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Magazine calls the city a 'New Silicon Valley'

Published: Monday, Nov. 8 2010 11:00 a.m. MST

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Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

Interesting that 4 of the to 10 cities are in Texas, a conservative state. Gosh, I wonder why none where in California?

Jeff R.
Sheridan, WY

This is why i am moving my family to South Jordan in 2012-2013. I cant wait to be apart of the Salt Lake Valley!

American First
Merced, CA

All ten cities are in Red States where right to work is prevalent. Unions fail.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

@Belching Cow

You can take your Newsweek article and I'll take the US Census which consistently demonstrates that those of us living in liberal states have a higher education, make more money, work more hours (ie work harder), pay more in taxes (ie pay for your roads), don't take federal handouts (compare federal dollars in to dollars out per state), own more small businesses per capita, own more large businesses per capita, provide more equal treatment of minorities/women in the workforce, provide more civil rights to indiscreet minorities, suffer less from obesity, suffer less from crime, suffer less from violent crime, and alcoholism is lower too.

The fact that Newsweek thinks SLC may be the next Silicon Valley underscores the accuracy of the article. SLC serves as nothing more than a giant call center for companies in the Bay Area.

Draper, UT

Conservatives probably should not brag about recent job growth in red states after all the millions of jobs the country lost during the Bush years while Dubbya was more than doubling the overall budget deficit. Especially when he was following a President who was running budget surplusses and the country was enjoying prosperity. Bush following Clinton was like Gary Crowton following LaVell Edwards. Not something to be proud of.

Layton, UT

just visited seattle last month. i thought it was interesting how things were about as bad as they were two years ago. people without jobs were still without jobs. the difference I found was that there was no longer an intensity about the depression, they just treated it as though they were always going to be without a job and that the state would somehow help them out. it's an interesting contrast from say a place like Utah where industrious people can still find the occasional job.

Kearns, UT

Notice the article said decent schools. Imagine how we would rank if we valued education more and show that we do.

Salt Lake City, UT

re "Stalwart Sentinel"
I hope you will continue to have the opportunity to support those of us in the "Red States."

Right after you have had the opportunity to bail out your part of the "Left Coast."

Belgrade, Serbia

To Stalwart Sentinel,

Wow you are very angry in your happiness!

This is not an attack on you. Just an article on measurable economics. It is just saying SLC is poised to rebound from the recession perhaps better than some other places. Not to say the other places are bad, just an economic report or possibilities. Chill & breath.

American Fork, UT

California is a wonderful place, with beautiful beaches, a perfect climate, and incredible natural resources. Millions of people moved there, including my grandparents, many years ago. The state decided to enshrine its then-current residents with fixed property taxes, incredible state pensions, early retirement options for state employees, and a bloated public education bureaucracy at all levels. These overcommitments have left IOUs for under-funded obligations that the state will never be able to meet on its own.

If you were worried about Greece, it's time we start talking about California. Who's ready for a bail-out?

Salt Lake City, UT

no mention of tax incentives...hmmm.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

@dave31 - CA absolutely has fiscal issues, no doubt; but I would trade our fiscal issues in order to have a society based on the principles I outlined in my first post over that of a conservative state any day.

Also, I believe you mixed up what we, on the "Left Coast", do: we bail out conservative states every single day (industry, federal taxes, etc...). If we weren't sending billions a year to keep conservatives afloat, we may well have a balanced budget in CA.

In the area of 'hope', I sincerely hope you enjoy the "booming" Utah call center economy in the interim between now and when that entire sector gets outsourced to India.

@ER in EUR

You may be jumping to conclusions, buddy. Maybe re-read the context of the discussion?

Draper, UT

Please confirm that Menacetosociety actually used deficit spending under Bush to support a position. Seriously? Where have you been the last two years? If you say that was bad (which I agree with wholeheartedly), how do you defend current spending practices which makes Bush look like a miser? Oh I get it, because Bush spent recklessly, he forced Obama to REALLY have to spend. Makes complete sense to me. Bush ruined everything and Obama fixed it all .... we just haven't been patient enough.

Obama has doubled down on everything Bush did wrong.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

In an off-beat way at least they did mention that only those under 30 actually have a chance to get a job in the Salt Lake area.

From personal research if you are over 30 go to the New England States like Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont where they welcome 'older' employees because unlike the under 30 crowd they stick to the job for more than 3 months. I can't believe the overturn rate for some of the companies here. Every three months (average) they are seeking to refill the same position that they hired for not too long ago. And you don't even have to speak spanish or french in the states listed above.

Benton Harbor, MI

@MR: You haven't a single clue, do you ?

Bush made such a blessed mess of the economy that he had few choices, and neither did Obama. "free market" Bush did so many active interventions in markets that it is breathtaking. He can't possibly be considered a financial or economic conservative. Neither is he a liberal. He was, well... nothing, just a inept dufus.

Most of the big stuff on the economy is stuff that ALL economists agree are required minimums, regardless of liberal/conservative view.

Yes, Bush made a mess THAT big. And Obama hasn't had much wiggle room for a "liberal" policy.

Obama got health care through, and that is way more achievement than Dubya could ever hope for.

Benton Harbor, MI

Hate to break it to you, folks, but this has been going on for more than 30 years. It's nothing new.

When I came to the (silicon) Valley, in 1983, Intel had just moved large plants to Arizona. All the top managers were enthusiastic about moving to AZ, and yet everybody who mattered was back in the Valley within 2 years.

@Stalwart Sentinel has it almost right. SLC, and Portland, Seattle, Austin, RTP/N. Carolina (and for that matter, San Francisco) are suburbs of San Jose. A bit higher level than call-centers, but the jobs there are secondary, the opportunities are MUCH less, and the payoff is much less.

When the economy recovers, the secondary locations will do well compared to their local towns, but nothing like San Jose. San Jose is more boom/bust, whereas the secondary locations are more stable, but at a lower level overall.

Now is the bust time, and the second-tier places are "livin large", for them. That's normal. Talk to me in the upper-half of the economic cycle. San Jose is the wealthiest large city in the US, for a reason.

Orem, UT

to Valleyboy17: watch out; Utah, Texas, Arizona and Virginia are very carefully laying plans to raid CA and bring home your best companies. Your new Governor will be their best ally.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

No recovery until Obama out of white house according to Limbaugh and McConnell.

Provo, UT

I find this hilarious that ANYONE is defending the mess that has been made of California. No wonder they just voted in Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. That's why middle class flight from California is turning into a stampede. That's why businesses are leaving in droves. You guys haven't learned one thing, have you. The entitlement culture you live in is ready to completely crash and you still don't get it.

Denial is NOT a river in Egypt.

Farmington, UT

I'm glad everyone in San Jose is prosperous. When I was in central CA two years ago,people earning between $90k- 250K were leaving like crazy. It was a nice place though.

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