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Published: Sunday, Nov. 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

As a die hard Ute I have to admit I was totally shocked and somewhat embarrassed with the performance of my Utes yesterday.
Are the naw sayers right when they say Utah isn't ready for the big show????
I am somewhat concerned about next year at this point.
Gotta love the Utes but today my heart is heavy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't think anyone is surprized with this.

Beverly Hills, CA

I'm curious. Those Wounded Warrior Uni's they are going to auction.

I hope the University of Utah announces where those Unis will be auctioned.

I don't think many Utah fans really want them, but I'll bet plenty of BYU fans will pony up big for them.

It will make more money for the project.

I want the one Wynn wore.

#15, sounds closer to reality.

Enjoy it. It's still a good ranking for a team from a non-AQ conference.

Wiley Old School

No problem with this ranking. In fact I think it shows respect for both TCU and Utah programs that Utah didn't drop even lower. If Utah can respond positively to Saturday's setback, a final ranking in the top ten is not out of reach.

springville, UT

ND will knock them out of the top 25 for good. Not sure they will ever see a top 25 ranking again.....enjoy that pac 11-1/2

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

After next Saturday utah will be out
of the top 25 - where they belong.

Wellsville, UT

Wow! Worse than I predicted TWO WEEKS ago! I had them losing big and dropping to somewhere between 12 and 14. I quess the media disrespects them even more than a realstic Cougar fan!

Now here is my next prediction: they will lose to ALL of the religous based schools they play this year. It started with TCU and will continue with Notre Dame and BYU.

Here is to a 9-3 regular season and third place in the MWC!

Cedar Hills, UT

That's about where they should have landed. Lucky to be there really. I'm with you owl!

There are still 3 more games to prove the Utes belong at that spot. Hopefully the large slice of humble pie they received yesterday will help them in the long run as they take on superior competition each week next year.

Go Utes-one---game---at---a---time!

Clearfield, UT

And remind me where BYU is on these lists? I keep looking but can't seem to find them anywhere.

payson, utah

The utes got exposed like i said they would to all my friends. They have not played anyone prior too the AF game and were lucky too win that one. They have nice athletes thier is no doubt, but Jordan wynn got exposed also he is just not that good. BYU with a freshman QB will give Utah a game come Nov 27th. We have played a much tougher schedule and Utah will have another loss before they play us. We could possibly be playing for second place come Nov 27th. Laugh Utes but it could happen. With all our problems with youth this year we are in a good spot. Look at comparison playing TCU, we were still in the game at halftime you were done at half.We played them at thier house, you got bombed at home. I know you are laughing Utes, but its a real possibility you could take Third place, if we somehow win in SLC.

Springville, UT

Enjoy those ranking number while they last! I hope the entertainment factor of Ute football next week is as equal to what I saw yesterday.

Amber alert for NC UTES 2010 still in effect.

Mark it down!

Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

Best line at the College Game Day:

"Kirt-I thought you really liked this place."

"Lee-I do, it's almost as nice as Provo."

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah will fare fine agaist ND next week. They probably will be favored and end up winning by 14 or more.

People are way too reactionary. ND lost their QB for the season in their last game before the bye. They have had two weeks to prepare for the Utes, but they still don't have the players to match up with the Utes like TCU did.

SDSU and BYU are the ones Utah should worry about. Each has the D to exploit Utah.

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Keep looking, ourtime99, I don't think that you will find BYU anywhere. Most college fans know that. If you don't, that's just plain interesting.

Remember, they have been for the past 4 years straight.

You should respect that accomplishment, rather than try to deminish it.

They own scoreboard on you, have for 3 of 4 years, and if they keep improving, could own you 4-5.

Not a hater--- just looking at reality.

Wiley, a 10 point drop does not, in any world, show respect for a one loss team in the polls. It is about as disrespectful as it gets.

Media and coaches dropped them as far as they really could. Utah fell behind three "2-loss" teams.

And what is the deal with "booing" Jordan Wynn. Sportsmanship is taught at every level, beginning with kids soccer games, yet paint someone red, and all the rules go out the window.

As embarassing as the loss was, as embarassing as Hedge, Naval, and chrisB are, booing Wynn yesterday was the most classless act I have ever witnessed by Utefans. Who would dare boo him to his face?

Utefans need to understand what college sports are about.

Ann Arbor, MI


A lot of obsessed Utah haters all concerned were the Utes will be ranked....funny. no mention of their beloved kewgs. Oh well, live out your frustrations through the Utes.

What's most concerning about the beatdown yesterday wasn't being over matched by TCU but the fear and frustration I saw in the players (and coaches). The coaching staff has always been able set a tough and desipline tone... some how that went away on Saturday.

No excuses for not showing up and competing. NONE!

Fort Worth, Texas

Utah does not belong in the top 20. You don't deserve a top 20 ranking if you get spanked at home by 40. Neither should a team that lost to a Div-2 team be ranked in the top 20 (Virgina Tech)... just my rules.

Beverly Hills, CA

ross, unless SDSU beats TCU... if BYU and Utah both win out, they WILL be playing for a second place tie (with a bYU win), and if SDSU beats Utah, Utah will have to win to tie BYU for third.

Let's see how far we have to go back in history to find Utah in third place in the MWC?

That would be last year, 09, and 07.

It seems all the athletic prowness talk that Larry Scott gave about Utah, the PAC is getting a perenial mid-major third place team.

Which Utes are laughing?

That's the reality.

Utah/BYU game, again, is the most important game on Utah's schedule.

BTW, did you see the stands during the fourth quarter yesterday.

That's how empty they will be after the fourth game every year from now on.

So, now who again wants to talk stadium expansion?

The problem with the PAC invite, is the PAC gets the Utes, third in football, non-CBI in basketball, and one conference championship in women's tennis, is it does not magically change anything.

The Utes... are still, and will always be... the Utes.


Ogden, UT

2008 #2 Texas Tech vs #5 Oklahoma. Oklahoma won 65-21. An Thier is no way Utah will loss to Notre Dame or BYU if some way in hell they loss they would be 2nd not 3rd.

Andy Tomasso
Layton, UT

Hedge, nobody is claiming that BYU is better, Utah will probably win that game. all we are saying is all the gloating and all the stuff coming from the trolls while BYU was losing, well this is just payback. you beat Vegas, San Jose st. and Wyoming and thought you were a top 5 team. you guys even thought you could be National champs, now its looking like that final game of the season is gonna be better than everyone thought a month ago.

Alexandria, VA

Hedgehog - they did show up. This is who Utah is. Like a Democrat after the 2010 midterm election, you just don't get the message.
Did you leave at halftime too?

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