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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 10 2010 12:00 p.m. MST

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Lehi, UT

I think it is ridiculous to put Timpanogos in a region where the closest school is 16 miles away. You want to take away travel concerns, put Springville in 3A and they can keep their rivalry with SF, and move Highland into Timpanogos' spot, and put Timpanogos in with the UC schools and keep the rivalry with MV.

South Jordan, UT

yea, that's pretty funny having 3 Orem schools in 3 different regions.

The Short Bus
manti, UT

I can't wait till Manti VS Wasatch Academy when do tickets go on sale I'm sure that will be a sell out. and I agree the North Sanpete Vs Spanish Fork baseball will be one of those nail biters. I wonder has SF even lost as many games over the past 5 years as NS has won. dought it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The move to 3A does not guarantee any titles for Highland. It looks like a tough region with PC, JD, Judge and Wasatch. the only guarantee is long distance travel to see the games. I am not looking forward to 335 mile round trip drives to Vernal to watch basketball in the middle of winter.

Washington, UT

Coolbrees and SLC boy,

Get ready to be embarrassed fellas. Really like Coach Benson and the HHS program, but you won't even be the best in your region. I'm delighted HHS is gonna be in 3A though and I'm sure PV, Hurricane and the rest of Region 12 can't wait to get them on the schedule.

Delta, Ut

So what the UHSAA is saying is that schools like Orem and Sp. Fork are pretty much the same size as schools like Sanpete and Delta. I know that not every one can or will be happy with the new realigment, but hasnt these small 3A schools done their time already and dont they deserve a shot at being the Big Dawg in their classification?

south fan
washington, utah

Every year the best 3a schools are just as good as the best 4a schools and most of the 5a schools in most sports, there are just fewer good schools in 3a.

Ephraim, UT

What I am waiting to see is how well the country kids in 3A stack up against the city kids in 3A. Won't that be a great matchup! I hope the video gamers get it handed to them by the hay-buckers.

Saratoga Springs, UT

i feel for Lehi in football. Hilcrest coach was worried about kids getting hurt what about the kids at Lehi, they have lost like 29 games in a row wow,wow. IDK what to think.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Highland I kind of understnd but how in the heck does Herriman end up in 4A?

Salt Lake City, UT

Orem and Highland will win state in every sport every year as long as it is aligned this way.

Somebody needs to knock some sense into the UHSAA.

Murray, UT

Not sure why the question on Herriman. They are the 43rd size in 2 grade class enrollment (821) and 36th in 3 grade class enrollment (1422). They are not even at the top of 4A. In two years, they should be at the bottom of 5A and in 6 years should be in the top 5 of 5A. This is a great example and justification of the 2 year realignment issue. It would be nice to have all the numbers posted so that people don't respond out of ignorance but can comment with facts.

Salt Lake City, UT

The heavy reliance on a formula, as a means to avoid hard decisions, has shown only that the formula was inadequate to create a useful competitive environment. Three SLC schools in three different classifications? Moving schools away from traditional rivalries? Expensive, long-distance travel for students during a recession? I heard that the UHSAA considers 700 miles of travel to be essentially the same as no travel. If common sense cannot be used, reduce the number of classifications to 3 and do what the UHSAA says it always wants to do: play where you live.

Vernal, UT

Hey ramfan, what is your problem with one 335 mile roundtrip to Vernal while Uintah has to travel that much for just about every road games in the winter. Get over it or don't come to Vernal with your whining about the travel.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

People, read the article and you would all see Alta listed very first in region 3 focus.

Interesting alignments, Viewmont no longer is part of any Davis county rivalry or affiliated with Davis County teams at all.

Bingham actually has some competition, Skyline is a 4A school along with Clearfield and Roy is back down to 4A where they belong.

Region 1 is now only six teams instead of the 9 it did have. All in all things look more competitive.

Salt Lake City, UT

Highland will do fine in all the sports. They will not take state in every sport like those people a saying but they will challenge in almost all of them. Whoever says that springville is more rounded than Highland is crazy and doesn't know what they are talking about. Highland is consistanly great at Football, basketball, golf, both soccers, tennis, volleyball and cross country! The only sport that will struggle immensly is girls basketball. Do some research before you say things like that.

No name
Provo, UT

azamatbagatov and ramfan: Are you really going to whine about a sixteen mile bus trip and finally having to travel more?! the smaller classifications from most 3a schools to 1a travel at least an hour to the CLOSEST school. try a 6 hr ONE WAY trip to Monticello or San Juan, plus those schools have to travel to every game. I have no sympathy for you big schools. Welcome to reality. NUGENT/JDUB: I agree. smaller 3a schools get riped off by bigger teams, and all smaller classifications get riped off by private schools. I hope the farm kids take it to the city slickers. We might be from small communities, but we know how to work hard and know what sports are SUPPOSED to be about, and I can tell you you can't buy it or work the system. It's not always about winning, it's about tradition, and being your best.

Provo, UT

Congrats to all the contributors for the lack of Timpview bashing- I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to blame TV for coercing UHSAA into this mess- I think the cleaning crew accidentally bumped the HS name magnets on the floor and hurriedly threw them back on the board- What a freakin' mess

South Pasadena, CA

Awyeaaaaaah!! Go Rams!!!!

Wildcat Gillet!
Woods Cross, UT

re: kiaoraguy
Timpview WHO?

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