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Published: Saturday, Nov. 6 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Come on Yewets! Counting on you to step it up in the 2nd half.

Sierra Vista, AZ

3 turn overs and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra Vista, AZ

No BCS for U!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLC, Utah

Utes have a good young team who have dominated a weak schedule. TCU has a good, senior leiden team tha has played a moderately challenging schedule. I guess the difference is 30-0 in the third. This will probably good for the Utes in the long run. (It will also be good for those of us who are tired of hearing from the obnoxious U fans. Not saying ALL U fans are obnoxious. Most are OK. But the Obnoxious ones are REALLY obnoxious.)

West Jordan, Utah

Wow - on national TV no less with ESPN in town. Not a very good showing. That is what happens when you play the 100th worst schedule in the country and then start thinking you are "national champion" material.

It definitely gives us so perspective as to how good the Utes really are AND how good TCU probably is.

I thought the Utes would win, although it pained me to say so. However, knowing that the ever-growing arrogant Utah fan base is EATING CROW today is, well, GREAAAAAAT.

Go Cougars!

#1 Jazz Fan
Springville, UT

C'mon Utah!

Even BYU put 3 points on the frogs! You can do better!

Cedar City, UT

Wow... look what happens when Utah finally plays a good team. Totally exposed. No defense.. TCU is making the Utah secondary look like children. And Wynn is a complete joke under pressure.

This should be just the thing to bring the Utes back to reality... a 56-7 shutout...

hahahaha the #5 ranking is a fluke. Owed to the cupcake schedule the Utes had. The only bright spot is the UTE D-line. Still... Not impressed.

American Fork, UT

Can you say overrated? This is pitiful. I think Whittingham had a feeling this was coming. Last week after they barely squeaked it out against A.F. in the post game interview you could see it in his eyes. He knows they aren't that good and just benefitted from a terrible schedule loaded up with pathetic teams.

The only two teams they played that could be considered ok were Pitt and A.F. and they barely won them. Frankly they lucked out in both of them.

They have been exposed and should drop to the bottom of the top 25. After losses to N.D. and possibly even SDSU and BYU they won't be sniffing the top 25 at all.
What an ebarrassing performance.

Alexandria, VA

OVERRATED! Add that to the words on the backs of their jerseys. I guess that's what happens when the Utes finally play a good team. 37 - 0? Even BYU put up 3 on them in Ft. Worth.

Syracuse, ut

Wow, TCU is one awesome team, no shame Utes, TCU should be playing for NC if they keep this up.

I actually have hope for the BYU/Utah game now.

CdA Ute
Gilbert, AZ

So this is what it feels like to play like YBU. Icky.

Provo, UT

Come on, you guys. Let's not be so petty. As a loyal cougar, I am cheering for the Utes. I hope they can pull it out.

Minneapolis, MN

Why so much trash on Utah? I'd rather have one loss than three like byu has. what gives?

BYU Student
Provo, UT

Hahahahaha! Oh man. Crow is so tasty, ain't it Utes?

Flame of the West
The OC, CA


it's a great day to be a coug!!


Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Well, well it looks like QB Wynn got his wish! This is nothing more than a prelude to next season and many after that. And to think about basketball-well thats sad as well. Just remember the good old days ute fans, because that may be your claim to fame. 40-7?

Durham, NC

I am both former Cougar and Ute, and as much as I hate to say this, this game is rather satisfying with all the big headedness from the Ute fans all year. I think the best term to describe today is EXPOSED.

Get used to it Ute nation. You wanted to play with the big boys, well this is a preview of days to come. Not saying the program can't rise to the challenge. But it isn't going to be the coming out party you all have envisioned.

I hope my fellow Utes will show a little more constraint going forward. We struggled with Air Force, and got our you-know-whats handed to us today.... not much bragging is needed.

CdA Ute
Gilbert, AZ

Cougs are feeling a bit frisky today for being 4-5. You may have 1984, but we have 1944! That's relevance!

Colorado Springs, CO

Wow! Honestly having watched the AF Ute game last week this was pretty much a sure lose. Take away AF fumbles after 2 long passes and the Utes lose that one as well. They just are not that good and have been blessed by a patty cake schedule. ND beats them and if BYU continues to improve, who knows? Just not that scary anymore are they. Utes may not win again. BYU to the Las Vegas bowl yet again!

Remember when
St George, UT

the Cougars lost and lost and lost. Let's be classier than our neighbors to the North. This is a tough day for the Utes.

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