

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Well you have to empathize with the UHSAA because they figured it out 17 different ways, and each time they figured it,it was no good,because no matter how they figured it,somebody didn't like the way they figured it,So now, theres only one way to figure it,And that is every school for themselves, So good luck and may the best school win, Except for Hurricane of course...their never happy....:))Their you go GDOT

Saratoga Springs, UT

Hillcrest, Murray and Cyprus?!?! I've never even heard of those schools! Where are they? Plus, why separate the three schools in Orem into 3 different regions? BOGUS.

Spanish Fork, UT

UHSAA has been pretty open with the details leading up to the region and classification realignment for several months. Go to their web site and look at the power point from August along with the school poulation numbers poasted last week.

We knew the number of schools per classification and that school 11th and 12th grade enrollment numbers this year would be the main criteria to allocate schools.

I'd have done a couple of things differently, (re: Highland -> Region 6, Olympus -> Region 7, Timpanogas -> Region 8, Springville -> Region 11, Carbon -> Region 10) but it's time to live with the realignment.

We know that two years from now things will change again.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

In Texas you can ask to move up a classification for sports. So if you are a 3A powerhouse, you can move up to 4A with a simple request.

Provo, UT

Why putting Springville in 3-A is better than Highland?

1) If Springville goes 3-A it still has traditional rivals like Spanish Fork and Payson in its league along with Orem. Highland will have no traditional rivals in its league, except maybe Judge nearby, which is a stretch.

2) If Springville goes 3-A it will travel a bit more with two teams in its league outside of Utah County. But the furthest journey would be to Delta around 50 miles. If Highland goes 3-A they will have to go to Vernal and Roosevelt, 180 and 150 miles respectively.

3) By keeping Highland 4-A you can create a league where Timpanogos can be shifted to a region with Utah County teams. This decreases travel now for a third party. If Springville moves to 3-A Carbon is shifted to the region Highland is now assigned.

Since the UHSAA seems dead set on its 24/24/28 model for the top 3 classifications, understandably tough decisions must come about. But to me, the most logical is to keep Highland 4-A as it will drastically reduce travel for two schools (Highland and Timpanogos) vs. one.

Lehi, UT

Lehi back in 5A? Really??? They just split off Westlake and are still finding a their stride as a 4A school again. And Viewmont not even in the mix in Davis Co.? Shows that even the numbers don't tell the whole story. Once again, the schools who are on top, get to stay on top and the principles turn a blind eye to transfers.

Manti, UT

What an absolute joke! North Sanpete, Juab, & Delta in a region with Spanish Fork and Orem?!?!?! Put these small rural schools (NS, Juab, Delta) together in 2A along with Emery, Manti, Richfield, Gunnison, South Sevier, etc...
City schools have an advantage over rural schools. Keep rural schools in the same classification.

Heber City, UT

Your proposal might cut travel for 2 schools but it triples the travel for 6 schools. But I know; 3A doesn't count.

Roosevelt, UT

Does it sound right to have a Highland football team in the 4-A Championship game this year dropping down to 3-A? They just dominated Springville in the semi-final and Springville ran over every one in 3-A with the exception of Juan Diego. Think about the size of your kids stacking up against a Highland team that is a lot bigger, deeper and skilled. If our starter goes out we turn to a 125 pound sophomore. Football will take on the biggest impact of size difference. It will not get kids hurt.

Just my opinion
Salt Lake City, UT


Mapquest directions for all these schools and you will see that the over all travel will be less for more schools with the below listed classifications and regions then the one the UHSAA came out with for the hearing next week (yes some schools travel goes up, but they go up way less then others go down. So it's still a positive towards lowering the travel for all schools combined). The classifications and regions I list below only change schools that the UHSAA listed as bubble teams anyways. Keeps the rest in the classification they where put in.


Region 1 - Weber, Fremont, Syracuse, Northridge, Layton, & Davis

Region 2 - Viewmont, Cyprus, Granger, Hunter, Taylorsville, Kearns

Region 3 - Cottonwood, Brighton, West Jordan, Copper Hills, Jordan, & Alta

Region 4 - Bingham, Riverton, Lone Peak, Lehi, American Fork, & Pleasant Grove.

The only change to 5A is Cyprus in place of West. This make almost no difference in travel for 5A (a 0.66 miles difference per school, per trip). But see the positive effect having West in 4A has to travel for them.


Just my opinion
Salt Lake City, UT

Alignment Part Two:


Region 5 - Skyview, Logan, Moutain Crest, Roy, & Bonneville

Region 6 - Clearfield, Bountiful, Woods Cross, West, East, & Highland

Region 7 - Skyline, Olympus, Murray, Hillcrest, Herriman, & Westlake

Region 8 - Timpanogos, Mountain View, Timpview, Provo, & Salem Hills

The following are the changes from the alignment the UHSAA has listed. Region 5 none, Region 6 add West and Highland, and move Skyline and Olympus to Region 7. Cyprus moved up to 5A for West, and Timpanogos moves down to Region 8. Region 8 adds Timpanogos and drops Springville to 3A.

Lowers travel on average 4.5 miles per team per school for the whole classification. Big winners - Highland: less 100.23 miles per trip, Timpanogos: less 41.89 miles per trip, Cyprus in 5A: 27.54 miles less per trip, Hillcres: less 13.25 miles per trip. Biggest losers: Springville: increase 51.53 miles per trip,


4A Tennis Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

FYI Highland took state in TENNIS last year...

Kaunakakai, Hi

I'm glad to see that some of the misnomers about Highland's strength in things other than football were previously addressed! Seems to me that the Rams have actually been to Basketball State a few times recently. More so than during the tenure of what's his face (80's-90's). After Kingsford the football team kind of took a nose dive for a while. This was written before Highland crushed Springlville 46-21. There are some teams that could make it tough for Highland in 3A. How many of those do they play before state though? How many of them would have beaten 5A Skyline?

Kaunakakai, Hi

Public of Utah please show up to the public hearing on Wednesday November 17th to put a stop to these foolish alignments! How is Logan to Provo a good travel plan? That is 2 hours to and 2 hours back. Why is 5A the only one that makes the most sense? Does it really even matter? I mean really? In an era of furloughs why are you forcing schools to spend more money on sporting costs? I say give it a try, a one year trial and if it doesn't work change it back!

Springville, US-UT

Why do some of you people insist on acting like the "A" rating system has anything to do with how skilled your team is? Copper Hills is 5A and 0-10, Granger is 5A and 1-9, Roy is also 1-9. Should we move them all to 1A for being terrible? Or should we move Duchesne (1A school) to 5A for being 11-1?

Bottom line is that Highland qualifies for 3A based entirely off the schools population. It doesn't matter in the slightest if they take the 4A title this year or not. Highland fans need to seriously get over themselves. This new system is not a insult to your school, or your teams ability in the slightest. It's not the Board of Trustees fault that you tie the "A" rating system directly to your egos. Also acting like your players now have less chance of going to college is a completely baseless assumption. Talent is talent and scouts don't care if it comes from 5A or 1A.

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