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Published: Sunday, Nov. 7 2010 10:00 p.m. MST

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DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Whit has said it last week. Glad AFA is over with and never want to play them again ever and I am sure he will say it again on TCU. If yewtah lose to Notre Dame this Sat he might say it again and again. Guess what USC is another Religious Institution or Private School.

Fort Worth, Texas

"I'd like to win every game. All our players would like to win every game. It didn't happen. It's not going to happen. Not this year" -- KW


Actually, its about taking the next step. Good programs don't get humiliated at "home" like we were. This isn't the 80s when we stunk and 90s when we continually underperformed.

For me this was the most embarrassing lose since 1994, when an 8-0 Utah team lost to @UNM and then got rolled @AFA. That team finished #10.

Utah has 3 + bowl games to prove that they deserve to be a ranked team. I for one can't wait to see the response on Saturday on NBC.


So Cal Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

It is not the end of the world that Utah lost 1 game. Utah can still finish with a 12-1 record. I will take 12-1 any day. So what if they lost a game to the number 1 team in the country (I don't care who the BCS says is number 1 right now... TCU could win either of those teams). So, you lose to the number 1 team in the country and win 12 games... not bad. Take this loss as an opportunity to bounce back, and go run over the rest of the teams on the schedule. GO UTES !!!

sports fan
Provo, UT

Its nice to see the optimism by the players, yeah they lost this game but it does not sound like they got defeated. they are still ready to play, still ready to show what Utah football is all about. I love this team i am so glad i became a fan when i was a kid.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am optimistic that Kyle will get this train back on the tracks after the wreck last Saturday. I must agree...this was a team loss...TCU beat us at every aspect and once they had us down, they never let us up...

However, last I read Utah is still #14 in the BCS...has 3 very winnable games...and could get a shot at one of our future PAC 12 opponents in Vegas. Not a BCS game, but fun none the less.

Less we forget...it has been a great year...and with the recruiting advantage of the PAC, we can look forward to many more fun years...and hopefully a new rivalry. Doesn't matter who...just anyone new.

Murray, UT

How many "Big Games" do teams lose every saturday in college football? Maybe none of them as big as Saturdays loss but they are big to the teams that play them. I'm glad that Utah Football has a big game that everyone else in the country viewed as big. We've come a long way from the days of the BYU game being the biggest. I'm glad that the mindset at Utah is we play for undefeated seasons and BCS Bowls and that losing is not accepted. So we joined the ranks of the mortals and we lost. We WILL shake this off and play Utah Football the rest of the way! GO UTES!!!

Ogden, UT

Too bad. It would have been nice to seem the Utes do what they did in 2008. But that team was different and better than this one. Besides the shellacking they took from TCU it clear they were overrated all season. One more minute on the clock against the AFA could have saved ESPN a trip to Salt Lake City and put the correct perspective on Saturday's game.

Lehi, UT

@ Flying Ute AMEN!
I was more disappointed at our fans then the team.
Our team didn't leave early, they stayed for every play. WE need to do our part and support OUR TEAM!

South Jordan, UT

Defense missed assignments, coaching staff was stubborn and should have taken the soft, shell-shaking QB who is not mobile and cannot play under pressure. Whittingham is blind and had a chance to throw a different look at TCU with an 8-1 Senior quarterback who can run and throw the ball. Did he do it? Nope, he's too prideful and thinks that will create QB conteversy. Cain now has 4 games left and who knows if he'll sniff the field. Griff Robles will do everything he can in camp to get Wynn off the field next season, you can count on it!

Lehi, Utah

It bothers me when fans think they are experts on Quarterbacking. Did Wynn have a bad game, yes. Apparently the coaches think he is best QB on the team and the best chance to win games this year and the next two. I am sure Whittingham and the O-coordinators know more about who should play than fans like djntz2001. Robles will try and play next year? Really? No kidding. If the coaches think he is the best, then he will play and I am sure some will complain about that too.

Anchorage, AK

"TCU beat us at every aspect and once they had us down, they never let us up..."

They did let up and take their foot off the gas at the end when they let you score a TD. So, credit to TCU coach Gary Patterson for being charitable.

"yeah they lost this game but it does not sound like they got defeated"

With all of the "our season is shot, all our goals are shattered" talk, they sounded pretty defeated to me. That sounds like players and coaches who no longer have anything to play for, except, the much denigrated Las Vegas Bowl.

After seeing one team finally get exposed on Saturday (consuming too many "cupcakes" will make you sick) and seeing another team finally wake up and play, I'm thinking the last game of the regular season will be a good one. Maybe you won't have to worry about going to the LVB, afterall, another typical 3rd place finish in the MWC will get you another trip to the Poinsettia Bowl.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well Well a lot of Coug fans seem to be looking past the CSU game this weekend. Pretty cocky for team who has yet to win on the road!!!

I guess the nice thing is, if BYU loses this one the BYU fans posts on the Utah articles will dry up like the Sahara.

Des Moines, IA

When it comes to handling the national spotlight, I'd say "did zero with it" is an understatement. They proved that they were even more overrated than people suspected. They had no answers and no defense. When your best wins are against teams with records barely over .500, it does catch up to you eventually.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Welcome back down to Earth Ute's. The hype machine did you no favors but you now can look forward to closing out the season and at least you have the Utah vs. BYU game at home.

Oh yeah the Home field advantage did not mean much last Saturday now did it.

Wear your regular winning jersey's maybe that will help.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

What. No hedgehog comments of his blessed Utes performance? Because I'm FAR away from "happy valley" and claim myself a big Cougs fan, I also recognize and even enjoy watching a good, strong Utes team (just not when they play my Cougs). I also call myself a Coach Whittinghman fan-- I love what he's done with the program. I like Jordan Wynn a lot-- a good, local boy! It's the Utes fans I have questions about! With all that being said, how can one not realize the pathetic performance on Saturday. TCU out performed the Utes in every aspect of the game. Utes fans, with few exceptions, get ready for this type of intensity week-in & week-out in the Pac 12. I want Utah to "represent" well in the Pac 12, but the team and especially fans need to realize "We're not in Kansas anymore"! Hedgehog, still waiting ......

South Jordan, UT

well Cvguy, you tell me expert? Wyyn has not shown up for big games. Granted, TCU is a bigger, better and faster. Does it not amaze you that Wynn stayed in the whole game, even when all the FANS and the COACHING STAFF knew that game was out of hand? Don't most teams in any sports go to their 2nd unit to see if they can produce or even create some sort of spark while they're getting blown out? When does Jerry Sloan leave Deron Williams in a game when they're down by 20 points? Maybe you should understand sports better before you go off telling someone they don't know what they're talking about, because obviously, you don't!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Good programs don't get humiliated at "home" like we were."


For a Top 10 team or even a Top 25 team to lose by 40 points at home to any team is humiliating.

As much as some Utah fans have criticized BYU for blowout losses at home to TCU and Florida State, even BYU's worst losses weren't as bad as Utah lost to TCU on Saturday.

The 4-8 BYU team that ended Gary Crowton's career at BYU only lost at home to the #1-ranked USC Trojans (led by Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush), 42-10.

A 32-point loss by a 4-8 team at home to the National Champions is understandable.

A 40-point loss at home by a Top 25 team to ANY team is humiliation.

Pundits and talking heads will remember this loss for a long time.

Lehi, Utah

Well, djntz2001, I never claimed to be an expert. You have no idea how much I understand sports, but my understanding is not the point. Whittingham and his staff understand their team better than any FAN. You're the one calling the coaches 'stubborn' and 'prideful' and 'blind', maybe you should understand sports better before calling out Whitt and his staff. Go Utes! Beat Notre Dame.

Fort Worth, Texas

Same old argument from BYU fans. No it does not matter how "improved" BYU will be by the end of the season Utah should still be able to destroy them.

Utah has proven this year that as bad as they struggle with good teams, cupcakes like BYU are not a problem.

Since 2008 Utah is 31-4 and is 4-4 against ranked teams:

Has been "exposed" 2 times: #3 TCU and #6 @TCU
#11 @Oregon (current #1 team)
#12 @BYU (current cupcake)

Since 2008 BYU has been exposed 8 times and has only one #18 Utah:

@TCU #7 and @Utah #2
7-5 FSU and #6 TCU @LES
@AFA, @FSU, @Utah State, @TCU #3

Ivins, UT

I will never forget that head tackle attempt. who in their right mind would attempt a head tackle? Enen life saving trainees learn how to break the head hold...it is easy. a twelve year old can do it when taught how let alone a ball carrier.

Utah was very soft. Guess BYU will be on equal footing thanksgiving weekend after looking at these films. Gooo BYU

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