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Published: Saturday, Nov. 6 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

One thing that should be noted is that those meetings go so well and the growth of that University has been so seamless not uniquely because of Hollands leadership or charisma but also in VERY large part because of the faculty and staff that have not grown in proportion to either the student population or the increased demands placed on them due to the new found prestigious status.

The 'University' title has been heavily borne on the backs of associate level professors.

I would caution President Holland to be wary of that. At some point if he doesn't care for the professionals under his care he will lose them and the place will crack.

Likewise I would send the same caution to Governor Herbert. You have a magnificent resource at your disposal and an army of dedicated soldiers. Provide the requisite resources and don't burn them out.

I know President Holland understands this situation and unlike Soderborg before him, who's mandate was to simply declare university status and run (thanks state board for higher ed), I have confidence in this man's integrity.

Best of luck UVU from an Air Force Academy alum.

Wild Blue
Abilene, TX

I love Utah Valley too. Best line at the College Game Day:

"Kirt-I thought you really liked this place."
"Lee-I do, it's almost as nice as Provo."

Like unto Job
Ogden, UT

awesome article!

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