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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 10 2010 12:00 p.m. MST

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HHS fan
St. George, UT

Are you kidding me? What sport is Orem good in? It's not football that's for sure. Highland won't win at all sports either. They might compete in some, but you obviously didn't read my previous post.

South Jordan, UT

With smaller regions in 5A, only five region games will be played allowing teams from all regions to schedule as many as 5 non-region games. Plenty of room to still schedule any rivalry games where teams may have been split up in the new alignment.

I would just hope that teams schedule all non-region games before October so no one gets tempted to cancel a game that they deem meaningless in October.

I predicted the Viewmont move to R2 but I'll admit that I never saw the Bingham Riverton move to R4 coming.

I do think the alignment is good for 5A and look to to some good opportunities for quality non-region schedule where teams are willing to go out and do it.

Heber, Utah

3A sports just got a little tougher! Having Sp.Fork and the southern schools together for baseball will be interesting. There are 10 schools now in 3A that played 4A this year. Regions 10 and 12 look the toughest. I hate to burst your bubble Highland, but you're not going to win everything, especially the big sports, boys or girls! As for traveling to Vernal, being from Wasatch, we've done it for years, and it does suck, especially in winter. Going through Strawberry in a blinding snow storm makes the outcome of a game seem meaningless! But the fans from Uintah are good people and they have to make the drive more than us so power to them! Looking forward to the renewal of the wrestling rivalry with Uintah.

Murray, UT

Hey no name...you live in Provo...JDUB was referring to YOU as city folk...He is from Nephi...he is the hay bucker...Juab is welcome to come up to the "big city" anytime. Good luck getting out without a 40 point drubbing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Highland competes regularly in boys basketball and football in 4A with very small numbers (last year semi finalist in basketball, this year semi finalist in football) Add to those small student numbers the fact that a number of students use English as a second language and never partcipate in any sports. it makes the school even smaller for sports.

It's a credit to the Highland athletes, students adminsitration and community that they do so well with so few numbers.

3A will be interesting to say the least.

Murray, UT

Orem is gonna win the next 3 state titles in basketball.

Provo, UT

All three Salt Lake schools in different classifications and all three Orem schools in different regions. Only the UHSAA could dream up this stuff.

Put Highland in 4-A, move Springville to 3-A, move Timpanogos to the region with Provo, TV, MV etc., move Carbon to the region with Uintah and it's a done deal.

That Region 4 does look like war in sports like football, volleyball and baseball.

Springville, US-UT

After watching the Timpview vs Springville game I am really happy to see Springville stay 4A. I can't wait for next years match up against these two amazing football programs.

I have great respect for the Highland team as well but even if they some how manage to defeat Springville I just can't imagine the game being as epic. The season basically ended for me when I say Timpview walk off the field totally stunned at the beating they just took. Game of the year hands down. Game of the last few years even!

Eagle Mountain, ut

Sky View and Mountain Crest moving to 4A? Thought they already were 4A. As a Westlake fan, I wont enjoy the extra traveling to Cyprus, Murray and Hillcrest, but have to like being in a region where the other teams were a combined 18-33 this year.

Sandy, UT

Re: Big Hapa .. obviously we can read and the desnews edited the story to include Alta.

People .. if you go to the UHSAA website you can see the enrollment numbers they used to classify teams. They did as good as they possibly could IMO. The great thing about this new alignment process is that it will be implemented quicker and will only last 2 yrs before it's re-evaluated.

Roberts Ranch, UT

Nahh man. Hurricane will take the 3A title in basketball. :) A 39-9 record the past two years isnt too shabby either :)

Saint George, UT


You will be very, very surprised next year.

Saint George, UT

I love how everyone has the "best solution" to this situation. It's more like your best solution, and what you like most. Problem is, they have to try and make the whole state work, not just Provo or Salt Lake. I'm sure it's difficult to take (being from St. George we had realignment issues too) but by going off numbers it takes away the arguments of playing favorites. So let's all just shut up, and let the kids play ball. Sometimes I think we forget that it's not us out there.

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

Bingham and Riverton were slated to go south last time around, and then Riverton whined at the meeting until the UHSAA switched it over.

Putting Bingham and Lone Peak in the same region is the right thing to do. Both schools are always good in sports due to the fact that both have larger numbers than most as well as great socio-economic areas to draw from.

The fourth place teams in the state tourney that draw Region 2's first place team will have a very legitimate chance to pull off an upset in the state tourney. Region 2 teams would have a hard time competing in 4A, let alone 5A.

I like the regions as they are proposed all things considered, now let's leave them as they are this time around instead of pulling crazy last minute changes like last time around.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've read through these comments and it seems clear to me that 3 Orem schools in 3 different classifications, 3 SLC schools in 3 different classifications and Viewmont not playing anyone in Davis county tells me that the formula was just wrong. Theres more to high school sports than simply numbers. As a formula, this is E= Mc³.

Beyond sports, however, the effect on the Salt Lake District, particularly Highland will be devastating. No aspiring athlete will play for a 3A school. The population of the school will continue to dwindle and the schools closing seems a real possibility. Even two years of this will destroy any Highland sports program and, if numbers are the only criterion, it will never come back to 4A. Failure to consider this will lead to disaster.

cedar city utah, 847320

This change for Highland is absolutely ridiculous. Highland has dominated this region and has even beaten been able to beat 5A schools such as beating Skyline 5 years in a row. They have made it to the championships and are very respected in their region. The athletes at Highland have been successfully recruited to many schools and lowering their division will greatly decrease their opportunities to play at a good college level. This decision belongs to the school not Mr. Cluff, they have the support of the principals and community.
Where does the rivalry lie in this change? The East Highland rivalry has been recognized for decades, the Skyline Highland rivalry has also been known and supported. Now the rival is going to be Judge? No way. Their commute is longer so I don't know what you are talking about.. I hope they are happy with their decision and I hope Highland will be able to dominate 3A and continue to produce NFL football players. Good Luck Highland Athletics!

Springville, UT

To Mary-Cate and POD: Getting recruited for college has nothing to do with what classification you play in. Just look at any of the sports rosters from any university in Utah, and you will see athletes from all over the state. As far as the decision being Mr. Cluff's. I believe it was Highland's principal who was one of the people who came up with the formula for realignment.

West Jordan, UT

Region 4 looks like it will be fun to follow for the next couple of years in most sports. Regions 1 and 3 look soild, but 2 will be weak come playoff time.
Hope Herriman, Bingham, Riverton will play each other still. I think that can become a fun 3 way rivalry.
Not having West Jordan and Bingham in the same region for the first time in 30 years looks strange also. I hope that that game will still happen as well, but I know it will be hard.
Hope Riverton enjoyed all those 2nd place finishes in football because now they will be fighting just to get in the next two years. Maybe they should have whined harder this time around also.

Kaysville, UT

Most think the Highland change was the bad one and I agree. Factor in past competitive performance and it would be better. Wished they would have put Cyrus and Highland in region 6 instead of Skyline and Olympus. It isn't all about the numbers, nor the travel, especially if they were talking 5 or 10 miles ultimately being the determining factor, it's also about how competitive they are and that should be a factor. Tradition determines how good they are in many cases and this current formula doesn't.

Two years between review is much better than 4 years, less damage!

Boo Ya!!!

Just to show how STUPID this all is...

We want to reduce travel and align with geography blah, blah, blah

SO RIchfield goes 2A and drives past North Sevier, Gunnison, and Manti to get to a "region" game in Emery AND NONE of the three they passed through are in their region.


And the 3A stuff is an absolute JOKE!!! Hey, the-powers-that-be, need to start fixing the system instead of 5A & 4A. 3A has always got the shaft. HEY GUYS...you are on the right track, just even out the RATIO's at the top, make 4-8 team regions in 5A & 4A and see what happens.

Yep....politics as usual.

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