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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

I don't say this often:

Go Irish!

Payson, UT

Utah shouldn´t forget this game all together. Need to learn and grow from it. Watch lots of film from it, and even get motivated for the next game cuz of it.

The utes could put the worst beat down on ND that they´ve had this year. Hopefully the defense comes out a little faster and a little more assignment sound.

Despite their record, ND is a good team, but they always have a tough schedule and are constantly in the spotlight. They haven´t responded well. With another key player out for the season, I don´t expect them to rebound this game against the utes.


Springville, UT

Oh boy Oh BOY! Another nat'l broadcast of my favorite team. I hope the game has as much entertainment value as it did last week!

I'm a convert! Go Irish! ND by 10.

I predict more of the same as has happened these past two weekends.

Another Wynn interception, a fumble and let's throw in some pressure on the QB with 1 sack.

Mark it DOWN!

Lehi, UT

The margin of Utah's loss on Saturday was a real surprise.

I guess the tables of fate could turn where the Cougars win out the rest of the season and Utah loose out the rest of the season. With that scenario BYU finishes 2nd in the conference and Utah fights for 4th place in the conference. Not likely but could be interesting.

IF, I say IF, the above scenario plays out, who has the better team, coach, and program?

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

I really like Jordan Wynn...he always has a positive outlook and doesn't let things get him down. He is going to be a very good QB before his days at the u are over. He may be the best to ever wear the uniform at the u.

Providence, UT

For those of you BYU fans who still wish to gloat over the TCU game and make stupid comparisons. Let me remind you of a game for which there is no comparison.

Utah State 31 - BYU 16

...and it wasn't even that close.

Orem, UT

Notre Dame is a good team? Um, I don't this so. ND is weak this season and has been weak in the last several seasons. Utah pulling off a victory over ND only proves that they can beat chump teams. Utah got to number 5 by beating chump teams and anyone who denies that is clueless. Utah pulled off a very unimpressive victory over Air Force and that should have made it obvious to most people that Utah isn't all that, not this season anyway. Utah will beat ND but it doesn't ease the pain of getting destroyed at home by TCU and it doesn't prove much for Utah.

Ann Arbor, MI

Ok kewgs,

Your actions once again have proven your hypocrisy. For the past several months Utes had to endure your Yning posts We only care about what the Kewgs are doing OR I never read or post on Utah articles .

Hypocrisy is part of your DNA. Keep proving it. As a Utah fan I fully recognize that a tds is unable or unwilling to accept such personal flaws.

Providence, UT

Utah State 31 - BYU 16

...and it wasn't even that close.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Just what the doctor ordered to get the Utes back on track, another cupcake.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

It's on National TV. Who's going to be watching though? It's not a compelling matchup.

Some Irish, some Utes.

Coaches and writers will read the box, and expect Utah to beat them big since they are ranked 15th.

No conference implications.

Everything to lose, nothing to gain.

(Well, they can game some self confidence, and some self respect, and for that reason... Go Utes.)

A win can't hurt.

st george, utah

wow! Byu fans have a new swagger after beating that "power house" from Las Vegas. Is it true that the mayor of Provo is going to give Heaps the "keys" to the city for compleating passes for more than 5 yards??

CdA Ute
Gilbert, AZ

ND is minus their starting QB. The backups have stunk it up when they had their opportunities. Coach Kelly is known to be weak when it comes to coaching defense. Utes redeem them selves: Utah 35 ND 14

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

Didn't BYU just sign a 6 yr long contract with Notre Dame? I guess that will be a nice cupcake added to BYU's schedule for a while then.

Provo, UT

Go Utes, beat the Irish.

-A Cougar Fan

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Notre Dame is not an elite team, but they have a better schedule year in and year out than the University of Utah. Navy embarassed the Irish earlier this year, and they are not a elite team either. So, what does this say about Utah playing the Irish? Not much. This is a ho hum game and not a redemption week for the Utes by any stretch of the imagination. I wish them well, but TCU exposed the Utes for what they are; a middle of the road team with no national BCS claim. Let's just enjoy the game. Notre Dame's football program is in a state of chaos as far as any claim to national status; let's face it. Their entire NCAA sports program should be in a national parochial university conference with Boston College and others; not the Big 10 (11) or whatever conference. They cannot recruit to meet that competitive level. And Utah will find they are in deep water when they start competing in the PAC 10, soon to be the PAC 12. It will be interesting to see if the PAC 10 will retain 10 designation as the Big 10 did.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love me some Utes, but I don't think it's fair of Wynn to use "we" when talking about bouncing back. He was the one who totally choked.

Pocatello, ID

Well, after Saturday, I'm finally at a place emotionally to actually look at the sports section, let along read these comments.

Nice to see Sammyg being consistent as ever.

Look for the Utes to rebound and give ND a huge beatdown. Not a statement game, but a nice stage to get back on track.

Go Utes.

Orem, UT

Golden opportunity?

I think we already squandered that...

Nothing can make up for what happened Saturday.

Season over.

South Jordan, UT

You know Utah is in trouble when they lash out at BYU and bring up the Utah State Loss in defense of their National TV drubbing last week.

Seriously? That is your "Smack?" That's all you got? That is all you can come up with when BYU fans bring up the fact that we have had to endure constant taunting from the Red side all season?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The "We're going to the PAC10 and we are better than you" attitude is what everyone is tired of.

I have two words for you: HA HA!

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