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Magazine calls the city a 'New Silicon Valley'

Published: Monday, Nov. 8 2010 11:00 a.m. MST

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San Jose, CA

@cats: not sure what "entitlement culture" you are referring to. You must be ditto'ing something Rush said. San Jose/Silicon Valley workers work longer, harder, and smarter than anyone in the world, including UT, even the supposedly "high tech" centers like Provo.

Brown and Boxer were elected because they were the best candidates. They ran against two extremists who had never held ANY office, or even voted, before. Unfortunately, the CA Republican party is too dumb to nominate winning (i.e. moderate) candidates. The moderate Governator WON, but CA Republicans ignored him because he wasn't extreme enough.

Businesses are leaving, the middle class is stampeding.. I've heard that every recession for 30 years. And every upturn, MORE businesses and people return to CA.

CA *still* has the highest GNP of any state in the US.

Utah should be so lucky to have even HALF of our "mess".

It seems denial IS a river that runs through Provo.

Fountain Valley, CA

What a bunch of idiots in CA. Of course you're going to have a larger GDP in CA v. UT, 10 times the population?

CA is in trouble, bad trouble, fiscally. Gov Moonbeam can't fix it, and people with money are leaving CA. What's left are Socialist minded "give me free education" people who won't have anybody left to increase taxes on except themselves. There's a reason there is little to no middle class in Mexico, and CA is headed in the same direction.

I just sold my house, and I'm moving my business and money to UT. It's been a fun 30 years I've been there, but we're out of here in less than 6 months. You can have Gov Moonbeam and Babs, maybe they'll give you their millions they made at your expense.

San Jose, CA

Gov Moonbeam has already publicly stated he will restrain spending, even anticipating vetoing democratic sponsored bills.

His big break came when he voters passed an initiative allowing simple majority to pass the budget. We don't need to buy Republican votes with wasteful spending to make the 2/3 vote anymore. That will save a LOT of money.

I have money, a lot of it, money I could never have made in UT, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm retiring right here in the best state in the union.

You're retiring to Utah ? Good for you. It's a beautiful place to not spend any money. Or make any money, either, for that matter.

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