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Published: Sunday, Nov. 7 2010 11:00 p.m. MST

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Fort Worth, TX

Nice viewpoint Coach! Tough loss, but all you can do is regroup. 8-1 is a great place to be, 15th in the nation is also great!

Bounce back, I know you will! I hope both the Y and the U have their best games in a few weeks.

Go COugs! Go Utes!

Atlanta, GA

Whatever happens next, beat the TDS!

Lehi, UT

TCU 47, Utah 7, strength of schedule? OOPS! It would get very interesting with the potential of Utah loosing the rest of their games and BYU winning out. This could put BYU second in the conference and playing in the Las Vegas Bowl and Utah placing fourth in conference play and, well maybe, playing in the Humanitarian or Poinsettia Bowl.

A little verse I heard years ago plays loud a clear today, "Be careful of the words you speak, keep them soft and sweet, 'cause you never know from day to day which ones you'll have to eat."

I'm sure the Utes will recover from this at some point in the future but I would be most concerned about the fan base. Are they a one shot wonder or will they support their team and move on.

If what has happened in basketball is any indication things in the athletic department could get real interesting without any income next year from their decision to join the PAC 12.

I guess we could see a tax hike just to keep the program viable.

sports fan
Provo, UT

It was a bad one to be sure but i have complete faith in coach Whittingham and his team to come back swinging. i am so excited for this weekend i cannot even wait till Saturday! Go UTES!

Woods Cross, UT

That was a tough loss - they just need to rebound strong and beat the Irish!

I have to give BYU fans credit for being fans of BYU. That is what it feels like to be a cougar fan and it is tough! :)

Cedar Hills, UT

The way to beat TCU is run the ball. BYU did at TCU with John Beck and that is the last time the Y has been even competive with TCU. BYU pounded the ball inside and threw when they had to but it was a run first mentatity. TCU is all about pressure. TCU has the best corners in the country and some of the best line backers too. However, if you are able to play physical smash mouth run first football you neutralize the TCU speed and control the game. Utah couldn't run the ball and it was game over. Teams which elect not to adjust get pounded... as Utah did. Utah has the second best team in the MWC but they are a long way from from TCU and #1.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

If TCU wins out (and they will), they had better be in the National Title game.

west jordan, ut

They will be fine. I am sure they will have their hands full though in their remaining games. One would think that folks can look at the TCU game plan and incorporate some of it into their own. Utah was exposed and it hurts by Kyle is a great coach, even great teams suffer losses that just throw their season for a loop.

Lehi, UT

I don't fault the players for their performance, with the possible exception of Wynn who couldn't seem to get his head in the game. I blame the play calling. They tried to open up TCU's defense by going to the air on almost every play, but we had little success there. They needed to run Wide and Asiata more. They had pretty good success when they did. I think they also needed to put Cain in for a few plays and force TCU to adjust to a different QB. Sure, there were some players that made mistakes, but our overall strategy was way off.

Congrats to TCU. I hope they get a shot at the champonship!

Sponge Bob
Rockwall, TX

I'm sorry to hear that the Paper Tigers Utes lost. It was inevitable. Having played a cream puff schedule up until now. BYU put up a better game against TCU than the Utes did! I would not be surprised to see the Utes 3rd or 4th in the conference at year end! Definitely not TOP 10 material.

Over the Top
Rigby, ID

Commontater: Thanks for sharing that little verse. I am going to hang it up as a reminder every day.

I have no doubt the Utes will regroup... Coach Whittingham will see to that. But it is good they got a bit of a reality check. I do have to give TCU a ton a credit for taking the "12th man" - especially the MUSS - out of the game on the first drive.

Lehi, UT

By the way. Congrats to TCU! They deserve it! I hope they get the real opportunity to play for the BCS NC. The BCS will not allow that to happen. Period!

Just wondering? IF, I say IF, Utah goes 8-4 and BYU goes 7-5 on the season, who is the better team? Who has the better program? Who has the better coach?

Fort Worth, TX

DOn't be too worried about the fan base. When I was at BYU we were in the gary crowton years, one year was good the other two really bad. As for basketball I think that we won 2 games one year. I say I think because no one ever went to the games.

Now, there are a lot of fans and things are moving along nicely even in a bad season. One loss in the middle of a great season won't kill your fan base. Keep positive Ute faithful, give them a great game in South Bend, great place to play!!!

Springville, UT

Resorting back to my days as a financial advisor I can think of a term that fits this Ute situation.

'Dead cat bounce'

Dead cat bounce is a Wall Street term that refers to a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock.

Yeah that's the ticket, that describes what the Ute fans are hoping for.

I hope this week's game has as much if not more entertainment factor as these last two! I'm truly a Ute fan this season!

Notre Dame by 10.

Spanish Fork, UT

11-1 will be fine with me. Sorry Ute Haters, BYU may have done a little better than utah against TCU but who cares! A loss is a loss. We will win out and move on to the Pac 12 at season end. that is all that matters.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that it's funny that Cougar fans are talking trash. Utah lost to TCU, a team that will probably be in the National Championship Game. Utah is a top 15, team, but not a top 5 team. They will regroup and win out. BYU will get stomped in RES. We don't feel really bad about being #14.

And to all the BYU fans talking trash.... Utah State!!!

Providence, UT


The dead cat might bounce but there is absolutely no chance of that happening to the dead horse you have been beating for weeks. That thing is completely pulverized!

The 'dead cat bounce' might more appropriately describe your cat's win over UNLV. Who knows? I guess we will have to wait and see how they perform against the remaining cupcakes on their schedule, including my lowly Utes.

Payson, UT

The Utah Offense is like a fine sports car. It can outperform every other car, but it is still a fragile piece of machinery.
If you put in the wrong oil, or have even a minor default in the motor, you can end up with a car that belongs in the Yugo class.

The TCU defense was too much for the offensive machine to handle and it broke down. There are only a few teams in the nation that could do that to the Ute offense.

The rest of the year, the utes won´t face anyone that can lock down the wide-outs AND put that kind of pressure on wynn with a 4 man rush.

The utes will be fine. At the beginning of the season, I expected a 11-2 team. Now I expect a 12-1 team. Lets hope we get a good opponent in our bowl game and still take it one game at a time.


SLC, Utah

All you Yners talking smack on Utah is funny... The difference between Utah Fans and Zoobie Fans is that when Utah loses we don't come up with excuses as to why we lost, On the other hand BYU Fans and there players always have an excuse... Take St. Heaps for instance... He threw an interception and told the media it wasn't him, BYU loses and they blame it on the coaches and demand somebody to be fired!!

Congratulations, You beat a horrible UNLV team... There is no way that BYU beats Utah at the end of this year... You can write that down and look at it after it happens if you would like too...

Congratulations TCU, you guys deserve a shot at the NC Game, You have very classy fans and it was great meeting some of you at the game on Saturday!! We definitely lost to the best team in the country and I have no problem saying that!!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


It's been over half a century since the last time BYU was beaten at home by 40 or more points; and that was a 1-9 BYU team.

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