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Published: Saturday, Nov. 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Greenwood, IN

Mountain Crest should worry more about Bountiful than Timpview. I remember when you overlooked them in 1991. Go Braves.

Saint George, Ut

Sounds like a team that sacrifice's to help one young man set all the state records.

South Jordan, UT

I've watched all the TV vs. MC match ups over the years. Have a TON of respect for Kuresa and the MC program. Would love to see them get the title they deserve.

Obviously will have to win two big games w/ an obviously very good Springville and Bountiful, but I'll be pulling for ya...

Salt Lake City, UT

Every year it seems the biggest smack-talking fans have their season end on a downer. Last year it was PGFAN. This year it was Olympus, WX, WestLake and East.

I guess that ends the comments about East with the best line in the state. Have a fun off season. Good luck next year.

Providence, UT

Glad the stangs were able to destroy! shows all those east fans that were saying we would lose because of our small line. size isnt everything:) good luck next year. now lets work hard and defeat those braves

Sandy, UT

Predictions Springville vs. MC this will be the battle that doesn't involve TV. SHS did the not so impossible, the Braves better come with it but don't think they're that potent, SHS's game was almost flawless yesterday and they finished where others couldn't hats off. MC the senior factor of Kuressa and Wooten and co. will come with it, but I think it will be one to be witnessed, as for Highland at this point they're the dark horse of the tournament Shaky's brother is a gamer I'm not counting them out either so no disrespect should be taken SL County.

Nibley, ut

It was a great game @ MC loved it. I have to say I was Impressed with some of Easts kids. Even when they where down in the 4th they still helped up MC players and held themselves with good sportsmanship. Good job.
Bountifull will be a good game & I hope it is a MC vs SHS state game that would be great!!! Looks like MC and SHS’s coaches did the right thing postponing there game!
I love not seeing TV in the state tourney.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Three biggest games of the year for East: Bountiful, Highland, and Mountain Crest.

Three losses.

Hope it doesn't become a pattern in years to come...

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