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Published: Saturday, Nov. 6 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Taft, CA

Some days, things don't go well. TCU looks to be a very good team. Whittingham is a good coach.

Wiley Old School

We're with the Utes in good times and tough times. A new win streak begins next week!

Springville, UT

That's sad and that picture is even worse.

What was to be the 'greatest moment in Utah football history' is now the biggest goose egg.

Wow, who ever said 'the bigger they are (in their minds), the harder they fall' was right. Hype is one thing but this baby was whipped to a frenzy and this cake just fell flat in the oven.

Last week was a word of warning and this week we see the reality. Next year ain't going be to any better.

Well for sure better quality teams will not hurt the Utes next year but the reality is that it won't be a 'cupcake' walk either. Curb that enthusiasm or rather the hype, it can blow up on you and make a real mess, like today.

Atlanta, GA

Whatever we do from here on, Beat that TDS!

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Kyle Whittingham is a class act and a great coach. He owns up when there is a problem and makes the needed corrections. When he played for the Y, he was the leader of the defense and a big reason we had so much success. Utah is very, very lucky to have him.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

TCU was amazing. Sorry Utes. Pick up the pieces, watch the game films and figure it out. Then come out next time and get back on that winning streak. Some days all the parts just don't fit together right, and apparently today was one of them.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Coach Whittingham,

You have nothing to apologize for. Your schedule is what it is, and you haven't been challenged yet. but Utah is a good team. Just not a #5 team.

You have outcoached many coaches, but sometimes the players have to do what they can within the limits of their own physical abilities.

You made good decisions today.

==The good days, they come around, but they never seem to last. Then the bad days... They come around, and kick the good days, right to the curb.

Keep it up coach. You have built a respected program. This memory will fade.

Thanks for all the good memories that are there.

Your efforts are appreciated.

A Sportsfan

Roberts Ranch, UT

I would apologize too. That was embarrassing. Made Utah football look ridiculous.

springville, UT

Wow did these ute players go out and make the state of utah look sooooo bad.

Kyle is a great coach.
Wynn is average at best.
Booing ute fans are really just Y haters.
What a bunch of classless fans the U has.

Watching their faces on TV was sooo great.
How does that one taste ute fans???

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Yes sammy g is enjoying rubbing in the loss, but I also see two positive and very classy comments from byu fans about utah, even after this embarassing loss.

I wonder how the comments will play out next time byu loses and utah wins?

Eagle Mountain, UT

You called Ute fans classless in the middle of that post? You are no better than they are. Most Ute fans have class. There are a few who post on these articles that are on your level.
Whittingham is a class act and I would love to see him at BYU again someday. Bronco doesn't want to coach another 19 years and I hope he gets the AD job and goes after Whitt. I doubt they would get him because Utah knows what they have and Whitt loves it there.
Grow up

Aurora, CO

Tough loss to a seemingly great TCU team. I hope that a road win against a strong Utah team will generate a few more first place votes.

As a BIG BYU fan I have been impressed with Utah's season and this loss is a setback, but a victory next week against Notre Dame and then another against San Diego State will setup a final MWC loss to BYU.

Here's my future dream for the breakup of BCS and a national cry for playoffs. Utah wins the PAC-12 finishing the season with one loss and playing in the Rose Bowl. Boise State winning the MWC undefeated and playing in the Fiesta Bowl. TCU going undefeated and playing for the national championship angainst an undefeated indepedent BYU and of course BYU winning 57-0.

That should get everybody's attention.

It's just mindgames.

Apo, AP

Tough loss.

I've got to say that I really dislike it when fans boo their own team like that. This kids don't get paid to play. They want the win at least as much as any fan in the stands. They are giving everything they have out there and then they get booed?

Haven't been to any BYU games this year, but I hope that no one is booing them.

I look forward to the annual rivalry game.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Even BYU (with the horrible year they've had) only allowed TCU to post 31 points on them.. and it was an away game. What gives Utes? You lead us to believe that you were better than this.

Aurora, IL

Y fans are going to come out in force because misery loves company and they are having a miserable season. Ya, Utah got rocked yesterday by a great TCU team. But I'll take 8-1 with the 1 loss to the 3rd ranked team in the country than 4-5 record right now. BYU will be 6-6 at best and sitting home during the holidays watching the U extend their bowl game win streak. Whittingham is a great coach and we'll support you all the way!!!

Fayetteville, NC

No surprise of the blowout. Utah's #5 ranking was very generous and the TCU blowout discredits the program...much like BYU's #7 ranking last year before the FSU loss. However it looks like the BYU vs Utah game this year is going to be competitive after all! And Whittingham is a great coach and I don't think the U has enough money to hold him with programs like Tennessee lurking. Heck, BYU ought to demote Mendenhall to DC and hire Whittingham as HC.

North Las Vegas, NV

I am no Ute fan, but what does Kyle have to apologize about. The man is an excellent coach. How many times of our Cougs been on both sides of a "rolling game". Some days, just nothing goes right. I just hope TCU gets its chance to play for the National Title. I think they are "that good."

South Jordan, UT

Any team would be ecstatic to go 11-1 (yes we will win out). I am a UTAH fan and will cheer them on through thick and thin. The uniforms and the support of the Wounded Warrior Project is awesome. Put this game behind you and take care of business the rest of the season. All the pressure is off.

South Jordan, UT

Fix it Kyle. End it strong. That was embarassing to team, university, the fans and Pac 10. You did not have the guys prepared 2 weeks in a row.

Syracuse, ut

I really like Coach Whitt and wish him the best. Utah is lucky to have him and better do whatever it takes to keep him. Besides, he's a Y alum.

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